Star Wars: First Assault is an XBLA game

Waitaminute, Double Dragon 2, Serious Sam 3, and Wrestlefest are coming to XBLA?


What is this Star Wars game even about, LucasArts hasn't put out anything decent in years.


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If so I hope there are bots or some kind of single player component, for their sake. MP-focused XBLA shooters tend not to do so hot.
But those don't have the Star Wars brand. Lucas thinks this is probably a meaningful variable.

There is supposed to be some COD-esque AAA FPS too, I believe.
Known possibilities? Well, this could be Star Wars: First Assault, hotly rumoured following a brace of trademark and domain registrations. It's said to be an Xbox Live Arcade project. Alternatively, how would you feel about an FPS for next gen consoles? Could be they're one and the same thing.
What are the chances of this being a spiritual successor of Republic Commando? I will do naughty things if it's the case.
That actually sounds pretty awesome.
Some of the best COD multiplayer was on the Giant Bomb TNT where Jeff turned off all guns so everyone was running around knifing each other. Swap knives with light sabres, sorted. He also forgot to turn off grenades, probably not as easy to adapt. Unless... force... bombs?
I'm not seeing anything but a generic Xbox logo.

Edit:Had to google to see it.
I know the threads old but I have never even heard if this. Definitely helps ground the source in the kotaku article.
Since it was pulled,

...but the timing of this bump is interesting because the rumors are not good.

Any chance it's a very weird way of naming Battlefront I/II HD package? :(
I wouldn't put faith in any of this happening any time soon, LucasFilms had all of its departments turn full stop to put everything into SW VII projects. Even though it's years away, all bits of news coming out of the company are that everything once planned is being looked at again (the 3D films, the live-action TV series, the games, everything; even the Clone Wars TV series is being handled delicately despite them being well through Season 6 writing and probably production.) The LucasArts website still shows 1313, but it hasn't been updated in any way since 2012. Kotaku is pinning the rumor on the skipped PS4 showing (but guys, everybody couldn't show everything at one 2-hour event, lets not read into it too much every single time...) but there's been talk of Star Wars 1313 being in limbo for a while now. (I was just listening to a Rebel Force Radio podcast and they were putting bets that it is vaporware.) Star Wars First Assault is very likely in the same boat, don't be surprised if we never see either game.
Battlefront III has started development and been stopped several times because the quality of the external studios did not live up to the expectations of LucasArts and were missing milestones.

People have high expectations for Battlefront, not the least of which is vehicle-based gameplay.

Infantry-based FPS is still the heart of the Battlefront franchise though. Not doing vehicles right off the bat would mitigate the risks involved in making a full on Battlefront 3 but would still set up for it.
Thus it would be boring.
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