Street Fighter V |OTVV| Arcade Edition - The Golden Warrior

I saw on PSN one of the added things to the game was new visuals but it doesn’t say anything about Pro. I hope it has support for it.
Yes, there are some improvements. Backgrounds look crisper, UI is defintely higher rez on PRO. There's still some thin edge aliasing issues on the fight screen background, and some thin shader aliasing on character's clothing, chains etc...but IQ looks improved a bit on PRO.

I must say though, even at 1080p, SFV always looked mighty sharp on my 4k screen, but I always felt it could render a bit higher on PRO.....Hopefully, NXgamer or Vgtech takes a look and puts it through their tools. I for one think it plays much better than before. Hopefully some perf improvements too. Netcode feels better btw. Seems there are lots of folk back in the SFV fold, fights flow like butter...

Really like the improvements done here overall, training mode, new modes are all ace......
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SFV is still a very good looking game and I'm told that even the Pro might not be able to handle much of an increase in res, but I'm not sure resolution is really what's needed - polys and textures is really what needs improving and surely the Pro could handle that with ease.

AE does seem to look a bit better on my Pro too but might just be placebo.
What I'd want is 2160CB so they could easily implement their TAA solution, clean all remaining shader aliasing. Still, you'll hardly hear me complaining too much, because I like the look of SFV and the animation quality is superb, framerate is crisp as it should....Of course, the high rez UI, improved loadtimes, improved presentation and more playable modes in this patch....really rounds it up as unquestionably I'm mint.
Does anyone know how to cancel the animation of the Furiko Upper of Sakura so that I can link with another move ?
I didn't get that part of Sakura's moves so I couldn't finish the trials 5, 7 and 9. :(
Did you guys see the costume leaks for the new characters?

Sagat has upper body rags. I thought the rags might be removable via toggle, but his story costume looks like it has his traditional outfit covered.

No handcuffs for Cody.

G is Q! At least it looks that way

WTF at Blanka? He will never be that blood thirsty monster from sF2 again it seems. This outfit will be funny to see in motion. I wonder if it will clip much?

Much gay fan service for Cody.

Zero straight fan service for Falke :mad:
I saw something in the pop up notes while updating the game that season 1 and season 2 are now offered at a special lower discount... but it still shows as $20 for me in the store? Isn't it always $20? just played through Arcade mode with Ken and didn't lose a match. Didn't get any fight money or anything. Looked at the store and saw all the costumes and stuff to buy. Still feels like a huge money grab to me even with this "free" update. Ugh. Street Fighter was always one of my favorite games growing up. Back to USF4 on XBO I guess. (Not that it doesn't have it's own issues w all the buyable costumes but at least I have a full roster of fighters there)
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More bad news for solo players who liked firing up the game once a week to earn FM: the daily challenges in AE seem to give less FM for completing the (it seems disappointingly exact) same challenges than in Vanilla SFV.

We used to be guaranteed a minimum 5,000FM per week for the mission that involves playing a stage on Versus and knocking a NPC to the ground (or firing up a character story to do a certain fight) but now that has been reduced to 2,500FM. (And before one asks: the other missions, like performing a combo 10x or playing a casual match, still give out the same relatively low amount of FM so they don't help compensate either. Nor is there a Golden Shadaloo Soldier in Extra Battle so far.)

I'll be branded as "entitled" most likely for speaking my mind, but man, for all the praise this new edition has been getting, I for one feel like they took out pretty much all incentives for solo players like me who actually stuck with the game because they found fulfillment in firing it up once a week to grind FM and character Exp through (mostly tedious) single player modes and dailies in order to gradually save up for a new character and repeat the process again using the same methods, all the while waiting for promised new single player modes that would offer a better alternative.

So far, Extra Battle has not become a good alternative at all due to it costing FM but not giving any back yet, and worse of all, nor has the Arcade Mode I have been waiting for since day 1. I strongly feel that the Arcade Mode should have given you at least some character Exp as a reward for actually getting more experienced with a character by fighting multiple opponents in each path. I mean, you used to get friggin' FM and still get Exp for watching a demonstration or completing a far shorter and easier character story so it makes no sense to me in terms of economic consistency why fighting multiple opponents in Arcade Mode does not increase a character's experience points so we'd have at least some additional incentive beyond collecting (imo often ugly) art to complete all paths with all characters and earn FM via levelling-up. (And no, this would not have to be infinitely farmable if they'd implement it like all the other single player modes where you only get Exp (and FM in Vanilla SFV) after completing a mode the first time per character, so that is not a reason to defend this decision imo.)

Maybe my perspective is not at all the common one amongst those that stuck with the game all the way up to AE but hopefully I'm not completely alone in my disappointment when comparing Vanilla SFV to AE. For AE to finally deliver on a substantial single player mode that no longer awards FM or even Exp is just a big bummer after 2 years of grinding.
Finally updated the game and jumped in last night. Holy shit I love the v-trigger changes to Necalli. I can either have another option to get in or an option to help retreating. Man am I rusty though (not that I was ever actually good). Anyways, it was fun selecting all of the characters I own and trying the new v-triggers. Some characters really didn't get much though. I was really hoping Vega got something substantial with his 2nd v-trigger, but nope. Love Bison's new one though.

Regarding Raitaro's comments above, I totally agree. It's not like that was a ton of FM you could earn per week to begin with. Cutting the big one in half and then adding a repeatable mode that uses FM seems really cheap of them. I feel like Arcade mode should give FM at LEAST for first time clears on each branch.
I'm guessing the arcade mode's lack of rewards is because they wanted it entirely playable offline. Which I understand, but at the same time: Capcom, you made a service game with a grinding economy. You can't just ignore that.

It really does feel like Capcom is being stingy with Fight Money now. They talked so much before launch about more regular sources being available, hopefully it's just taking a bit to get things running. But cutting mission income in half while increasing costs (from temporary extra missions) is nearly impossible to defend.
Guess I'll hold off on buying sakura with FM and wait for the S3 Pass to get discounted.
Honestly it is never a good idea to buy characters with fm since the passes go on fairly sizable discount eventually. Stages, colors, music, and story costumes are always a better idea since they always remain overpriced.

At least with the season 3 pass getting it at full price is still good deal since it pays for itself in costumes anyway.

Also lol at people thinking the fm rewards weren't getting neutered. That was obvious as soon as they removed all the single player fm and basically confirmed when they added freaking titles as rewards.
For fairness sake let me add to my previous post that there will be extra ways to earn FM in Extra Battle by battling the Golden Shadaloo Soldier, at least for the first month going by this schedule:

thisRalf on Eventhubs did the math and in summary you'll be able to earn more FM if you succesfully fight the soldier at the maximum amount of allowed times while also doing the now less rewarding dailies compared to just doing the old dailies. It's roughly 32,600FM in AE compared to 28,000 in Vanilla according to him.

Now granted, we don't know how tough the CPU soldier will be for the higher tier rewards so perhaps you'd not be succesful every time and will be spending more FM than calculated in the example above. Let's just hope that not every soldier variant is Shin Akuma in other words, and then we'd be somewhat ok...?

All that said, I still feel that Arcade Mode should have given us some Exp for the character you are playing as, if only for consistency sake compared to the other modes (as well as the added incentive for completing all paths with all characters).

I also really hoped they would renew the daily challenges themselves instead of simply continuing with the exact same ones that are frozen in time by still being tied to the oldest launch stages and character stories. Just as with the equally frozen in time Survival Mode, the new release method of SFV being a platform to me comes with a downside of some modes and features never becoming updated or refreshed to make use of the new content that is gradually added. An old fashioned full replacement Super version would have made the whole game feel fresher by allowing the devs to update all content I think. I pray to Cody that Capcom will at least add in Sagat and other relevant DLC characters to the Arcade Mode in the slots where they are currently being replaced but only time will tell if that will become reality or not.
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Ofcourse they aren't going to be shin akuma difficulty, since that's not just a CPU difficulty.
Shin akuma has an altered hurtbox, can cancel the recovery of any normal and does increased damage and stun; the soldiers don't even have a full fledged moveset.
The soldiers/costumes will probably just max out at story mode extra difficulty.
The missions always refresh at the same time globally, it's not a localtimezone thing; it's coming today, with "today" being whenever the time hits for the server.
I played Arcade mode for the first time just now. Beat it with Mika and got a cool artwork at the end. Warning, may be a tad NSFW.

Did not expect that. lol. Nice art though :D
Arcade mode needs more difficulty levels too. Easy, Normal or Hard isnt enough. There are 8 difficulty levels available if you do Player vs cpu, so Im not sure why Capcom didnt just use those.
Also, my thanks to Capcom for allowing us to fight opponent characters that we havent bought as DLC. I didnt expect that either.
Haven't been able to flesh out AE yet because of being sick, hopefully I can get some rounds in today. Matches seem a bit longer and you gotta get your footsie game up, lol
That might be Ibukis best costume so far. I dont really like the giant ugly sword on her back though. Im saving my fight money for that pink Star Gladiators costume for Chun.
I'm a new member and this is my first post! Anyway, what do you guys think, is downloading the cinematic story worth it? Also with Arcade Edition, do you get FM for completion?
Yes it's worth it.
No all one time payouts for FM were removed from SP modes.
You get nothing from Arcade Mode, but you do get FM from completing the single character stories and the like. I've yet to do anything beyond fight bots and've already bought Sakura with FM. So not all single-player content is locked-out of earning FM.
As someone who never plays games online (especially not competitive ones) this game has its hooks in me something fierce!

I got this game cheap early last year and played it offline for a few months with a friend. A bit later I started grinding out fight money from stories + easy survival (I had no hope with trials) to get some new stages and characters. A few months later I buy the season passes. I then get PS Plus just to play a little online to train when my friend isn't over. My friend sees that I am slowly improving, so he buys a copy of the game also and starts playing online.

This has spiralled so much. The amount of hours spent since I got the game is in the hundreds if not a thousand by now. I have changed my main from Ryu to R.Mika and have been able to get up to silver recently (I know that's nothing special, but when I was bouncing from Bronze and Super Bronze for a long time, I was buzzing when I cracked Silver). I have completed most of the trials in the game, finished Extreme Survival. I just have one more trophy to get now (Gold Rank) and all I think about in work is getting home and playing more SFV. My left thumb is actually calloused & has a faint blackness from the Dual Shock D-Pad plastic.

I owned all copies of SFIV when they were new (even bought a fight stick) but never got into it. Not even 1/6 of what SFV has done to my friend and I. The excitement when people see us play has got other friends and family interested and has sold a few copies to them.

Any GAFers fancy playing add me on CFN: Nemesis2K
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Congratz on the silver, and just playing online in general.
I'm balls deep in DBFZ atm, but I'll play you any time I'm actually on SF5.
Just add me to your CFN friends list and if you see me online you can shoot me an invite; CFN: reizoryuu
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I discovered tonight, that when you play Alpha Arcade mode, you can trigger a "mystery" opponent to come and challenge you mid-game.
Im not entirely sure how I did this, but it was probably related to not losing rounds or getting KO's with Super attacks. Thats how it used to work in Alpha 2 anyway. I thought this was a nice tribute to Alpha 2, even though there is no dialogue between your character and the challenger, when they appear.
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I think I've finally found a character in V that I enjoy, and that is Vega. I came from Ultra having played Ibuki for a long time, but I'm not a fan of the changes made to her at all.
How long does it take to unlock new character ? I bough only basic arcade edition (still have to play it as it just arrived) as I want only Sakura from season pass 3
How long does it take to unlock new character ? I bough only basic arcade edition (still have to play it as it just arrived) as I want only Sakura from season pass 3
Getting one character with a new account shouldn't be too hard if you level up a bunch of characters. They removed a lot of the Fight Money you used to get pre-AE, but I'm sure a new player can still get 100-200K relatively easily.

But after you get through the easy stuff (basically when all your characters are in the level 20s) you're looking at maybe 3-4 months of missions, maybe longer. Capcom dramatically reduced Fight Money payouts in AE. No other game I play is grindier to unlock this sort of thing. For example For Honor will give you a new character after around 15 days of (very fast, easy) daily missions, and you get plenty more options if you want to earn more Steel faster. Other genuine F2P games are also significantly faster to unlock new characters, even relative slogs like Heroes of the Storm.

Fair warning though, Sakura is widely considered one of the worst characters in the game right now. It's too bad you can't demo her first (like you can in For Honor, Heroes of the Storm, etc.) because there's a good chance you won't find her that fun.
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This week i won 2/3 of the extra battle against the silver Shadaloo soldier. I made a very dumb mistake. The requirements perfectly state "KO your opponent"... well i was spamming the fireball as Ken and i though i could win the match by having more health than the CPU opponent. Time runs out and i lose the encounter because i did not KO the opponent. I will keep that in mind next time.
Well... unlike Vega, Ibuki is actually very good.
I don't keep up with balance changes all that much. How has Vega fared throughout the balance patches? I find it difficult to deal with neutral jumps as he doesn't have a go to AA option, but his normals seem to be good. I haven't looked at the frame data, only taking meaty setups and tricks from YouTube clips.
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