Sony's actual quietness

Is it just me or things have been very quiet recently on Sony's side ? I mean since PSX, they have been radio silent while MS with Spencer have been very active in gaming medias.

Is it a Calm before Storm situation we are witnessing or are they a bit overconfident with their actual position in the market ?
They have been killing it with early 2017 games, so I don't see what they need to speak out.
Also E3 is not too far off...
MS is going to be launching a new console this year, so it's only natural that they talk more imo.
There is no need to talk for the sake of talking, which is what Spencer has been doing in recent years.

They are doing what everybody should be doing, letting the games and the hardware do the talking. Just shut up and deliver.
There's no reason to be chatting around: they're comfortably in the lead, with 60 million units shipped, and have the major games' marketing deals on lock. They can coast along just fine until E3, without E3 necessarily being a blow-out of the type we saw last year per se.
Spencer's been talking about a whole bunch of nothing. Yoshida's been like "here's a bunch of critically acclaimed exclusives for you to play, right now".

I like the latter approach.
I think games like Horizon, Persona, Nioh, Nier and Yakuza have been doing the talking for them.

Sony might not be saying much, but there's been a lot more to play on the PS4 in recent months than Xbox One.
Yeah, they don't really have a reason to be that vocal in the press right now. No upcoming hardware in 2017, no huge scandals, strong lineup of games and sales - what exactly are they supposed to be getting out in front of?

That said, I expect them to get in front of the E3 press conference train within the next few weeks. Announce a date, tease some announcements, not much more.
Are they really quiet when they're aggressively marketing stuff like Horizon are releasing a slew of exclusives? Sony have been plenty noisy this year, just in a different way than MS.
They're rolling in money.

Releasing software at a nice pace.

Trying to improve PS4 features.

They don't have anything to prove... unlike Microsoft and Nintendo.

Really doubtful for Microsoft...

Hopeful for Nintendo.
Im sure they have stuff cooking. Its just that its most likely business as usual at Sony where MS is trying to get people hyped for a mid gen upgrade at the end of the year
We will see at E3, although I don't think Sony will keep up the megatons this generation.

They've set a long pipeline and we will likely mostly see updates of their (excellent) announced lineup with a few 3rd party announcements. The war is already won.
Sony been quiet because they got nothing to announce right now, storing everything for E3. MS been talking a bit recently because of Xbox game pass, XBL refunds and mainly Scorpio.
Its funny because I dont recall Sony execs talking that much during this gen. Their heads have been incredibly low-key on social media etc.

The just let their games do the talking which is really nice.
They're always like this leading up to E3. The most you'll usually get from them is some Twitter comments from people on their teaming talking about how they're looking forward to E3. But nothing really specific.
What should they be saying? They're killing in the market, their platforms have objectively the highest number of quality exclusives right now, and E3 is a month away. If they were talking like Spencer was talking, they would be (maybe rightfully) called arrogant or clueless.(Or worse. Asked: "So how many Pros have you actually sold")
Spencer's talking but he's basically saying nothing.
Yeah this, everytime I read something from Spencer, I translated it as something like Bla Bla Bla, dude is all talk and a the end of the day, in the quieted way possible, Sony is killing it with games, something that Microsoft can't do.

Sure Sony isn't perfect, far from it and I wish they'll listen more their customers but it won't happen because it's not something dominating Sony is doing but they have so much good games that people don't care at the end of the day.
Spencer needs to talk because they have nothing to show right now. Sony had 2 of the best games of the year exclusive to their systems, an extremely well received game that's console exclusive so far (Nier), sales numbers have been great.
Microsoft needs to keep talking to keep themselves on the public's attention or they run the risk of finishing this generation in third place again. Gaming wise they haven't released anything​ that had much impact in the past months, sales are decent in the USA but shit everywhere else.
They are apparently saving all their cards for E3 but that's a month and half away. They need to give people reasons to wait a bit before buying a new console because right now they have the least desirable of all 3 consoles.
In terms of enthusiasm market and buzz, they have a fantastic quarter of good games releasing on their platform. For both mainstream and niche audience.

They will be fine.
*Nintendo says relatively little* - "They have nothing!!!! Nintendoomed!!!"

*Sony says the square root of nothing* - "Pfft, who needs communication?"

Never change, GAF.
May - LocoRoco Remastered/ Farpoint
June - WipeOut Omega Collection/ Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
July - Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age
August - Everybody's Golf/ Yakuza Kiwami/ Uncharted The Lost Legacy
September - Destiny 2 (Marketing)
October - ?
November - Call of Duty WW2/ Star Wars Battlefront II (Marketing)
December - ?

They could actually coast off what's already been announced, though this might give us an idea of when Knack 2 & Gran Turismo Sport may be releasing.
Sony lets the games talk, while Phil is trying to build some hype because they have no exclusive games. And MS havent had a conference since E3
*Nintendo says relatively little* - "They have nothing!!!! Nintendoomed!!!"

*Sony says the square root of nothing* - "Pfft, who needs communication?"

Never change, GAF.
Theres a reason for that though. One has a packed list of games set to launch this year. The other doesn't.