The Black Culture Thread |OT19| - You Still Can't Say Tanned

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That evo thread is embarrassing. I don't mind fanservice but getting up in arms is dumb when games like KI and Injustice has attractive female characters without being hyper sexualized.

Funny thing is this is probably coming from Red Bull and the Capcom pro tour guys. I follow a cosplayer who worked for them last year as cammy and they told her to add rights or pants to her cosplay as they didn't want bare ass cheeks showing.
Mornin' all. Good weekends all around?
Capcom got me out here debating spending actual money on SFV.
Let me out out that to rest in your mind. DON'T
I was indifferent to Charlize Theron's bad hair in Fate of the Furious. Is that bad?
Yeah. It's pretty dodgy.
Good afternoon fellow "Minorities", how about those "white people"? They be set tripping do they not?

Anyone cop those Dr.Umar tickets?

Jlaw deserves more oscars
Got people in that thread calling him "pee pee man" and in the same post claim to not understand why everyone's alarmed... SMDH
Man look I get it Boondocks and Chappelle made his ass a joke

But those posts made me so fucking uncomfortable. This is a story about the man literally keeping slaves and folks making piss jokes.
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