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Sony Playstation: First Party Studios & their Current Projects




Studio: Naughty Dog
Game History: Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter, Uncharted, The Last of Us
President(s): Evan Wells & Co Ballestra
Director(s): Neil Druckmann - Kurt Margeneau - Shaun Escayg
Writer(s): Josh Sherr - Haley Gross
Employees: ~306 (incl. ICE-Team)
Location: California [NA]

Released Ps4 Games:
The Last of Us Remastered (2014/ Metascore 95)
Uncharted 4 (2016/ Metascore 93)
Uncharted The Lost Legacy (2017/85)

Playstation 4 Projects:
The Last of Us: Part Two - Release 2018/19

New IP
According to Arne Meyer Naughty Dog could release one,two or even more Games in this Generation.
Bruce Straley is not working on The Last of US: Part Two -> taking time off and will later come back to work on his next project. Could be the director of the next Naughty Dog IP/Franchise
UC:LL may not be the end of the Franchise according to ND

Achievements of this Generation:


Studio: Santa Monica Studios
History: Kinetica, God of War
Collaborations: Fat Princess, Unfinished Swan, The Order 1886, PS Allstars and more
President: Shannon Studstill
Director(s): Cory Barlog
Employees: 200
Location: Los Angeles [NA]

Released Ps4 Games:
God of War 3 Remastered (2015/Metascore 81)

Playstation 4 Projects:
God of War - Release Early 2018




Studio: Bend Studios
History: Resistance Retribution, Bubys 3D, Syphon Filter, Uncharted Golden Abyss
Key People: Chritopher Reese, John Garvin, Darren Yager, Jeff Ross
Employees: ~ 103

Playstation 4 Projects:
Days Gone - Release 2018/19

->Unreal Engine 4
->No Multiplayer
->in full production since January 2015




Studio: Sucker Punch
History: Rocket, Sly Cooper, Infamous
Ps4 History: Infamous Second Son (2014)
Employees: ~ 99

Released Ps4 Games:
Infamous Second Son (2014/ Metascore 80)
Infamous First Light (2014/Metascore 73)

Playstation 4 Projects

-According to career Adds, Sucker Punch is working on a new Open World Game which will use physically based lighting
-Shinobi602 confirmed that SP is working on a new IP
-Announcement PSX 2017 or E3 2018



Studio: San Diego Studios
History: Modnation Racers, NBA, High Velocity, MLB, LPB Karting

President: Christian Phillips
Director(s): Christian Phillips

Released Ps4 Games:
MLB The Show 14 (Metascore 83)
MLB The Show 15 (Metascore 80)
MLB The Show 16 (Metascore 85)
Kill Strain (2016/Metascore 53) - Free2Play
MLB The Show 17 (Metascore 85)

Playstation 4 Projects:

MLB The Show 18




Studio: Guerilla Games
History: Shelshock Nam 67, Killzone
President: Herman Hulst
Director(s): Mathijs de Jonge (Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Horizon Zero Dawn)
Writer(s): John Gonzales (Fallout New Vegas, Horizon Zero Dawn)
Employees: 270
Location: Amsterdam [EU]

Released Ps4 Games:
Killzone Shadow Fall (2013/Metascore 73)
Horizon Zero Dawn (2017/Metascore 89)

Playstation 4 Projects
Horizon Zero Dawn - Frozen Wilds (November 7/2017)

Next Horizon Game

Sony has long term plans for the Horizon IP
After the E3 Announcement of Horizon GG made clear that they aren't done with the Killzone Franchise
Hermen Hulst: Its too early to make announcements regarding the Killzone Franchise



Studio: Media Molecule
History: Little Big Planet, Tearaway
Ps4 History: Tearaway Unfolded
President: Siobhand Reddy
Employees: ~54

Released Ps4 Games:
Tearaway Unfolded (2015/Metascore 81)

Playstation 4 Projects
Dreams - Release 2018/19
-> development started after Little Big Planet 2 (2010)
-> 25 of the 40-50 man team were working on teraway unfolded ->the rest on Dreams




Studio: London Studios
History: This is football, Singstar, Getaway, Eye Toy, PS Home, Eye Pet......
President: Dave Raynard
Director(s): George Andreas (Creative Director)

Released Ps4 Games & Applications:
VR WORLDS (2016/57)

Playstation 4 Projects:

- Sony confirmed that London Studio is working on another VR Game



Studio: Polyphony Digital
History: Motor toon, Omega Boost, Gran Turismo
President: Kazunori Yamauchi
Director: Kazunori Yamauchi
Employees: ~ 200
Location: Tokyo [JP]

Released Ps4 Games:
Gran Turismo Sport (2017/Metascore 78)

Playstation 4 Projects

Gran Turismo 7
According to CEO Jim Ryan Gran Turismo Sport is not Gran Turismo 7



Studio: Japan Studio
History: ICO - Shadow of the Collosus - Ape Escape - Rain - Patapon - Gravity Rush - Loco Roco - Siren - Legend of Dragoon - Pipo Saru and more
Collaborations: Rogue Galaxy - Tokyo Jungle - WKC -Demon Souls and more
President: Allan Becker (former CEO of Santa Monica)
Director(s): Keiichiro Toyama (Gravity Rush), Gavin Moore (Pupeteer),Fumito Ueda (from GenDesign Studios)
Employees: 300-400

Released Ps4 Games:
Knack (2013/Metascore 54)
The Last Guardian (2016/Metascore 83)
Gravity Rush 2 (2017/Metascore 81)
Knack 2 (2017/Metascore 71)
Bloodborne (Fromsoftware/2015/Metascore 92)
The Tomorrow Children (Q-Games/2016/Metascore 54)

Playstation 4 Projects:

Shadow of the Collosus --> BluePoint Games (Release 2018)

Keiichiro Toyama: Right after GR2 I'll work on another new title
Shuhei Yoshida: Now producing lots of unannounced titles.



Studio: Pixelopus
History: new Studio established in 2014
Location: San Mateo [NA]
Released Ps4 Games: Entwined (2014/Metascore 59)
Playstation 4 Projects:
Studio: Manchester Studio (North West)
History: new Stundio founded in 2015 -> Focus on VR Games
Playstation 4 Projects:
--> working on a VR Game
--> brand new IP
--> Unreal Engine 4
--> Studio Ghibli Style?
Studio: XDEV
Function: collaborates with independent development studios across Europe and other PAL territories to publish content to PlayStation platforms all over the world
-->List of Collaborations

If you have any new Informations, please feel free to share it with us.


Studio: Insomniac Games
Playstation History: Disruptor - Spyro the Dragon - Resistance - Ratchet and Clank

Released Ps4 Games: Ratchet and Clank (2016/Metascore 85)

Playstation 4 Project:
Spiderman - Release 2018

--> Marvel, Insomniac and Sony Collaboration
--> not based of the movies - own Game - similar to the Batman Trilogy
--> according to Marvel the future of the Spiderman Console Games lies within Sony and Insomniac (Franchise exclusive?)
--> Big Budget Open World Game
--> biggest & most ambitious Insomniac Project to date

With Ratchet and Clank breaking a Franchise Sales Record & also getting high Reviews, its only a matter of time before Sony announces the sequel. Right now however, Insomniac should be busy with the Spiderman Game
Expect no Sequel before 2018/19


Studio:Bluepoint Games
Playstation History: God of War Collection, Ico&Sotc Collection, Nathan Drake Collection, Gravity Rush Remastered, PS All Stars Battle Royale (Vita)

Ps4 Project:
Shadow of The Colossus (Remake)
- Release 2018


Studio: Kojima Productions
History: New Independent Studio reformed by Hideo Kojima after his contract with Konami was officially terminated
Sony Partnership: regarding his first (and maybe future) Project, Kojima formed a Partnership with Sony

Ps4 Project:
Death Stranding

--> Confirmed Cast: Norman Reedus // Mads Mikkelsen
--> running on the DECIMA Engine from Guerilla Games
--> Cooperation between KojiPro and Guerilla Games
--> very close to Full Production
--> Action Game


Studio: Quantic Dream
Playstation History: Heavy Rain - Beyond Two Souls
Employees: ~180

Ps4 Project:
Detroid: Become Human - Release 2018

--> Since late 2013 in Pre-Production
--> New Game Engine developed for this Game
--> David Cage is not the Sole Writer for Detroid BH


Studio: Wild Sheep Studios
History: New independent Studio by Rayman Creator Michel Ancel

Ps4 Project:
WILD - Release 2018/19

--> open world survival adventure Game
--> Control of Animals
--> Development began in 2014


Released Ps4 Games:
EVERYBODY'S GOLF (2017/Metascore 82)


Ps4 Projects:
Hidden Agenda - 25 October 2017
The Inpatient (VR) - 21 November 2017
Bravo Team (VR) - 5 December 2017


Ps4 Project:


Released Ps4 Games: Bloodborne (2015/Metascore 92)
-Bloodborne 2
-New IP
Upcoming 3rd Party Exclusives

Only on Ps4:
Yakuza 6
Yakuza Kiwami 2
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
Arika “Mysterious Fighting Game”
Code: Realize ~Bouquet of Flowers~
The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia
Monkey King: Hero Is Back
Megadimension Neptunia VIIR
Gundam Versus
DJMAX Respect
City Shrouded in Shadow
Avicii Vector

Only on Playstation (Ps3/Ps4/Vita):
Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night
Persona 5: Dancing Star Night
13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory
Demon Gaze II
Summon Night 6: Lost Borders
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]
Utawawerumono: Mask of Truth

Console Exlusive (Playstation/PC):
Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
Shenmue III
Tokyo Xanadu eX+
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana
Yomawari: Midnight Shadows
Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
Blue Reflection
.hack//G.U. Last Recode
Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time


The China Hero Project was initiated in mid-2016 in order to locate and support developers with creativity and the ability to accomplish “remarkable content” for the PlayStation family. Over 400 product plans or demos have been provided during the registration period, but only 10 of them reached the end of the project.
These titles, which were announced at the press conference, “represent the current highest level of Chinese developers in different dimensions.”
Some titles, including the PlayStation VR-based The Walker from Haymaker and action game Lost Soul Aside from UltiZero Games, are already in the final stage of development. Half of the announced titles support PlayStation VR.

Read more at http://gematsu.com/2017/03/playstat...-soul-aside-code-hardcore#72lxZGrOhBSDxk3R.99




I don't think you're allowed to make threads that is basically a list. But I'm not sure, ModBot did write something along those lines in your last thread though.

Also, Media Molecule weren't behind LittleBigPlanet 3. But again, I like your thread. :)


Looking forward to the knowing what Sucker Punch and Bend. I figure at least one of them will be revealed during either PGW or PSX.


Most excited to see what Sucker Punch is up to. More Infamous would be amazing, but i wouldn't say no to a new IP.


Most excited to see what Sucker Punch is up to. More Infamous would be amazing, but i wouldn't say no to a new IP.

I really hope we get a new IP.
Admittedly I haven't really played any of the InFamous games, other than just touching upon InFamous 2 and First Light for a little while but I don't like how dull Second Son looked (not graphics wise!).

Don't forget Quantic Dream studio new game by David Cage. They are practically first party.
And their Heavy Rain / Beyond: Two Souls HD Remaster.


Wants to outlaw technological innovation.
I'm not really criticizing them, but I do find it interesting that when people talking about Sony first party games, they usually say that there more of them. I don't really think that's the case. I think they have a lot of 2nd party and 3rd party exclusives which is why it seems like there is more than there is.

Really looking forward to the PS4 next year with titles such as Uncharted 4, R&C, and Horizon. There's probably another there that I'm missing, but I can't remember it yet.

I'm guessing their 2017 line up is something along the lines of: infamous 3/infamous second son 2, kill zone 4/shadow fall 2, Bloodborne 2, God of War 4, Sony Bend's game, The Last Guardian, possible Drive Club 2...maybe a few others.
Nice thread.

Speaking of which, whatever happened to that site, Listwars.com? It was funny, childish and rather stupid but it was pretty informative as to which exclusives were coming out. Would be a shame if fanboys took it down.

Best wishes.




Just looking at next year, I'm gonna get Gravity Rush HD, Heavy Rain / Beyond HD, Persona 5, Hot Shots Golf, Final Fantasy XV, Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank, The Last Guardian, Horizon, Dragon Quest Builders, Season 2 of DriveClub and smaller titles like Wattam, Digimon: Cyber Sleuth, What Remains of Edith Finch, Rime, Drawn to Death, Killstrain, Fat Princess Adventure etc. Such a huge year coming up.


Can't wait to see what Bend studio's been cooking up and Santa Monica's new game, which is hopefully God of War: Egypt.
I imagine it was closed last time because GAF isn't supposed to be a Sony wiki. Might just be me tho.

I'm curious to see where Sony Santa Monica takes the GoW franchise next. Fingers crossed for a new setting.
Heh, my two most anticipated games right now are both from the same studio. Should they deliver, that'll more than make up for the disaster that is Knack.
Hope this time it won't get closed. Don't know what the problem is if people want to talk about SCE's 1st Party Studios.

And again, Juan, you forgot:

Small new team in San Mateo, California. First game was Entwined.

North West Studio
New studio, working on VR games for PlayStationVR.

SCE Connected Content Group
Yes, they are developing games, too. Their next/first game will be Hardware: Rivals (sequel to the PS2 online-multiplayer / car-combat game Hardware: Online Arena)

don't worry i didn't forgot that. It's just that i want to wait and see if this thread will be allowed to exist, before i add the rest of the studios (create those images)

That's what I have been saying. It was developed by Sumo Digital.

yep thanks for the hint, will fix that
Nice lineup. Most interested in Gravity Daze 2. Can't say I have much interest in another God of War and Second Son really damaged my faith in Sucker Punch.

Is it possible to break this down into teams? ND is likely working on Uncharted 4 and TLOU 2 simultaneously. Japan Studio has to have at least two teams for The Last Guardian and Gravity Daze 2.

Shikamaru Ninja

任天堂 の 忍者
Small note - but the studios aren't named "Sony Bend Studio" or "Sony San Diego Studio" but rather "SCE Bend Studio" and "SCE San Diego Studio".

Remember, Sony and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) are different entities, meaning that Sony Bend could be making toasters and televisions as opposed to SCE Bend who is specifically a content creator for Playstation.
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