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Spider-Man 2 | PS5 Showcase Reveal Trailer

Well no i didnt forget that. Scooped that up day one and platinumed it. Im saying that it seems now they're only going to be delegated to Superhero games for the foreseeable future and IMO that sucks. We already have alot of them coming out.

IMO, they should be doing one superhero title and then something else not two superhero games at once. Thats overkill, sorry.

After the blockbuster hit that Marvel's spider man was and is. especially after how many copies it sold within the first week. it's no surprise that they'd stick to what is working out very well for them financially. as much as I and many here would love to see them return to the resistance franchise. this is what currently sells and works for them and its fine, I'd rather they do something they are passionate and confident about than for them to but stuck doing something they don't.
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My thoughts on the trailer.

The one who speaks must be Morlun. He challenges the Spiders to give him a battle he will remember before feasting on their life-force.

But it sounds like Venom will challenge him, which implies that Venom may become playable at some point in the game.

If true, megaton.

EDIT: Also, Venom looks perfect. Like, holy shit perfect.


Its almost certainly Kraven the Hunter.
Morlun wouldnt hunt or be linked to Venom.

Kraven however would easily enjoy a fight with Venom.


Thought the first one was good but I was sort of done with miles half way through. Think I’m a little burned out of spidey unless they change it up completely which I doubt


Won't be buying the game at launch like I did with the first one because of all of the DLC they launched after. I will just wait for the "Director's Cut".

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It was pretty obvious Venom was going to be in Spider-man 2 since the original game and further confirmed by his appearance in Miles Morales. Less obvious was the fact that he's apparently going to be a playable character. My guess is that Kraven, much like Mr. Negative in the original, won't be the game's main villain. We know Wraith is going to be in the game as well, but I'm guessing she'll be a side mission. With Harry being Venom I can maybe see Norman becoming the Green Goblin as the main villain for the game. Though it looks like the symbiote might move to Peter, seeing his white spider logo on the black background would seem to indicate as much, then maybe Harry becomes the Green Goblin?
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Here hoping by 2023 that games are just ps5 and not ps4/ps5 cross gen , insomniac made ratchet just ps5 so hopefully going forward they stick with ps5 only


I get there are fans for all these superhero games, but why does Insomniac now get to only do that ? Spiderman 2, Wolverine.....

So many people want Resistance......a new entry or even true remasters of the original trilogy. Im just tired of all the Superhero games in general
In fairness you don't need to waste insomniacs time doing remasters. While they might I wouldn't put it past someone like blue point. Insomniac could have their VR team doing the resistance trilogy remaster to coincide with PSVR2 also.


my man was trying to troll in the other thread got shut down and move to this one lol.

anyway. my theory venom will be playable. not enemy


Damn how big a studio is Insomniac? Are they like Ubi? With multiple studios dotted around the place? Honestly vurry vurry impressed by their output and quality.


In, but i hope nyc is larger, more lively, interesting, and dynamic in the sequel. I want queens and brooklyn included, as well as the subway tunnells


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You realise the game has about about 2 years of dev time before it comes out right.
Yeah but we can agree that usually the first trailer kinda sets the tone of what you can expect from the graphics and the first impact wasn't as mindblowing as i was expecting from a ps5 exclusive title.

But you are right, time will tell.


They literally just did lol

They said coming exclusively to PS5. But they can easily say exlcusively to PS5/PS4 later. They literally did that with Gran Turismo 7. Sony can't be trusted after the shit they pulled so now with any new games they literally need to state game is not coming to PS4.
I get there are fans for all these superhero games, but why does Insomniac now get to only do that ? Spiderman 2, Wolverine.....

So many people want Resistance......a new entry or even true remasters of the original trilogy. Im just tired of all the Superhero games in general
Insomniac has 2 studios, and several teams. I wouldnt be surprised if they become bigger since then. Ratchet and Spiderman will keep the door open for a long time. I doubt Wolverine is only new project they are currently working on. They definitely arent handling the remasters of Resistance or Sunset Overdrive.
Spider-Man is one of the only games I have the platinum on. It happened by accident, I just kept playing because it was so fun. Did everything twice. Can’t wait for this entry.
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Miles? It's a standalone DLC , man.

it's as long, if not longer that some famous single player titles that people adore. No matter how you slice it, they had two well-reviewed, ultra successful game between November 2020 and June of this year. Expecting them to launch Spiderman 2 next year, in the midst of one the worst situations in recent memory, is ridiculous.


I may be tripping. It after watching the trailer again I also hear what sounds like multiple possible enemies like Kraven and morbius, but most Definitely kraven the hunter


Yea i just watched it a bunch of times also thinking Kraven is one of the main big bads and venom just might be playable or at least not a bad guy.


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Felt like they just needed something to "wow" the audience rather than make sense of it.

The trailer just seems like it was half assed done last minute if you ask me. Nothing more than an announcement trailer.
trailer felt rushed and made just for the show just to have a next gen game there, but those tentacles are just part of his suit. they are a suit power for one of the many different suits in the game. nothing special.
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