Two months are enough to visit Los Santos

Wow that is an awesome ad. That put a smile on my face, hahaha.

Definitely will get this on XB1 eventually. Ubisoft is amazing this year. Rayman Legends + AC4 (i.e. Next-Gen Wind Waker) and Watch Dogs all look great.
After experiencing the sunny world of Los Santos, I never want to return to the muddy, drab worlds of NY or Chicago. But ultimately what will determine if I keep playing GTA5 instead of buying Watchdogs will be GTA Online.
Two months is barely any time to spend in Los Santos. Regardless I'll be getting the next-gen version of Watch Dogs as soon as I have a next-gen console. I like the ad even though I don't agree with it haha.
I like it. It always bugs me when developers don't acknowledge that other games exist. Especially cultural phenomenons such as GTA.

Will be playing this on my PS4 in a couple months for sure (while also playing GTA).


He touched the black heart of a mod
Nice ad, though I feel like Watch_Dogs will be a lot narrower and more focused in it's open world. Aiden probably won't fly a helicopter.
Ubisoft have pretty much been making all the right moves this year. I like the ad and Watch Dogs is probably going to be the first game I play on my PS4
maybe Resogun, depending on mood
Would've been nice if they told me why I would want to go to Chicago. Everything I've seen of Watchdogs so far looks like your typical, shallow Ubisoft open world game. Don't think you're a contender just because you're in the same genre.