Soulcalibur IV Official Custom Character/Costume thread


No. That's what the Soulcalibur IV Official Thread is for. Please go there. This thread is for discussing custom characters and costumes.

The character creation mode is back from Soulcalibur III and is even more expansive this time around. You can change the 2P costumes of the original characters with any unlockable piece and create brand new characters from scratch.

This won't be a FAQ on how to get every single piece of equipment. Unlike Soulcalibur III, which had you buy everything from a shop, in Soulcalibur IV you unlock items either by generally levelling up your characters through play time, getting "honours" or Achievements, or by completing certain hidden tasks within Tower of Souls (eg "win without ringouts", "win using only a certain attack"). Note that unlocking 30 honours unlocks MOST normally unlockable items including the tower rewards (there seems to be a few items that take longer, not confirmed yet).

Here's a Japanese page which lists all items with pictures, very handy even if you can't read the exact name of each piece.

Each item may have numbers attached to it in one of five categories, as well as modify attack, defense and HP values. The numbers are used to buy special abilities, which in themselves require a certain level of the style you're using. You can level up the style by simply playing with the original character or any customized characters based on it.

NOTE: Certain items (i e school uniforms for males and females) are only available in the LE versions at the moment. Additional items can be downloaded through Xbox Live and PSN. Currently these contain classic costume parts.

Your character can obviously be anything you like. Personally, I prefer to create characters who could "realistically" appear in the early 1590's. Here I will add useful links for inspiration and specific persons you could create. Of course, if you want to make your Chuck Norrises and Hitlers, feel free to.

To start out with, in the year 1591 (most likely date for the game):
* The famous Golem of Prague was rumoured to be around.
* Sir Francis Drake was sailing the seven seas after having been involved in the Anglo-Spanish naval war.
* Miyamoto Musashi was six years old and was not quite that good a fighter yet.
* The first water closet was invented in England. A few years later, there was a huge plague in London. These events may not be related.
* Hideyoshi ruled Japan (references to this has already been made in Taki's SC1 stage etc).
* Galileo Galilei was a student at Pisa, not having reached his famous conclusions yet.
* Leonardo da Vinci was dead, about 50 years ago, but his inventions could certainly have been realized in this universe.
* The year before, the Roanoke Colony, Virginia, was found deserted, possibly invaded by unknown forces.
* Witch trials are being held, especially in Scotland.

Note that characters, like in Soulcalibur III, has two layers of clothing. In this game, these are used for the armor break system. Since you're quite likely to have your upper armor broken, plan ahead for how you want your character to look without it. Tower of Souls has some premade characters who walk around in panties when you've stripped their armor.

There are many more colors this time. There are 10 palettes of varying saturation, each including the same range of colors as Soulcalibur III. Note that skin color doesn't use its own gimped palette anymore, so making dark-skinned people should be quite possible. However, underwear still follow its own palette so it's hard to make "skin colored" clothing.

There is a grid where you can set your combination of "physique" and "muscle" (-50 to 50 for both). Physique for men equals muscle size. -50 is a quite scrawny guy, while +50 is Rock. Physique for women equals breast size. -50 is Talim, +50 is Ivy. Muscle equals muscle definition for both genders but is not very apparent on women. You can't change height.

There is a total of 50 slots to save costumes. Any existing character can have up to 48 costumes on top of their original 2, but this is taken from your total, so if you made 48 different costumes for Ivy, you could only make 2 other costumes or characters.

Every CaS (Create-a-Soul, terminology from SC3) must be based on an original character. You can't base one on on the Star Wars characters, and not on any of the anime guests either (since they're using someone else's moves to begin with).

Some items override each other. Specifically, many heavy chest items (dresses, mostly) removes things like skirts that would just clip.

You can't edit the costumes of the Star Wars characters. If you try, you go into the regular CaS menu but all you can change are stat-changing accessories. Sorry, no unmasked Vader or bikini Yoda.

Some characters have limited equipment possibilities. You can't give Yoshimitsu any head piece that doesn't cover his entire head and you can't change or remove his jacket or pants. Unfortunately, this means that you can't give him a Tekken 2 outfit even though the items necessary are available in the game (mask, strawhat and kimono). Nightmare and Lizardman also can't use some slots. You also can't edit Algol's outfit at all.

Post your custom characters in this thread. A picture is helpful but not required for color guides. While it doesn't seem like you can export or share characters, there's a quick reference page which lists all your settings in one screen: this can be useful for screenshots. Just make sure to note the following:

* Name, voice and affiliation settings (if you feel that it's necessary).
Name: Shaana

* Base character.
Style: Siegfried

* Specific weapon (if necessary).
Weapon: Requiem

* Armor pieces in each slot.
Head: Warrior's Headdress

* Face, hair and other physical features.

* Story and background (optional).

Layout: Please update your original post with additional characters/costumes as you make them.

Disclaimer: Please let me know of any confirmed info that could be useful in this OP. I will update as I unlock more stuff.

Zero_Phoenix said:
Does anyone know if this custom character maker is more or less limited than SC3's?
I haven't played this game yet, but, from what I understood, it's generally less limited. Different body types are possible (but no fat people) and there are more clothing options. The only real regression is the lack of created character exclusive fighting styles, so every created character is just a clone of one of the real characters, but the stats can be changed and there are ways to add special abilities (like throw immunity).


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How limited is the character creator? Face? Clothes Structure? Colors?

I am still waiting for a good beat em up to put Alita/Yoko into :D
Formulas are fine - the Design tab is great for that.

It's a bit hard for me to say how limited it is at the moment. You unlock more stuff all the time. But it has preset faces like SC3, no idea if there are more. You can set all the colors of a given piece of clothing, not just the basic color.


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Details will be coming soon. Also to make giving details similar go to the custom character creation selection screen and then go to details i believe. It will show you everything on one screen
Anyone who lives in new york city if you want the game early go to game shop on nevins street between flatbush ave and livingston street downtown brooklyn. They have the game on display in the window. I purchased the game about 4 days ago at that location. Also they won't give you a receipts since they broke the street date.
So your able write your own quotes and stuff? How do win quotes and voices work?

Pretty excited for this game. Getting the PS3 version. I just bought a 40" Samsung LCD 1080P and its fucking gorgeous. I can't wait to test out SoulCal on this baby!. Model # is LN40A530

Lastly...How does Vader sound in Japanese?
hteng said:
need a guide on unlocking those stupid treasure chests in tower of souls
Too easy.

Souther said:
So your able write your own quotes and stuff? How do win quotes and voices work?

Pretty excited for this game. Getting the PS3 version. I just bought a 40" Samsung LCD 1080P and its fucking gorgeous. I can't wait to test out SoulCal on this baby!. Model # is LN40A530

Lastly...How does Vader sound in Japanese?
Win quotes are based on the 6 voices available for your character. So no modifying whatever they say. As for Vader in Japanese... he sounds like he hasn't quite gone completely over to the Dark Side. =/
Oh btw, fuck all companies who have unlockables in fighting games. Pisses me off.

I wanna create a character, not go through the boring tower of aggrivation.
Ferrio said:
Oh btw, fuck all companies who have unlockables in fighting games. Pisses me off.

I wanna create a character, not go through the boring tower of aggrivation.

Someone on GameFAQS SC4 PS3 board posted the guide list of tower unlockable items. Might save you some hassle.
Namco should've made a small site where you can upload and share your creations.

But that wouldn't be smart at all. I'm sorry for having a brain, GAF.

Brandon F

Well congratulations! You got yourself caught!
Also it seems that anytime you finish a section of the ToLS and replay that section again, the game pops up hints on how to obtain any missed treasure chests. You do have to beat the actual section proper first though(no hints initially).

Also the strategy guide has all the hints within, expect gamefaqs to list em off very soon.

Some are brutal though(Get a Critical Finish against all 4 opponents on floor 11???!!! FUCK YOU!)


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Here's the list of stuff you need to do in the towers to unlock the gear. Please stop reading now if you don't want it spoiled for you. I'll skip some space...


Ascending The Tower:
1f soldier's hat - clear stage while taking no damage
2f warrior trousers - clear stage with no ring outs from either side
3f pauldron - switch with ally more than 2 times
4f warlord's belt - perform 3 attack throws
5f clergy clothes - defeated an enemy with a ring out
6f wonder jacket - threw an opponent
7f warrior trousers - cleared the stage without missing any attacks
8f armor ring: ice mirror - switch characters twice
9f scarlett blossoms - block the opponent's attack 3 times in a row
10f silver boots - block the opponent's attack 10 times in a row
11f grim horn - defeat all enemies with a critical finish
12f magus cloth - defeat all enemies with ring out
13f pegasus sallet - destroy all the walls
14f stage:phantom pavilion - performed guard impact more than 3 times
15f submissions belt - clear the stage using only the A and G buttons
16f Warlord's belt - clear the stage with 0 time remaining
17f Arm Bandages - execute a 5+ combo
18f Kouchu Kabuto - Stood on all corners of the stage
19f Longhua qippo - switch with ally more than 5 times
20f Life gem:sun - Cleared the stage with a critical finish
21f Longhua Qippo - Voluntarily performed a ring out
22f Honor boots - perform more than 4 counter hits
23F Frilled skirt - Guard more than 3 times in a row
24f Protect Gem:Cardinal directions - Perform a combo with more than 240 damage
25f Zhuque Changpao - Threw more than 5 times
26f Warthog Cuirass - Executed a 10+ combo
27f Iron Gauntlets - Cleared the stage with no damage taken
28F Aculeus Suit - Opponent guarded a guard break attack at least twice
29f Menghu Boots - Switch with ally 5+ times
30f Spirit Gem: Noniple Heads - Clear stage without guarding
31f Longming Qippo - perform 5+ Just Inputs
32f Vane Mask - perform a low throw
33f Battle dress - perform 3 attack throws
34f Power Gem: warrior Princess - perform guard impact 3+ times
35f Warthog Pauldrons - clear without switching
36f Parlor Blouse - clear stage with 0 time remaining
37f Siren's helm - Defeat all enemies with critical finishes
38f Gorgon Fauld - Defeat all enemies with ring out
39f Kingfisher Greaves - Clear the stage without changing position
40f Deer Head - execute a 5+ combo
41f Minotaur - perform 5+ Just Inputs
42f Demonic Gloves - clear the stage without letting opponents invoke a skill
43f Repel Gem: Iron Shell - perform an over the back throw
44f War Cloak - No ring outs either side
45f Tiger Lily Kabuto - Defeat enemies without using any skills
46f Butterfly salet - Same as above
47f Succubus Boots - Throw 5 times
48f Life Dem:Jade - Clear stage with a character equipped with the "invisible" skill
49f Horns of Calamity - clear stage with no attacks missing
50f Tiger Lily Breastplates - execute a 10+combo
51f Tiger Lily Fauld - perform more than 4 counterhits
52f Feathered Wings - clear stage with a critical finish
53f Blade Ring: Demon Lord - defeat all enemies with a ring out
54f Leviathan Paoldron - destroy all the walls
55f Priestess Kimono - perform 3 attack throws
56f Leviathan Burgonet - perform a combo with more than 240 damage
57f Voodoo Armlets - Voluntarily perform a ring out
58f Tiger Pauldrons - Defeat all enemies without any skills equipped
59f Voodoo Greaves - Guard an enemies attack 10 times in a row
60f Voodoo Breastplate - clear the stage without switching characters

Descending The Tower:
B5 Dark Knight's Cloak
B10 Blade Ring: Raging Thunder
B15 Lapin Chapeau
B20 Repel Gem:Fox Demon
B25 Succubus Guantlets
B30 Demonic Armor
B35 Demonic Pauldrons
B40 Voodoo Crown