The light show for the launch of the PS4 in Rome was amazing

Will update when I found a better source. I hope someone from Sony recorded it.

HQ Teaser video of the event

Full Event

Another trailer from Sony

3D projections will light up the facade of Castel Sant’Angelo tonight for an event sponsored by Sony to launch the new PlayStation 4 in Italy, on sale November 29.

The videomapping show is scheduled to begin at 8 pm and will include 120 spot moving heads and 400 architectural projectors to display 3D images in high definition that promise to be spectacular.

Lungotevere Tor di Nona is the best spot from where to admire the special show.
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The middle part where it turns into some kind of wheel with the insane drum&bass is so fucking awesome.

That second video is so much better in both video and audio quality.