The Flash S3 |OT| It was me, Barry.

I've barely looked into the promotional material so I don't know much on the upcoming season. Can someone please assure me the Big Bad for this season isn't a speedster?

Edit: That costume is fucking abysmal.
To be fair, he's supposed to be the Rival, a character whose comic design consists of "Jay Garrick color-corrected in Photoshop".

And if you think about it. It's pretty similar to "Jay Garrick".

Is it just me or is that costume Smallville tier? It looks so bad

Compared to RF and Zoom
I dunno I always felt Zoom was really lame and it looks like the same material as Zoom's costume; only difference is the practical suit is more visible due to lighting. Probably because he's gonna be some minor villain,


Serious Sam is a wicked gahbidge series for chowdaheads.
My money is on the Rival being a total scrub in the Flashpoint universe only for him to appear in the main timeline and be insane.