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Zenless Zone Zero Equalizing Test Teaser | HoYoverse Opens Up Registrations for 2nd Closed Beta

HoYoverse has just announced that sign-ups for the 2nd Closed Beta of their latest ARPG Zenless Zone Zero are now open through the official website. This second closed beta, called the Equalizer Test, will be available on PC, Android and iOS, and will feature a series of changes and content updates compared to the first closed beta. These updates include new stories and explorable areas, three new playable characters, re-designed combat mechanics, as well as a thorough overhaul of the city with new, immersive urban gameplay for players to try out before release.

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Game not even out and they already started cencoring the female characters, from boob size reductions to more fabric to cover skin. HoYoverse must think girls with big breasts should not exist. They did the same shit to some Genshin characters.
Anyway from the linear gameplay i saw and lack of console version, this one is an easy skip. I like the urban art-style but more interested in Project Mugen with its open world.
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The battles look fun, but are they just small areas where you fight or is there more going on?
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