Star Wars Battlefront II |BETA| Execute Pre-Order 66

Want to play Beta Early Access.But forgot to preorder before 10/1...

Anyone has spare beta code? thanks a lot!


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Played the PC Demo for about 30 minutes. The UI disturbs me with the fancy electronic lines....and there is a fixed fov slider in the Beta, no manual adjustments possible :/

Nonetheless the game is pretty fun :)


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If anyone has a spare PS4 beta code this would be much appreciated!


Goddamn forgot to preorder now it's too late it seems? If anyone has a PS4 code I would be so grateful.
Is there really no way to disable open mics in parties on PC?

Edit: You have to mute each party member from the group window.
If you pre ordered through GameStop how do you get your code? I don't see it on the receipt. (Did it a while back during the trade in thing)


Not liking the handling and movement compared to Battlefront 1. Weird look acceleration and odd motion blur when starting to sprint (like Killzone SF) in first person. Feels off.

controller BTW.


There is a license issue with the redeemed PS4 codes that EA is looking into.

The beta on the PSN store is currently only downloadable by digital pre-orders.

Oh really? I pre-ordered on PSN after 1st October, but redeemed a code also. So maybe my digital early access went through after all.


EA_David (Community Manager) said:
Hi guys, I've gotten some updates on this, I'll just paste in the info I have.

Xbox One: Some users have found that their pre-order codes won't work, and appear as invalid. We are investigating this, so please just hold onto your codes for now.

PS4: Pre-order codes can be redeemed but don't give access to the Beta. We are investigating this and you don't need a new code.

Origin: Some users who pre-ordered from the store during a certain period might not have automatically gotten in. If you have a pre-order from before October 2nd but don't have access, please email support using the steps here:

Thank you for your patience, we hope to have an update soon.


I pre-ordered through Amazon and didn't get a code. So if anyone has a spare one, PS4 (NA), that would be appreciated.
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