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Star Wars (again): To what extend has your appraisal of the Prequel Trilogy changed since the Sequel Trilogy?

My opinion of the prequels is...

  • Night and day, I now see what Lucas was doing and love him for it.

    Votes: 10 8.9%
  • Much changed, I appreciate the consistency and some of the drama a sight more now.

    Votes: 15 13.4%
  • Yeah they're the better of the two for sure.

    Votes: 37 33.0%
  • Look at my humorous star wars themed gif to compensate for my lack of input!

    Votes: 4 3.6%
  • I prefer the sequels.

    Votes: 5 4.5%
  • I dig the prequels even less, the sequel trilogy brought something to the table the prequels lacked.

    Votes: 3 2.7%
  • The sequels are hot stuff, I wish they'd retconned the prequels entirely along with the EU.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I think the Prequels are bantha poodoo, just as I did 15-20-odd years ago. Nothing changes this.

    Votes: 25 22.3%
  • I love the prequels, regardless of the sequels, maxi big da force.

    Votes: 13 11.6%

  • Total voters


I like the trade and politics involved. The prequels had world buildings, a good cast and the memes alone are worth it.

The sequels had some cool scenes but you can't build a movie around that alone. It needs a vision, a strong story and character development rather than leaning so heavily on skywalker name. Adam Driver was the best part. So much for handing the torch over, they couldn't even put together a cohesive trilogy.

Rogue One and Mandalorian did fan service but they stand on their own feet. The sequels are using the nostalgia as a crutch and emergency life support to keep interest and it is the worst of both worlds. Guardians of the Galaxy was a better new Star Wars.

Out of all the franchises you could fuck up, Star Wars was an easy win. Fans can write better stories, the main cast members aren't sold on the idea, you don't keep the same director, half written characters, abandoned stories, conflicting character moments and desperately bring in a dead villain, disregarding the legacy. Yoda should have set fire to the writers room.


My opinion hasn't changed at all. I still think they fucking suck in every single aspect. I just re-watched the Plinkett reviews, and it just cements how terrible a filmmaker Lucas is.

ST has it's own set of problems, but it bothers me a little less than the PT.
I don’t like the sequel trilogy and I don’t think I’ve watched any of the movies more than once, but the prequels are on another level of bad. Kinda crazy that there’s this billion dollar property built on two good movies, 1 okay one, 3 terrible ones, and 3 bad ones. That’s a bad track record. I’d fire that guy.
Both contain two of the worst films ever made in Attack of the Clones and Rise of Skywalker.
come now attack of clones good for death star plans, the original doomsday weapon. Russians experts in doomsday bombs and deadman's hand

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Prequels have only one good movie out of 3, but stuck the landing and told a complete story.

Sequels had 2 good flicks, but flopped the final one so hard the whole trilogy retroactively landed like this:

At least Mando and The Bad Batch have begun desperately trying to tie the million loose ends and nonsensical plot holes JJ & Chris left, but dear god man.
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