Turns out the Nier: Automata secret church was a mod all along


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We have a conclusion! The secret church in Nier: Automata that's been puzzling players all week has been confirmed to be a mod.

Earlier today, reddit user sadfutago - behind all the videos so far - posted a link to a Twitch stream that revealed all behind the previously unseen secret church area and its use of Nier: Replicant assets.

The stream showed various assets from the game and the secret church area, before admitting all was done through an in-game mod, which will be made available publicly. The VOD wasn't saved but you can still watch clips of the broadcast.

The team also offered individual statements.

The new Blender addons and scripting tools will be released "over the following days" completely open source.

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Was there seriously anyone out there who didn't think it was either fake or a mod...? Crazy if so.
I didn’t?

I’m not familiar at all with the game, and I had no reason to believe it wasn’t real. It’s not like they were pretending there was a racing game hidden in there or something, it was entirely plausible.
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People suspected this immediately - I'm not sure if it got any more traction this way than it would have if someone had just come out and said they have been working on a cool new mod.

Instead we've had a couple of days of someone roleplaying as educationally sub-normal for no real reason.


So they lie and then pat themselves on the back for "inspiring" the people that fell for it.

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I never believed it was an unfound secret or unused asset, the game was datamined years ago. I sort of hoped it was some crazy Yoko Taro shit that was meant to be included in the Switch version as extra content.


Reverse groomer.
crazy, it was kind of convincing too
then again, if no one was able to find it for 5 years then this player had some strange things going on with their copy of the game


Now watch Yoki Taro patch the game and add a room there that just has a random character from Drakkenguard lying there dead.
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