Thief | Review thread


Machinima - 8.5/10
Canadian Online Gamers - 8.1/10
Game Informer - 8/10
Gamereactor Sweden - 8/10
Joystiq - 8/10 [4/5 stars]

PC Gamer - 7.9/10
Gamepro Germany - 7.8/10
4Gamers - 7.7/10
Destructoid - 7.5/10
Gametrailers - 7.5/10
Playstation Universe - 7.5/10
SlasherJPC video review - 7.5/10
EDGE - 7/10
Gamesbeat - 7/10
Gamesradar - 7/10 [3.5/5 stars]
OPM UK - 7/10
Play - 7/10
Videogamer - 7/10 [trololol]
XONE Magazine - 7/10

Lazygamer - 6.9/10
IGN - 6.8/10
Gamesided - 6.5/10
NowGamer - 6.5/10
Eurogamer - 6/10
Gamespot - 6/10
GamesTM - 6/10
Polygon - 6/10
Rev3games/Sessler video review - 6/10 [3/5 stars]
Rocket Chainsaw video review - 6/10 [3/5 stars]
Saving Content - 6/10 [3/5 stars]
US Gamer - 6/10 [3/5 stars]

Metro - 5/10

Kotaku - NO
Rockpapershotgun - no score review

Updating as reviews get published
I am actually surprised the gaming press hasn't eatin' a games like this up. Doesn't it respond to their meta-narrative likes? Washed out, uninspired, cinematic, helpful cues, illusory choice...

Or is it because it lacks chest high wall multiplayer ADS?
Wow, that RPS review is... unexpected to say the least.
That's cool, I always hoped the game would end up being somewhat interesting and fun to play, if not worthy of the Thief name.


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My mouth words and game footage:

Played on PC, Master Custom difficulty, Focus ability locked off. Note: You can play through the entire game comfortably without using focus. It's not a busted, gameplay integral ability.

EDIT: I see I'm in the OP already. All according to plan.
I guess I should I been alarmed that they stapled the name of a franchise that looked only vaguely like it's predecessors. Well there goes any hope of a real revival of the series.
Actually, the game sounds pretty damn fun from reviews. The only cons are load times (ssd rulz) and bad story. I can live with that.
Deus Ex HR also had massive load times. This studio and their load times eh?

Pretty average set of scores, still looking forward to playing it mind.

Oh well
I expected this. I could see this coming a mile away. Game just never looked that good. Glad I am waiting, but I will pick it up for $30. Sucks because I liked this series on PC.