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The 50 worst Sega Genesis/Megadrive Games- Kim Justice


One of my fav youtuber for retro gaming documentaries, been watching KJ for years, even one of my request I've asked for got realized with the Duke Forever video back then, I was so happy!

KJ did play nearly all MD/genesis games on stream for months, this video is the result of all that.
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I played Pica-Pau and indeed is terrible. I give praise Tec Toy here in Brazil, but this is just crap.

BTW, there is a master system version of Pica-Pau as well.
I flipped through this whole lispy-dude's video hoping to find some piece of trash I had the misfortune of playing but no such luck.

Sega's one hit wonder though. Yeah. Fair. 🤣


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Sega's one hit wonder of a console, did have some great titles that have been in countless "best of" collections in the past decades, here though this Top 50 looks at the absolute duds in the Genesis/Megadrive library...(quite a long video, but I found it intriguing)

The person talking talks like the priest from Princess Bride :


When I mean one-hit wonder I mean that by far the Genesis/Megadrive was Sega's most successful console out of their ENTIRE console hardware history, nothing preceding it or after it gave the competition a run for its money, that's why they were dragging their heels in extending its life as much as possible, first with the Sega CD, then the 32x...


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A list of mostly licensed platformers.

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