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Trying to find a video with a clown and some sausages


All these years later I still chuckle at what a fucking moron that guy is.
I saw a video several years ago from a European "America's Got Talent" type of show. This lady comes out, turns her back to the judges and has a face drawn on her butt. Then she pulls out a chain of sausages and puts them on the ground, and sucks the sausages up her butt. I have no idea how to find it. I think someone might have made a thread about it on GAF, but the search function has failed me.
Does anyone remember this video?


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Slightly related story, this is the truth, I swear.

My father does children's outreach ministry and has a lot of dealings with disabled folk. He eventually decided to become a clown that specialized in ASL and named his character Handi, because you know. Sign language. There was one special day at the Kira household growing up where he had to tell a very impassioned man that he had called the wrong clown after he had asked about the going rate for hand jobs at an adult birthday party.



"Trying to find a video with a clown and some sausages"​

Here you go, OP. Think it's a bit harsh to refer to her as a clown though.

Whilst she was apparently filming this scene, her two year old son was murdered by her partner...
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She's got a great ass and she looks like she could be a monster in the sack. The only disturbing things about this video is she waddles on the floor using her ass and the hotdogs. I don't like mixing dinner with pleasure.
Offer her your hotdog then... She will waddle over to you, and eat your sausage and then consume the rest of you with her ravenous butt.
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