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Tearaway |OT| Super Iota 64


Just platinumed this bad boy. Great game, short but sweet. I really think some cooperative play would be amazing, that level at the end of the game with
the other Messenger and having to use him to unblock the way for you
was probably one of my favourite parts. Having something like that, only playing with another person instead and working together sounds really fun.
Played the game for a bit this weekend and I'm only 45% completion. This game is a lot longer than I thought! And I just acquired
the concertina!
I'm having a lot of fun! I need to make more costumes for my Atoi now.
Finding myself sitting down and playing a few stages every weekend. Think I've played through this like 5 times now. It's got some staying power for me it seems.
Holy shit, just finished this and the ending is Phenomenal! This is such a great game and I'm really happy that it's what pushed me over the edge into picking up the Vita bundle.

Lets just pray there are a few more games like this on the Vita during its life.
Somehow I keep missing pieces of confetti or whatever they are... even after I think I've scoured the entire level. Annoying!

I guess I'll have to check YT...


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I loved climbing Gibbet Hill and
was happy to find it was not the end of the game lol

Some of yous saying its a 5 hour experience... I have must have played 10 hours by now
and just reached the Harbor
Somehow I keep missing pieces of confetti or whatever they are... even after I think I've scoured the entire level. Annoying!

I guess I'll have to check YT...

I was going to try for the Platinum, but I couldn't find all the confetti in The Barn and kind of lost interest. I love the game and didn't want to cheapen my experience by dragging it out looking for collectibles.
This is very nice, I'm about 1/3 in.

Coming off the back of Super Mario 3D Land it feels like I'm on Mogadon. Such a slow pace of game and introduction of new things to go. Just an interesting observation rather than a flaw.

That said, the only thing I really don't like about the game is the Yorkshire male voice acting, and the music. The music really rubs me the wrong way.


Just finished earlier this evening. I wanted to love this game as I enjoy the Vita and the positive glow on this forum had me interested. Overall the game was not that fun for me, but it is not without some charm. The graphics had a unique well polished aesthetic, and the music and sound was excellent. The implementation of Vita controls helps it stand out from its peers. Character customization was also a nice touch.

However, while the first third was rather enjoyable,
the world they constructed never seemed cohesive or make much sense. I didn't believe any of the characters were actually characters living in a consistent world. The transition from one world to the next was often jarring in expectations. It felt like each world was developed by separate teams and then loosely tied together at the end, mostly by cameo appearances. There's no sense of a world map or direction. Characters are merely cardboard cutouts (or perhaps paper cutouts in this case).

Any illusion of a consistent world are dropped by the final third, where it devolves into a bunch of meta nonsense about creating your own story. Disappointingly, I had realized after the first third that the message was very likely to be some tale of "Here's the story of the time you delivered the message" based on the inconsistent world and extensive use of in game photography.

Once I realized the game was going to be empty story wise, I started to focus on the gameplay. The first third was probably too easy but still had the hope of being a satisfying journey. I felt the second and final thirds were appropriately difficult, but there was hardly any mental discovery. They dolled out new powers at a good pace but hunting for presents (of which I got the lions share) was mostly an exercise in "find the hidden path that the camera angle doesn't show".

While physics were a vast improvement over Media Molecule's previous attempts, at times awkward camera angles, or perhaps the aesthetic, make platform jumping difficult to judge depth. There are sections where Iota is forced into a ball that I also found annoying as it seems he cannot stop himself from veering off from the slightest touch. The enemies were also repetitive (and there didn't seem to be much discussion of what "Scraps" actually are or why after fighting a bunch in the caves suddenly the scraps entirely disappear).

As a result, the second third was mediocre while the final third became an exercise in patience where I realized
that none of the "decisions" (or actions rather) matter
, the gameplay was mildly frustrating for mostly simple puzzles, and
the ending was likely going to be equally vapid (no surprises there).

I suspect there's very little beyond the graphics that will stick with me in the years to come, and I see no reason to ever play it again as I have no need to collect for 100% platinum. Overall I found the game a waste of time and not of the good sort. However, aesthetically and aurally it shines - I'd recommend any readers on the fence to skip the purchase and watch a 10 minute gameplay trailer instead; but it definitely is worth watching a 10 minute gameplay trailer.


I finished it earlier this week. I was a bit underwhelmed by the story. The way people gushed over the game on the forums made me expect significant more out of the game. The controls and use of vita was excellent though. I probably wont touch it again and am glad I waited for it to be on sale.
Is it as easy as swapping out memory cards with different PSN accounts or do you have to also do a system reset each time you want to change users?

Do to conflicting reports and no longer having a PS Vita thread I figured this was as good a place as any to ask.


Is it as easy as swapping out memory cards with different PSN accounts or do you have to also do a system reset each time you want to change users?

Do to conflicting reports and no longer having a PS Vita thread I figured this was as good a place as any to ask.
The general PSN thread would be a better place to ask, but you do have to do a reset.


Just finished it, not 100% completionist though.

What an amazing game. Loved the ending, the story and the design. Just, holy shit, what a fanatstic design.

MM you rock!


41 > 38
Just beat this in a couple of (hours long) sittings. It was a good game, but I don't really get the massive amount of hype that was flying around when this first released. It has a great art style and everything, but the gameplay was incredibly simple. You basically go along a narrow path that opens up slightly sometimes, and look for slightly hidden paths that terminate in a present that requires a simple puzzle or, worst of all, a game of "hey put a decoration on me/yourself." I don't mean to trash talk this game because as I said it was quite good, especially the platforming in the final act, but can someone explain why this was hailed as the savior of the genre and a game which puts Nintendo's best to shame and all that? I mean, the title of this thread alone. This has barely anything to do with Mario 64. Did I miss an open-world level somewhere?

I've been trying to find the thread where the OP went into huge detail as to why this game basically reignited their love of the entire hobby, but I'm having trouble. Edit: Never mind, I found it


I made Narukami from Persona 4:

Astounding game. So happy they won three BAFTAs.
I'm kinda stuck.

I'm at the Harbour stage and theres this lighthouse in the way.

I'm meant to roll into the hole in the door (I looked up youtube) but the little guy just can't seem to fit through the hole. Any ideas? Is this a glitch? I tried restarting the level to no avail.

Update: I just did it with continuous roll.


Edge did a feature on the making of Tearaway: http://www.edge-online.com/features/the-making-of-tearaway/

Welcome to the first Tearaway photo challenge contest! The theme of this contest will be landscapes; sweeping, majestic, colourful or otherwise, we want you to play Tearaway, take in-game photos of the landscapes you find, and submit your favourite shots into this contest.

Our favourite picture will win a signed, framed Tearaway art print, and the runner’s up will get a goody bag. We hope to run a few of these with different themes, so if you don’t do well this time, there will be another!

How to enter:

Take your landscape photo in-game using any combination of lenses or filters that you like.
Upload your chosen photo to tearaway.me using the in-game share options.
Submit a link to your photo on tearaway.me via twitter to @tearawaygame with the hashtag #MmContest (or email it to hello@mediamolecule.com)

The small print:

Closing date for this contest is 11:00 am, UK Time, 18th July 2014, we'll pick the winner shortly afterwards!
We will ship the prize worldwide, so don't worry about your location.
We will DM you on twitter if you have won (unless you emailed us) so please follow @tearawaygame.
Tearaway Photo - the woods




That was great. Thanks for posting.

I know we won't get another Tearaway on Vita, but the universe and IP are just so great that I'd love them to make a sequel on PS4. Iota is a little more independent and doesn't need as much hand-holding anymore (thus eliminating the need for a touch screen). I just want more from this IP, and I'm afraid we won't get it. Tearaway is a game that can't be replicated on another system than Vita, but the IP itself doesn't entirely hinge on your face and hands being in the world; that was rather the focus of this particular journey.
Guys, guys, guys! Insert Coin is doing Tearaway shirts!

I love that King Squirrel t-shirt, but £22 is a bit steep.

Anyway, started playing this again last night, on the hunt for collectibles. I'm very close to the Platinum trophy barring 100% collectibles in about 4 or 5 levels and a couple of specific actions like completing The Tear and Between the Pages without dying, so I reckon I'll be there after another hour or two's work. Man, it's such a beautiful and charming game, and it's really nice to return after 6 months of being away. Really hope this game isn't a one-off.
Almost at the Platinum now. Just need to 100% complete two more levels, which should make most golds ping (Gifted, Do-Gooder, Papercraft Wizard, Scrapped and Completist), I've got a couple more miscellaneous trophies to get (Yellowhead, Photograph a squirrel eating an acorn) and then I'm done.
And I got the Platinum, my seventh. Adored playing through it again and I really hope this is not the last we see from Crowley and his team. One of the most special and likeable games I've played in years. Up there with Journey and The Last of Us as a magical ride that gave me all kinds of warm feels.


The seaport looks completely overhauled, cant wait to play it. That section was so cool looking and then you're in and out in like five minutes.
Just finishing replaying it, ending is still unbelievable and makes my heart flutter in a way no other game has. Really interested to see how the game is adapted to the PS4 because more than any other game it feels designed for the system it's on. The PS4 does have the camera but not everyone has one and you can't move it like the vita.


Just started Tearaway. This game is simply brilliant. I bought for full retail price recently and I wish I was able to buy at launch date in order to support Vita games.

It is so sad the vita will not get more games like Tearaway!


Gaf please help me out. I have some sort of glitch where this bridge isn't generating. Anyone else have this problem?

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