Steam: Mac client?No problem, why Apple logo in Windows client?

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Dovella is two posts away from not being able to create new threads, is my guess.

And, to complain about something as this... heh, that's a bit... fanatical. I really don't have anything to say other than I'm having a hard time imagining that Dovella isn't a joke account.
Vamphuntr said:
Yeah. You're not obliged to install everything with iTunes. Simply uncheck what you don't want. I have iTunes and don't have safari and Bonjour Installed.
Im 90% sure the iTunes package includes iTunes only or else it would be one hell of a DL.
I can only imagine his reaction to being stuck behind an automobile in traffic sporting an Apple logo on the rear window. That is, if he's old enough to drive.
dovella said:
i want only remove this NO SENSO logo from a Windows client.
Well, then remove it. Edit the binary or whatever. It's not like there's more than 5 people on the whole planet who give a shit about what you think is right.
I'd just like to say that you're fucking insane.

First you're spamming all the tech websites assuming they'll care.

and then from your own Steam Thread...

dovella on Steam Thread said:
Hi Steam.

I just noticed that your client on Windows now suffers from a serious flaw.

Even if you may seem a trivial thing, you must remove the Apple logo from the Windows client.
In every forum / blog / site
you create real religious war between Windows users and Apple users.

Putting the Apple logo in the Windows client is equivalent to putting the pictures of Buddha in the Vatican in Rome.
You're wrong, you are abusing your customers that you have supported for years.
This gesture may seem to many people a real lack of respect.
Leave everything as it was before.

Greetings Dist.
Reopened :lol

Oh yeah and you don't have to install all that other shit with ITunes. Maybe he couldn't read the install screen info very well? :D

Edit: oh my god there's no way this guy is real!


listen to the mad man
dovella said:
i not want apple logo in my PC.

Apple for me is a trojan

Itunes = Itunes +Apple update, Mobile me , Safari ,Quick Time , Bounjour

this is a perfect crapware and i remove all apple software from my PC because install without permission.

Im a PC, and i not want apple logo in my PC.

this is MY idea.
what are you? 13?
Ahahahahahaha Dovella on NeoGAF! ROTFL

Guys, i'm italian too, and Dovella is a troll.
On the italian web, who attends some Apple forum knows him.
Please, just leave him alone.

P.S. Dovella, you're so sad!
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