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The Mass Effect Community Thread

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If inquisition is an 89 and fallout 4 is an 87, then this will review between 85-90. Greater than the sum of its parts and all that jazz.

Directly comparing to Inquisition I think is helpful to a point, but games are ultimately judged by the time they're released in. 'The Order' likely would have reviewed better at a different time, but when it was released, a lot of people were very critical of short games. In the same way, Inquitision was reviewed when the bar for open world games was still at Skyrim. That said, I'll change my previous prediction to more of a mid-80s at 83-87.


I liked planet scanning on my first ME2 playthrough. But I'm also a giant space nerd who will literally go to every single planet to read their description down to checking out the planet's stats (ooo this one has .5 earth gravity? WOW) and so scanning was like... an extra 30 second supplementary activity while I was there. I found it pretty soothing tbh.

On repeat playthroughs I just cheated resources into my game.

I expect that modders will find a way very quickly to also cheat resources/research points into Andromeda.
I am also a giant space nerd and that's part of the reason scanning and the way Mass Effect handled planetary scale in general bothered me. The scanner was
always the same size relative to the object you were scanning. For me it was very detrimental to the feeling of visiting new worlds when everything on the map became a similarly sized marble. One of my biggest wished for the franchise was that they would take this into account.

With the window it looks like they did just that. Can't wait to see how well it works in game and with the various locales.
That would make sense to help combat some of the negative buzz around the game right now if they're moving the review embargo forward. Though I wonder how many reviewers are even going to be ready given rumors about how long it can be.

I'm not even going to humor the thought that they're moving it back any closer to release. That would be confidence suicide.

What are the rumors on length? I'm really itching for a long game. Last time i've spent 100hrs+ on a SP game was Skyrim.


Question about respec in the medbay—does this also allow you to redo the face in the character creator? I finished the prologue but I'm thinking I want to change my face. Do I have to completely start over?
That was a long-ass prologue.
Question about respec in the medbay—does this also allow you to redo the face in the character creator? I finished the prologue but I'm thinking I want to change my face. Do I have to completely start over?
That was a long-ass prologue.
Respecs skill points only. Your character's face can't be changed unless you start over (there might be a patch down the line to add this feature).


From Reddit

Just got a call from my local GameStop here in Central Florida. They said instead of normal midnight release the game will be releasing at 9:00 PM EST...on Monday March 20th....launch event starting at 6:00 with copies being available right at 9:00 on the dot.
No idea why but I haven't seen this posted anywhere so I wanted to share it with everyone. Check with your local store and see if you can snag it at 9.




Really hoping they aren't pushing back the review embargo though, that would be concerning to me.
My big concern right now: How annoying was the 'Detective Mode' mechanic in this game?
Played Batman and Horizon one after another. Horizon killed me with how often it was used and the fact that it slowed you to a crawl.

You move at normal walking pace, and it's less visually obnoxious than, say, Arkham. Plus, there's an indicator for how close scannables are.

All in all it's one of the better implementations.

BTW I do have one critical flaw that I feel has to be addressed before I can be made whole again. This is the sort of thing that destroys lives.

They need to bring back the hand portion of the omnitool or I'm canceling my preorder.

Just visually distressing.


Moving up the release date and talk of moving the embargo date/time, I suspect they're getting really worried that the narrative on the game is spinning wildly out of their control and they feel that the only thing they can do to combat it is to let people get access to everything.

I do admire them taking steps because things were getting really dire in terms of public perception.


I know he's doing the Andromeda OT, but if he's doing it and an OT for the community thread that's fine too. Or if they're being merged.

I feel that there definitely needs to be a Community Thread in addition to the OT.

The OT will be poisoned almost immediately and not worth discussing things in.

Here is hoping they moved it earlier. I was really eager to read the reviews from people who managed to delve deeper into the story, characters and combat systems.

I hope they're releasing them earlier. That would be awesome and shut the negativity up. They wouldn't do that unless they were confident. Here come the money gifs.

On the other hand, they could be really nervous and got wind of some reviews pushing it back. Uh oh. Has a game ever pushed their reviews up to combat negativity?
As long as the new community thread is just a nice simple "The Mass Effect Community Thread #2".

The short title always made finding this thread easier amid all the game OT's laced with joke and meme titles.


The review embargo is already early Monday morning, Eastern US time right? Have any embargo ever been lifted on a weekend?

Personally I think it's a great idea to move the embargo earlier to allow for more discussion of the full game as opposed to those early snippet in the EA Access.


I liked ME2's planet scanning. I'm a big fan of putting a bit of fat in between the cuts of meat so that you have some time to decompress between story beats.

ME2's planet scanning was far more enjoyable than the equivalent in MEA for several reasons:

1. ME2's planet visiting/loading animation was far faster than the half-minute snore fest of MEA. The animation is acceptable the first time you see it, but not the third, let alone the hundredth.
2. ME2 had the great uncharted worlds music.
3. ME2 had a real sense of reward for mining, given the multiple hot spots and major upgrades. MEA has really minor rewards by comparison.
4. The planets in ME2 had interesting historical text that fleshed out the ME universe. There's nothing in the MEA descriptions that's engaging.


Something seems really, really off about the game's sound. This isn't just me, is it?

I'm on Xbox One, only been messing around with the game's multiplayer, so I don't know if it's an issue in single player as well.
PC here, and haven't encountered any issues with the audio mixing?

Hmm. I wonder what the issue is. I've tried a bunch of different configs with my headset and game settings and it's still wacky. Voices are lost really easily if I'm any distance away from them. Mind you, Andromeda is far from the only game I've encountered this in.
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