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Zenless Zone Zero ‘Amplifying Test’ registration now available

miHoYo has announced the third closed beta test for urban fantasy action RPG Zenless Zone Zero, also known as the “Amplifying Test.” It will run across PC, iOS, and Android. Sign-ups are available now at the game’s official website. Start and end dates for the test will be announced at a later time.

Get the details below.
The upcoming beta, known as the “Amplifying Test,” will introduce significant changes to the combat and Hollow exploration systems, improving their flow and pacing. It will also showcase a new character, a new faction, brand-new Bangboo mechanics, the combat challenge—Shiyu Defense, and more. Players can now sign up through the official website.
Zenless Zone Zero features a brand-new urban fantasy IP by HoYoverse. In this post-apocalyptic adventure, contemporary civilization has been destroyed by a supernatural disaster known as the Hollows. Amidst this overwhelming calamity, the city of New Eridu has risen against all odds and evolved into the last bastion of modern civilization. Players will take on the role of a Proxy and embark on a mission to defeat unknown enemies and unravel the mysteries behind New Eridu.
The “Amplifying Test” will showcase a brand-new character, Zhu Yuan, and a new faction—New Eridu Public Security’s Criminal Investigation Special Response Team. The latest Bangboo models are also on their way to the battlefield with their newly developed combat technique—Bangboo chain attacks. In addition, the combat challenge known as Shiyu Defense, along with a series of combat missions, will be available for players through the upgraded Hollow Deep Dive System (HDD). This updated system allows players to dive straight into challenging boss battles without any additional steps.

The upcoming closed beta test is expected to bring about significant improvements to the game’s overall gameplay experience. Thanks to the latest upgrade of the HDD System, players will be able to explore the Hollows in a more efficient manner using the TV Wall (a.k.a. the Hollow Board), which has been optimized to a considerable extent. After several iterations, combat design is now more dynamic, maximizing excitement for both newcomers and hardcore players, especially in Rally Missions and Hollow Zero. Finally, New Eridu offers more urban life events and city guidance to provide its “citizens” with an immersive residential experience.
Zenless Zone Zero is due out for PlayStation 5, PC via client download and Epic Games Store, iOS, and Android in 2024. A PlayStation 5 closed beta test is planned for a later date.


God damn her tits just keep getting smaller every time they show her. The censorship on the designs is off the charts. Now they added an undershirt and shrunk her a 3rd time.

The original iteration:

The "amplifying" apparently does not apply to the pink girl who seems "nerfed" from previous footage.

Extremely disappointing if that's the case. Besides, this game has two serious issues that need fixing: The TV core mechanic and not letting players explore the map with your picked-up character.
Just watched this video and the animation quality in these cutscenes is better than most 3D CG anime. Really looking forward to playing it whenever it releases on PS5.

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The animation and cutscenes are next level.

I'm doubtful about the core gameplay, though. It relies too much on puzzles and mini-games. They should have stuck to a full AAA Persona type of game and that would have been awesome.
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