Starbreeze confirmed PAYDAY 3; Overkill's The Walking Dead still in development.

Payday 2 felt like a free-to-play game, complete with all the bullshit you'd expect in such a title, and yet they wanted money for the privilege of playing the thing. the entire game is a grind.
You don't simply rush Payday.

You just finish it off with 30+ DLC packs and MT's after release, while still not including things in the fucking manual...

Adored the first game, but you blew all that goodwill with the second.
After they kept crapping Payday 2 up more and more with each successive update I think I'll wait until 6 months after launch for Payday 3 and assess if they've got their act in order this time.
Never played Payday 2 but I've heard plenty of awful stuff about it. Starbreeze seem like scum. I'd suggest being smart and waiting a while after the game comes out before you consider buying it.

Wow. Just finished reading all the links about the devs.

Even if this game works Im not supporting shirty devs like this.
Yeah, gonna have to give those a read. Nobody should support these devs unless they learn their lesson.
Payday 2 was awesome until they implemented micro's in right? I seem to remember getting the platinum on PS3 and playing it for about 50+ hours on PC. Count me in for the PC version of Payday 3!
I put in a couple hundred hours into payday 2 with a few friends on PC before the safe drops and drills/keys were implemented, and I slowly became frustrated with their game engine.

The free to play aspects being added into a game I purchased and hitting multiple infamy levels pointlessly just killed all desire to continue. I'll keep my ear to the ground since few heist style games exist, but I'm not holding my breath considering their track record.

Starbreeze Studios has apparently managed to raise a whopping $30 million by selling shares for the company; this money will go towards speeding up the development of Payday 3, the sequel to their perennially popular co-op heist game.

Some of the $30 million will apparently also be going towards marketing Overkill’s The Walking Dead, the action game based on the popular multimedia zombie franchise that is set to launch for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Fall 2018.
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