Super Star Wars coming to PSN this week - Crossbuy for PS4/Vita

Jun 7, 2004
part of my wants to buy it, the other part of me remembers how frustratingly difficult it was and questions if I want to go through that shit again. It wasn't too long ago that the GBomb crew played it during a stream and had to say "fuck it" and turn on all kinds of cheats like 5 minutes in.
Jun 7, 2004
Aug 22, 2015
Vita version of SSW is a nice surprise, but lack of Platinum trophy in any of the Star Wars classics is disappointing. All in all, trophies are the main feature of these "remasters".
May 4, 2014
I'm starting to come into a sad realization that PS2 BC probably aint happening... =(
I am definitely under the impression that, at least these PS2 Star Wars games, are ports and not emulated. I would be happy to seen otherwise.

But we have other evidence of PS2 Classics (like actually seeing Siren on a list of games somebody was playing) and I still anticipate their reveal at PSX.
Dec 3, 2013
Jan 5, 2008
Waterloo, Ontario
Is the Mos Eisley bar boss still a cheap piece of shit?

Please say yes.

And there's a trophy for beating the game on Jedi......without losing a life
That's the only way you can beat it. You lose your plasma gun on jedi mode and you're fucked. Just don't crash into a tower on the second last level.

Edit, Well you can die towards the end of rescue of the princess or anywhere in the tractor beam level and be okay but that's it after you get inside the sand crawler.
Mar 22, 2013
Yeah I don't really understand how these deals go when the code is written on competitor console and they simply emulate said console.
Actually, this one in particular was supposed to come to PC too, but that release was eventually canceled.

A PC port of Super Star Wars was in the works since 1994, by a Danish game company Brain Bug and produced by Softgold. The game was almost completed, and was well into the playtesting phase, but in 1995 LucasArts decided to halt the development and cancel the release. An unfinished version of this port was leaked onto the internet, but as of 2005 LucasArts has not yet released the game into public domain.

I wonder if the PS4 game is based on the PC version that never saw the light of day (at least legally). And as such, I wonder if that means we only ever see the first game on PS4. I hope the fact the other two were only ever designed for SNES doesn't keep them from coming to PS4. Also, if STESB and SROTJ come to PS4, hopefully that could lead to releases of Rogue Squadron (mostly for II), KOTOR, and others on PS4.
Feb 6, 2012
I remember Empire being panned for cheap deaths. It didn't score as well as I recall
It reviewed ok, but you're right, the honeymoon effect of note-perfect John Williams coming out of your SNES and Star Wars becoming fashionable again (this was around the time the Zahn novels and first home widescreen releases) having less of an effect the second time allowed us to see these games for what they were- rather simplistic, poorly designed and full of outrageous, impossible to predict or react to difficulty spikes. But man, they looked and sounded good.

Jedi was definitely the best of the 3 from what I remember (graphically and gameplay/responsiveness).
Jedi's the one which feels most like a proper game. It won't screw you over for dying in a bad spot and having to fight your way out with an under-powered weapon, and the jump physics were a little floatier so as to give a better impression of control. Many of the problems of the first two games remain, though.

That said, I do love these games, stupid as they are, and will of course buy them if they come to PS4.