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Treyarch pull Nuketown 2025 pre-order bonus map in Black Ops 2(Up: Back, in playlist)

So basically, if you want to play the map you have to play it in a custom game. It's not being put in to normal rotation.

What a way to reward legitimate customers with this wonderful pre-order bonus. This is disgusting.

Let Treyarch know how retarded this is please: https://twitter.com/Treyarch


And for people who don't know what custom game is: that's the 'feature' of CoD nobody touches with a 12ft pole.


Why pre-order if you won't have access to the content? Baffling.

"Nuketown 24/7" ... it wasn't even up for 7 days.


Wait...so after hyping it up as a pre order bonus it's just gone until "special" events?

Damn talk about the ultimate Bait and Switch.


Sucks that it's not a normal playlist but thank you God Almighty that it's not in normal rotation. I would fucking uninstall the damn map pack if that was the case because fuck the map.


Utter rubbish from treyarch. They should just push it out now as a free download and push the map into the rotation to save face.


How late do some stores hold pre orders? Wondering if anyone just now got around to picking up their pre order.. HA

def sim

CoD has the population to support an absurd amount of playlists without increasing matchmaking wait time. I'm curious why they had to pull it.


Makes no sense.

Doesn't affect me because the map is fucking garbage but taking away pre-order bonuses is bullshit


Why would they care what map people play? Or is this just some stupid attempt to make sure people buy the map packs?
Me and my friends hadn't even played it yet. Lol. And nobody I know uses the custom games feature. Just put it in the party games playlist and be done with it. It's so stupid offering a game mode but hiding it behind custom playlists. I don't know why they do this. I don't even like Nuketown. In fact I hate it.


As long as it doesn't show up in good playlists I'm ok with this. Keep this terrible map out of the game please.


They've got to change this back. Nuketown was touted as the preorder bonus for how long? Honestly, this is just gross and I'm very unhappy with them. Getting Nuketown was the only reason I bought the game early rather than waiting a bit -- I will never play it at this rate.
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