Street Fighter V |OTVIII| New Delayed Generation - Controversial Inputs

Edit: Lol, I hate non-crossups crossups, got hit twice today by that shit, one from Chun and the other from Ibuki. If it doesn't look like a crossup, it fucking shouldn't be a crossup! Even worse when the opponent ends up on the side the originally were at!
Remember when the beta allowed everybody to perform fake cross ups? If you got put in the corner you were basically fucked. I had a blast with it lol. And when people tried it on me I just parried and threw them back in the corner lol.
I'm part of the problem guys.... I just bought Juri's classic outfit. Why isn't this character better ? I hope whatever happens with season 3/super/bojangles edition ... that a potential Vselect or CA select gives charcters some move differences... Juri just isn't the same without her dive kick and Rashid doesn't quite scratch the itch fully (thought he can be pretty fun too).
You go to the character select screen and pick someone else.
Oddly enough Guile hasn't been as huge a pain as most of the rest of the cast for me. Just have to be more precise, and luckier, than usual with Alex's anti fireball tools.

Guile is actually a breath of fresh air from having to deal with all the ridiculous rushdown and 50/50s from everyone else as far as I'm concerned.