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There are 2 things that keep Assassin's Creed Odyssey from being one of the most incredible open world games I've ever played

It is really a top tier ac game. The merc system is a bit overtuned and the big battles not having an impact other than which side you want to win is the big flaws.
The content for as much as it is is quite high quality.
I only played about 20 hours of the game and realizing this system was just basically a window dressing was a huge dissapointment for me. I do plan on going back to it though, I actually enjoyed the chaos that could occur when dealing with mercs.

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I found it to be easily the worst for me. I hated the characters, the way they treated history was insulting and blatantly revisionist (even for an AC game), clearly coming from a particular ideological viewpoint. The gameplay was bloated. The progression and pacing were shit. Exploration felt like a chore. Nothing felt like it melded together to create a cohesive product like in Origins.


I disagree with the first point. I completed AC Odyssey 100% TWICE. Finishing the prologue region, I was already level 6-8 or something like that. If you do the side quests and whatnot, you can easily get over-leveled. I averaged a level every two hours. When I was around 100 hours, I was max level 50. I never felt that the game was grindy at all. AC Odyssey is an WRPG. The player is meant to do side quests, activities, etc. just like in any other WRPG.

With that said, I am someone who'll play through each region going based in order of their respective level. So basically, I knock out everything I can do in one region before moving on to the next region so for me, I was never close to feeling like the game was a grind or that I ever needed to buy the XP boost. Nah. Waste of money. I played on hard difficulty and outside of the mercenaries, I never really had any major issues or trouble.

For the second point, yeah, it was weird that you could play both sides (and I did) but I wanted to do all the quests and whatnot so overall, I didn't mind it. I do prefer AC Origins over Odyssey but not by much. It's like 1A and 1B. One of the main reasons being that I preferred the no dialogue trees of Origins over having them in Odyssey. I like how Origins is simply all scripted and you just go through it all.

Explain this, then.


One of the best parts of the game is how alive the world is. There's random and hilarious shit everywhere you look: People farming, travelers just passing through, factions fighting one another, animals running around or attacking people. It's one of the better open worlds out there other issues aside. Valhalla's world on the other hand feels completely dead, just miles and miles of empty terrain with nothing interesting to see if it's not marked on the map. I have no idea how they managed to ruin it.
Fatigue is the main problem. The gameplay loop isn't good enough to sustain such a long game. Should have been half the size and it would have been a better game.


I platinum the game and never felt it grindy, you just have to do the sidequests (of which many are great). Great game with overwhelming amount of content although by the end i had enough and never played the DLC. Origin was awesome and thigher but i prefer ancient Greece than Egypt actually.


I wish there was a proper PS5 version that matched 4K / 60fps and PC settings.

Or at least something closer to Valhalla, the IQ in the patched PS4 version is not good.
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These games could benefit heavily from some streamlined storylines. I don't care if a game has 150 hours of gameplay if 90% of it is repetitive.
Game devs became really good at creating filler content, and the proper game gets burried under that.
They should make a remaster version of games right after the season pass period ends. Sell me the barebone version without all the grind content. Sort of the opposite of gold editions of former days- less content, just the filet steak.


There are things about this game that absolutely blow me away. The scope of the open world, the attention to detail, the atmosphere, the setting, the sheer amount of quests that aren't just pointless busy work but actually lead to a series of fun mini-adventures, the epic feel to the storyline, great writing, voice acting, engaging character customization, and visceral combat that can emerge into very unpredictable situations. There's just so much to love about those games. The name of the game is 100% accurate because it feels like an actual odyssey, and each new island/province is packed with so much meaningful story threads and quests that it would be enough to make into its own standalone game that's roughly the size of early AC games.

But there are two huge detractors here that will always, without a fault, hold me back from completely falling in love with this game and they will always rear their ugly heads to annoy me and remind me that it's a fucking Ubisoft game.

  • The grind as a result of shitty level up system designed to rip you off through MTX
I mean, it's so obvious why they're doing this shit. You either grind for resources every time you level up to be able to keep your gear on par with world level, or you're gonna have to make do with shitty gear that turns combat into absolute chore due to low damage output of your weapons. OR, you know, you can just visit the in-game store and buy some of those resource packs for just 20 bucks, wink, wink.

I loathe this with a passion. There's nothing that pisses me off about modern gaming more than avarice of triple-a publishers that ruins what could be an incredible single player experience. At the very least they should have added an option to disable the level up system completely and allow you to just enjoy the combat without fretting over your gear level. They did this exact thing in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and it made that game 10 times more enjoyable, honestly. You could still pick up new gear and customize it, but when you shot a gun at someone, it always did the same damage, and it was a cool solution for people who didn't want to bother with looter shooter mechanics.

  • Lack of a multiple choice system that would feed into other mechanics, such as character reputation or alliances with the warring factions
There were so many quests that I completed in Odyssey that just BEGGED to have multiple different outcomes depending on how approached the problem. Say that I want to ally myself with the Spartan army and work against the Athenians. Whenever I arrive to an island that's currently occupied by a Spartan army, I can still pick up quests from Athenians where I would work against the Spartans, but instead of being able to accept the mission and then run to the nearest Spartan camp to give up the Athenians, I can only decline the quest with no real resolution. It's pretty disappointing to not have those kinds of options in a role-playing game.
Im actually playing through this game now, though the one thing i have to disagree with is the grind, ive never grinded once in this game currently lvl 38 as well, im using the outfit from the first kosmo quest and its lvl 31, sure i get killed on 5 hits but never really die due to dodging, your better having the highest amount of assassin damage and stop grinding


It's hands down my favcorit assasins creed game

I don't really understand this"grinding to get your gear leveled" argument though, played on normal the whole way through and just used gear I found on my travels, wearing better gear as it came available, that was enough to get through the game


Game devs became really good at creating filler content, and the proper game gets burried under that.
They should make a remaster version of games right after the season pass period ends. Sell me the barebone version without all the grind content. Sort of the opposite of gold editions of former days- less content, just the filet steak.
Seriously, it's why I love naughty dog games in general. The game points you in a direction, feeds you a story, and generally doesn't overstay it's welcome.


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Loved the game but I was disappointed that the Parthenon was not painted like it was during that time.


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I played both this and Valhalla on PC with trainers specifically to avoid the MTX bullshit.


I finished Odyssey + DLC completely (all quests and side quests, all DLC).
The thing that bothers me a little are the weapons. There's not enough noticeable variety and damage/features in each weapons and armour to justify having different loadouts. Sure, if you play the Hades DLC,
there's a special set of gear you can wear to walk past special shield doors
, but that's about it. I found myself just picking one set of gear that I modded and just used that for the majority of the game.


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No such SP atrocity should exist.

Odyssey reviewed well with critics and audeince and sold gangbusters. It was continually updated and improved throughout its life. Fixing issues, updating systems and adding content. The game was objectively better than it was on day 1 a year after it had released. I don't even understand how you could argue against it unless you didn't play it or just don't like Assassin's Creed.
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Nothing to explain. If people want to spend their money on the micro-transactions, that's up to them. But it's not required or mandatory.
But it does often make combat tedious as a result and they're counting on the fact that less patient people will buy these things. That's what it's all about.

And no, it's physically impossible for you to be able to afford to upgrade your gear with each new level so you will inevitably end up fighting with under powered weapons against enemies that are damage sponges, and that's where the tedium starts, and that's where the game slowly starts to erode your patience. Especially when you end up in a giant fight against an entire fort with a bunch of mercenaries dropping in every 2 minutes for good measure.

Also, I don't know what's your point with requiring 100 hours to reach level 50. That shit doesn't matter anyway because the game will always scale up everything with you so that's not even progress. You're basically just spinning wheels for a 100 hours.
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