Steam Link Anywhere update allows you to stream games on any PC.


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Nov 2, 2014
Valve is launching the Steam Link Anywhere feature, which allows you to stream games away from home.

Steam Link Anywhere is an update for the dongle which allows it to stream games from any PC.

This means you can play your Steam games on a PC not tied to your network. Previously, you could only use Steam Link from home.

The service is free to all who use Steam Link or the Steam Link app, and is currently in beta.

Valve said a high upload speed from your computer and strong network connection to your Steam Link device is required.

Meanwhile Epic Store is punching back with new features.



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Jul 2, 2013
Now I can stream games from my home PC (25Mbps upload speed) to my phone at work on my company's wifi.

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Nov 10, 2013
Tested this today at work. Brought a steam link and wired it into a separate work circuit that is not filtered or any part of the main network. That circuit is a 100/15 with internal Gigabit connection. At home I am wired and have a 100/100 circuit.

Put both PC with Steam and Steamlink into Beta mode, paired them and launched RE2. Played with a wired KBM and it is quite good. You can feel the minor lag which is not present with Internal home streaming but it is very playable. At this point I had it set to Beautiful for streaming, dropped to the middle of the road streaming setting and that cleared up the lag even more.

My controller was dead so I am charging that now. So far so good.