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Street Fighter II turns 30 years old

German Hops

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I remember playing the SNES version of SF2 at a friend's house! I was blown away by it and wanted to play it non-stop. Unfortunately my friend didn't.. as a result it only upped the hype for me around the game even more :lollipop_anxious_sweat:


that i cannot boot up a modern console or pc platform and play ggpo sf2 w/o resorting to piracy is abysmal

capcom needs to get its shit together


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Posting this here for SF fans because I'm not cool enough to post my own thread yet.

I haven't seen anyone post about this yet but there's a 24-hour release of digital collectible SF cards and the timer started at noon today. Go here: http://streetfighter.cards/

Make sure you read all the info on the site, especially if you're not familiar with blockchain-based non-fungible tokens. You have until tomorrow, February 19th at noon EST to buy packs. After that, they'll only be available on the secondary market, and they will probably be way more expensive. If you think digital collectibles are ridiculous, look up the secondary market for Top Shot NBA.

No, I don't have any association with this project. I'm just a huge SF fan and a blockchain/crypto enthusiast.
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