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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 |OT| of 9 Years Urley

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tagged by Blackace
Jun 7, 2009

  • 12 new fighters join the battle, for a grand total of 50 fighters including the two DLC characters from MvC3. Outside of Strider Hiryu, all of them are new to the MvC franchise.
  • 9 new stages to play on. Some are slighty modified versions of stages in MvC3, some are heavily modified, and some are brand new. You can view a gallery of them all here. Also, Random is the default stage selection this time around, THANK GOD!
  • Spectator Mode! This time around, you and up to 5 other players can spectate a match in 8-player lobbies online. Huzzah!
  • Complete rebalancing of the cast from MvC3 to fit in the UMvC3 environment, including new moves for returning characters! Data from playtesting, event builds and tournaments were all taken into consideration when balancing UMvC3. A complete change log of the changes is available in it's own section below.
  • Tweaks to X-Factor and other core gameplay mechanics! X-Factor was a game changing and highly controversial mechanic in MvC3, which could turn the tables and win the match for you in seconds. You can find both the mechanic and character-specific change log in their own section below.
  • A Play as Galactus in an offline, arcade-style mode and fulfill your destructive cosmic fantasies!
  • Heroes and Heralds free DLC mode! An exciting new mode which allows people to power-up their characters with new abilities using collectable ability cards! Details below.
  • A reversible cover! The original cover, done by artist Shinkiro, can be reversed to get alternate box artwork done by Mark Brooks of Capcom. You can view the alternate covers here.
  • New Achievements/Trophies! You can view the entire list of achievements here. Trophies will most likelily be exactly the same.
  • A new Brady Games Guide will be released! The release date is TBA, but if your serious about UMvC3, it's a no brainer to pick up the guide. The last one was met with universal praise and the authors of this one promise it's even better and more refined. View it on Amazon.com here.
  • A UMvC3 variant of the Hori Real Arcade Pro V was recently announced. According to MarkMan, they will come to the overseas eventually, but they will release alongside UMvC3 in Japan.
  • UMvC3 is also a launch title for the Playstation Vita! Little has been revealed so far but PR has stated it's the "full console version with additional surprises." The game will feature local and online multiplayer, with hints at full lobby functionality and the ability to "exchange" content with other Vita players. Touchscreen-control options that will allow for the inputs of moves through gestures, but the real hook is that any DLC purchased on your PSN account on your PS3 will be shared with the PS Vita version so you don't have to buy it again.
  • A $39.99 price tag. All the hype, for less green!

Heroes and Heralds mode is a FREE post-launch DLC mode that can be played offline or online that offers a new style of play. The game mode centres around collecting and equipping ability cards to your teams to give them new abilities. There are 100+ ability cards to collect (105 by God's Beard's calculations) that can be combined in over 1.12 million combinations, and they contain cameos of characters from Marvel, Capcom, and Marvel vs. Capcom history.

In Heroes and Heralds mode, you pick a faction: either the Heroes that unite against Galactus, or the Heralds of Galactus that are trying to destroy Earth. Herald teams have a shiny silver texture much like the Heralds of Galactus did in arcade mode. Offline, you play against the CPU battling for control over stages which are controlled by the opposing faction and you have a hit list of characters to take down. By defeating the CPU opponents and regaining control of stages you can earn more cards and unlock new zones to bring the battle to. Online, you can choose a faction every week and battle against other players online from the opposing faction in these same zones in a persistent push/pull which you can see the current status of at any time. At the end of the week the wins and losses are totaled and the winning team wins more cards for use, and the score is reset for the next week.

Before going any further, watch the Heroes & Heralds Trailer here.

About ability cards:
  • Cards offer unique abilities to characters, and can range from passive abilities to granting characters new moves such as teleports, extra jumps, and parries, some with specific activation conditions.
  • Some cards grant multiple abilities.
  • Card abilities reflect the characters on the cards themselves. You cannot use the same card twice.
  • You equip 3 unique cards per team, called a "deck," and the game will offer 3 preset deck slots you can customize for easy selection before battle, much like the preset team slots.
  • The order of cards has significance in your deck: Primary card's functions will be more prominent and can grant additional abilities compared to the two secondary cards'.
  • Some cards are rarer than others, and you can win them off of others.
  • You can see what cards your opponent has equipped, and the abilities they grant on the loading screen before a match and the intros. You can see the abilitiy icons during the match as they appear below the health bars on the HUD.
  • All the card artwork is brand new. Marvel and Capcom are doing the artwork for their own respective cards.

I'm new to MvC3 and/or the MvC franchise. Where do I get up to speed?
You've missed a lot my friend. For a fantastic write up on the history of the MvC franchise, check out Gamesradar's feature here. For gameplay mechanics, look no further than the OT for MvC3. For everything else, Shoryuken.com's old Hyper Guide and iPlaywinner's Guide which includes our very own Karsticles' fantastic Team Building Guide.

If your into the nitty gritty of how the game evolved through professional tournaments in it's short lifespan, check out Dahbomb's Statistical Analysis of Tournament Character Usage.

Why is this not DLC? It's only coming out 9 months after MvC3? Why? WHY?!
Seth Killian, Special Advisor for fighting games at Capcom answers these big questions more thoroughly than I could sum up in this interview.

Can I keep my copy of MvC3 and use it to play people who have went on to buy UMvC3?
No, it's a new game not just a balance patch, and has many changes to fundamental mechanics and enough new characters and balances to justify the lack of ability for vanilla and Ultimate owners to play with eachother.

So what do I get for buying MvC3 and being burned by this being released 9 months later?
According to Niitsuma, one game mode unlocked early, whatever that means. On another instance, Niitsuma simply referred to it as "nothing big," so we're not exactly clear on this yet yet. Presumably, Niitsuma is referring to the Play as Galactus mode.

Speaking of DLC, what's the deal with that? Are we gonna get Shadow Battles and nothing substantial this time around too?
Not really. So far there are a few pieces of DLC planned. The first is Heroes & Heralds mode, detailed above, which will not be Day 1 DLC, but will come post-launch. Next ares the alternate costume packs. Every character will receive an alternate costume in one of many packs, with each pack costing 320MSP on XBL or $4 on PSN. The Costume Pack 01 from MvC3 will carry over to UMvC3 if you bought it before, as will the DLC characters Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath (who will receive free alternate costumes to those who bought Costume Pack 01). The costume pack release schedule goes as follows, courtesy of Eventhubs and Gamespot:
  • Rising Dead Pack (Phoenix, Frank, Nemesis, Ghost Rider) - Nov. 22nd
  • Evil Twin Pack (Spider-man, Deadpool, Hsien-Ko, Vergil) - Dec. 6th
  • Ancient Warrior Pack (Hulk, Magneto, Arthur, Firebrand) - Dec.20th
  • Brawler Pack (She-Hulk, Haggar, Spencer, Iron Fist) - Jan. 10th
  • Femme Fatale Pack (Morrigan, Storm, X-23, Chun-li) - Jan. 17th
  • Villain Pack (Super Skrull, Wesker, C.Viper, MODOK) - Jan. 17th
  • New Age of Heroes Pack (Dr. Doom, Sentinel, Strider, Akuma) - Jan. 17th
  • Animal Pack (Wolverine, Rocket Raccoon, Felicia, Amaterasu) - Jan. 24th
  • Weapon Expert Pack (Zero, Hawkeye, Taskmaster, Trish) - Feb. 7th
  • Viewtiful Strange Pack (Dr. Strange, Dormammu, Nova, Phoenix Wright, Viewtiful Joe, Tron Bonne) - Feb. 21st
  • Complete Pack (all 48, 20$ PSN, 1600MSP) - Mar. 6th

Is online 'fixed' this time?
UPDATE: After the first week or so, people are universally reporting that the netcode is much better than MvC3, some claiming it's on par, if not better than Super Street Fighter IV's netcode.

Are Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath, the two DLC characters for MvC3 included on disc?
They are on the disc, but you will still have to purchase the DLC to have access to them in UMvC3. If you owned them in MvC3, they will carry over into UMvC3 so you don't have to purchase them again.

Why is Megaman/Megaman X/Megaman Volnutt/Megaman X/Megaman.EXE/Megaman X/Megaman Starforce/Gene/Proto Man/Howard the Duck not in the game as a playable character?
A frequent question that never seems to really go away. The additions for UMvC3 have been controversial and there are many reasons why. Characters are arguably the largest factor in people's purchasing decisions when it comes to games like this. The fan request polls hosted at multiple sites, including GAF, don't seem to correlate with the fan requests 100%. It is important to understand the character selection progress that occurs for both sides. For the Marvel side, Marvel "suggests" a list of characters that they would like to see in the game and Capcom chooses characters from that list that they like. With the Capcom side, there is a bit more free reign as they have control of their own IPs. However, characters are decided based upon the following criteria in order of descending importance:

1) They must provide a unique playstyle to the game
2) They must work well in the UMvC3 battle system and it's environment
3) Fanservice

Examples of such are Nemesis: Capcom needed a brute first and formost to compliment Sentinel and thus he was added. Other choices are simpler, such as Seth being a fan of the GnG series and thus influencing the decision to get Firebrand and Arthur into MvC, or both the producer and the battle designer being fans of Devil May Cry and thus helping Vergil get in. Capcom employees such as Seth and Sven have explicitly stated that Marvel has their own agenda at times, and considering stuff like movie and comic book tie-ins, the choices appear to reflect Marvel's promotional interests quite accurately. The jarring lack of Spiderman villains specifically is due to a licensing issue regarding the new Amazing Spiderman film. Niitsuma stated that he wanted 58 characters (20 newcomers instead of 12) in this game to 2up MvC2, but time restrictions and presumably budget restrictions resulted in the roster we see today. It was rumoured that two big fan favourites, Gene and Megaman X, made it into the final, but large, selection pool of characters for UMvC3, although they were both left on the cutting room floor.

If you come into this topic to express your dismay of your favourite character not getting in and are met with disgruntled posters, don't be surprised as regulars have been down this road far too many times and would rather not beat a dead horse some more.

So if your just jumping on the hype train now as it's ready to make it's second stop, I think it's necessary recap some landmark, hype and humorous points in MvC3 history the last 9 months. It's kind of hard to even shorten the list so narrow, pretty much every single event, major or a local, brought the hype in spades. Click here for a gallery of select hype MvC3 GIFs.

And last but not least, check out the full extended intro CG cinematic!​

Pre-release MvC3 was an interesting time full of hype, sometimes too much hype, in which case it was archived and now chronicled for all of GAF to look back on and laugh at. Click here to see GAFers get exposed!​

Being the heavily multiplayer-based game UMvC3 is, naturally you want to get some games in with your fellow GAFers. And there are a few ways to do so.

If you are on PS3, you can use the MvC3 PSN Chat to set up matches. I don't have a PS3, and thus am not responsible or able to help people use this feature to get games going or get into the chat. I'll leave it up to PSNGAF to organize it and help others get into the chat. To find out how you can join the PSN Chat, click here.

If you are on 360, you can add the gamertag MahvelGAF to your friends list. Note that this is not the same as the GAF Tag used for MvC3 as that one is being retired. IntelliHeath will be managing it and accepting invites and if you have any problems you should PM him. This is much more efficient than adding everyone on GAF individually, with the limit on the number of friends one can have and all. How this works is that everyone who has added the gamertag (up to a maximum of 100 friends), can use the "Friends of Friends" feature Xbox Live has to see who else from MahvelGAF is currently online and send invites to them. After you add the gamertag, pull up their gamer profile in your Xbox Guide and press right to access the personal profile. Here you will see an option to see the friends of the gamertag, and thus you will be able to send invites/messages to everyone else on GAF who has added MahvelGAF.

Additionally, Kadey will be streaming and hosting GAF UMvC3 360 and PSN lobbies on her Justin.tv account.​

And last but not least, check out the thread for the survey shaowebb did of GAFers about UMvC3!

- - - - -

I'd like to thank Red Arremer for making the lovely character banners for the change log, Dahbomb for his fantastic work compiling the most accurate change log on the 'net and contributing the character descriptions for the new 12 characters, and the rest of MahvelGAF for contributing tidbits here and there that helped make this OT :D

And last but not least..



tagged by Blackace
Jun 7, 2009

There are a few integral changes that have been made to the core gameplay mechanics of MvC3, some of which shake things up a great deal:
  • X-Factor can be activated in the air.
  • The attack and speed increases for each character while in X-Factor have been adjusted. Additionally, the damage reduction minimum while in X-Factor has been decreased from 50% in MvC3 to 35% in UMvC3, and Hyper Combos performed during X-Factor will now be subject to damage scaling.
  • A left/ right Team Aerial Combo exchange during an air combo will take away 1 bar of your opponent's HC Gauge.
  • When you launch the enemy in the air with a Special Attack, hold the button down and your character will automatically super jump to follow the launched opponent. (This can be turned on or off in the Options menu.)
  • The window for Aerial Exchange Counters has been adjusted, making it easier to land one.
  • If you land a Snap Back attack on an assist character, similar to the landing it on the point character, the assist will become unavailable for a short period of time.
  • It is no longer possible to block during an air dash.
  • The rate of HC Meter gain has been decreased by 10%, to 90% of what it was in MvC3.
  • In MvC3, the amount of hit stun caused by assists was fixed, but in UMvC3 hit stun caused by assists will also be subject to hit stun deterioration during combos.
  • For characters who have 8-way dashes, the speed on their down-back air dash has been slightly decreased.

For character-specific changes, a + indicates a buff, a - indicates a nerf, and +/- is a change that can be viewed either way. Additionally, a (?) beside a change denotes a change that has been observed/speculated but has not been officially documented. These also apply for the Capcom Change Log below.

Let's get into it!​

+ Shield Slash specials are faster and have better recovery
+ L Shield Slash now hits OTG and it is possible to combo a hyper after it or relaunch.
+ Has a Double jump now
+ M/H versions of Charging Star now cause an untechable soft Knockdown and their horizontal knockback increased
+ Both Beta and Gamma assists received a damage increase
+ Captain America's Back Flip/Cartwheel move has start up invulnerable frames now
+ Hyper Charging Star can be mashed for more hits/damage
- Medium and Hard Charging Stars have had their damage reduced
- Shield Slash now inflicts less untechable time
- The amount of time that an opponent is knocked down after a Hyper Charging Star has been decreased​

+ Quick Work: The distance/range/speed of this attack is said to have been increased.
+ All of Deadpool's normals can be cancelled into his taunt (which has a hit box)
+ Supposedly faster specials and Ninja gifts (?)
+ Guns have less recovery time/better start ups
+ Deadpool's throws now cause longer knockdown time.
+ Quick Work is now Team Hyper Cancelable.
+ Deadpool can now cancel special moves into his Teleport which include Quick Work and Trigger Happy
+ Chimichangas! can be activated from Quick Work
+ Happy Happy Trigger can be mashed for more hits/damage (both air and ground versions)
- Mad Wheel (Overhead) cannot be canceled anymore
- Bolo Loop is removed through various changes to the Bolo trap:
* H.Ninja Gift floats lower.
* H.Ninja Gift causes longer opponent incapacitation.
* Incapacitation time from H. Ninja Gift decreases with combo length.​

+ His zoning specials have become better in speed and recovery including Dark Hole and Purification (?)
+ Dark Matter (f+H) can be special canceled into Mass Change (his teleports) and Dark Spells now. In fact, Dark Matter can pretty much be special canceled into any of Dormammu's special moves.
+ Increased the pushback on both of his ground Light Attacks
+ Increased distance on backdash
+ Ground dash is significantly faster (?)
+ Ground throw now causes a untechable hard knockdown. Air throws will always do a hard knockdown now
+ Dormammu can now chain his cr.M into cr.H for 3 ground chains
+ Can chain cr.L into cr.H giving Dormammu a universal hit confirm on all characters
+ Can charge Dark Spells while airborne. Can only charge one at a time and is vulnerable until he lands. He stops in the air when performing this special, in the same manner as Dark Hole.
Liberation in the air causes him to teleport to the ground and then perform the release.
* Liberation (2 red, 1 blue) is guaranteed to activate (active from 1st frame) meaning if you activate it and you get hit during the start up the spells would still appear
* Liberation (2 red, 1 blue) causes untechable knockdown
* Liberation (2 red, 1 blue) rocks come out slower
* Liberation (2 red, 1 blue) rock damage has been increased
* Liberation (2 blue, 1 red) is guaranteed to activate (active from 1st frame) even if you get hit on start up
+ Can attack out of down-back airdash. Most likely up-back too.
+ Chaotic Flame hyper can be mashed for more hits/damage
+/- Dorm puts Flame Carpet slightly further out & hitbox change(?). Flame Carpet disappears when Dorm is hit.
- Reduced hitstun on cr.M​

+ Doom is generally a faster character now especially on his dashes (?)
+ J.H laser beam is faster. J.H has a better hit box/hit detection and better start up along with a bigger hit stun allowing for potential combos after hit confirming with it in an air to air situation.
+ Doom's forward throw causes a hard knockdown now
+ Air S moves faster vertically
+ Air S causes an exaggerated bounce in an anti-air situation but is not a true ground bounce (too low for it) it's more like a hard knockdown. Enough time to OTG after it into a full combo. Can be canceled into Flight and go into Doom's M&M combos, either from a Jump or Super Jump state.
+ Doctor Doom's Photon Array and Doom Time hypers do more damage/hits when mashing
+/- Photon Shots in the air have less active frames​

+ Has a new charge move (The Incredible Punch) now where he charges up a straight punch (essentially charging his st.M) which has some super armor and causes wall bounce on impact. Can follow up after an OTG move/assist. Does damage on block and can be cancelled out of while charging into any of his specials including his command throw. It's possible to chain into the Incredible Punch from Light and Medium Attacks.
+ Gamma Charge's attacking priority has been improved
+ Grounded Gamma Charge now has Super Armor. The second part of grounded Gamma Charge now floats higher (the rising version).
+ Anti-Air Gamma Charge's second hit (Medium version) will now cause a wall bounce
+ Gamma Wave's charge time decreased.
+ Gamma Tornado's (Command throw) damage increased to 200K​

+ Iron Mans UniBeam is faster and recovers faster, spammable while on the ground. Both as an assist and as a point character. In the air, his beams most notably his L Unibeam is pretty much the same speed as before (?)
+ Ground dash moves him at least 1/2 screen across. Before it moved him about 1/3rd distance (?)
+ Repulsor Blast/Spread activate faster. Upon hit Repulsor Spread causes a hard knockdown and it can be followed up afterward with Smart Bomb -> Proton Cannon
+ Repulsor blast/Repulsor Spread input has been changed to reflect Iron Man's current orientation (so he doesn't cross himself up and input incorrectly) and Repulsor Spreads are now activated by just adding a button like H.
+ Smart Bombs have better recovery frames, start up and do more damage on hit for both ground and air Smart Bombs
+ Iron Man can now cancel his normals into dashes in the air like Magneto allowing him to perform new flight/dash cancel combos
+ Even faster flight cancel with better start up
+ Iron Man's cr.H is now SPECIAL CANCELLABLE. Can even be canceled into flight mode. Iron Man can also now chain cr.H into launcher making his ground series much easier to execute
+ Standing H and j.S have better hit confirms into a combo because they have better priority/hit box
+ The amount of untechable time after someone has been hit by the cr.H Shoulder Missile has been increased
+ Proton Cannon hyper can be mashed for more damage/hits as well as Iron Avenger
+/- Overall damage scaling for Iron Man has been tweaked. Normal moves' damage scaling has been reduced and special moves damage scaling has been increased
- Repulsor Spread priority lowered
- Decreased untechable time for opponents after a Smart Bomb hit
- Triangle jump/air dash mechanics reworked. Seem to have different trajectories and acceleration (faster acceleration slower velocity). Possibly different types of dashes. In any case most players seem to agree that Iron Man's tri-jump game has been significantly nerfed because of this change due to the general speed of it is greatly reduced.
- Removal of double jump​

+ New move Gravitation/Repulsion/Attraction that modifies your momentum anywhere on the screen (similar to the wind effect from Storm, or like Rachel's Wind Drive in Blazblue). Can pull you forward, push you back, or force you to stay more-or-less stationary.
- Air dash reduced in range, and reduced in speed. Slightly affects some ROM midscreen combos of Magneto. Triangle jumps overall appear to be slightly slower.
- J.H pushes enemies away more and combined with the dash range reduction, combos are harder to do. He still has access to his Grav loop in the corner but you get less repetitions out of them. Other fly cancel/air dash loops like the Magnetic Blast loops aren't as reliable or just may not be possible anymore.
- St.H no longer causes untechable soft knockdown
- Disrupter start up slowed down and is generally slower but still a dominant projectile. Causes less block stun now. This includes all his Disruptors including his L, M and H versions.
- Throw trap time decreased slightly (?)
- Magnetic Tempest no longer has invulnerability on start up
+ Magnetic Tempest and Gravity Squeeze can be mashed for more damage/hits​

+ MODOK can cancel moves in the air with a dash
+ Killer Illumination hyper does more hits/damage when mashed​

- Only one action per jump. No more multiple fireballs, no more fireball into teleport.
*You can do 2 actions per flight mode as it is now longer. You can do Air H Shot into Teleport if you went flight mode first but there is longer start up on H Shots.
- Air H Shot has longer start up and slower recovery. Air M Shot is pretty much the same. Air L Shot has faster recovery.
- Slight reduction in health (like 420K to 375K after testing... Magneto's LVL3 which is exactly 400K kills Phoenix at full health)
- TK Shots dissipate when Phoenix herself is hit
- TK Traps dissipate when Phoenix herself is hit
- Cr.M Slide shortened in range
- Glitch involving teleport after flight mode which kept the flight mode on the ground has been removed​

+ Flight mode appears to activate faster (?)
+ Rocket punches recovery and overall speed of Sentinel has been increased. Sentinel's cr.M recovers faster (he pulls his boots back in faster)
+ Sentinel drones have been sped up. They are now a true block string.
+ Cr.M has 3 points of super armor (?)
+ Plasma Storm hyper can be mashed for more damage
+/- When Assist Alpha (Drones) hit from behind the opponent, the knockback is reversed as well so that they will be struck towards the point character
- Launcher now has 1 hit of super armor instead of having hyper armor
- Air combo into L Rocket Punch into HSF is less reliable because Rocket Punch causes less untechable time now
- Health rounded off to 900K​

+ New Lampost swing (Savage Swing) move that causes wall bounce on impact. Has considerable start up and recovery but it can be canceled into Runner stance for follow up options
+ Emerald Cannon now makes her jump forward a bit on the dropkick AND has a few hits of armor. Easier to connect after a DHC
+ Taking out the Trash hyper can be mashed with the directional inputs for more damage
+ If you don't input any following normal command like a launcher, Chariot will have 3 hits super armor when cancelled into run cancel moves like Clothesline and Torpedo
+ Clothesline causes wall bounce if hit opponent on air allowing for new combos after OTG Torpedo
+ Cancelling into Torpedo from Chariot is faster
+ Cancelling into Clothesline from Chariot is faster
+/- Opponent flies farther away when hit by Torpedo
+/- She Hulk drops faster/is heavier in terms of weight class
- Cr.H Slide now covers less distance
- She Hulk is unable to chain numerous cr.L in order to hit confirm into a full combo.​

+ Normal throw now absorbs/steals Meter (decreases the opponent's and adds it to the player's side)
+ Devitilization has faster start up
+/- Knockdown properties on jumping S have been changed. J.S. is now untechable with removed OTG property
+ Mystic Smash hyper and Chaos Dimension can be mashed for damage/hits​

+ Spider-Man's Web Zips travel faster than before
+ The Web Ball, Web Swing and Spider-Sting (all of his specials essentially) can be canceled into Web Zips
+ Crawler Assault can be mashed for damage/hits
+ Crawler Assault now leaves opponent in an untechable hard knockdown state which is enough for Spider Man to follow it up with Web Zip OTG and Maximum Spider
+ Reduced animation frames in Crawler Assault hits all across the hyper
+ Spider Man's Web Zip is now able to hit OTG and you can go into Maximum Spider after it. There is possibility of more follows up now for Spider Man in an OTG situation
+ You can now follow up an air Web Swing after a ground Web Swing immediately
+ Web Throw tosses opponents high enough, slow enough and short enough so that Maximum Spider is easier to follow up after it. It is possible that you can do more stuff after it
+/- Ultimate Web Throw attack direction has been changed to the side
+ Ultimate Web Throw can cause more damage and hits if you mash the directional buttons
- Due to changes on Web Ball property after catching opponent (no more neutral teching only) it is very difficult or impossible to do the infamous UWT reset with Spider Man now (?)
- Web Throw does not cause fully unscaled damage anymore, it's subject to proper scaling now​

+ New Move: DP+S = Fair Wind, pushes opponent away
New Move: RDP+S = Foul Wind, pulls opponent towards her
Storm's Winds have better distance coverage than Magneto's (she pushes/pulls more than him) but overall slower. These moves also affect opponents when they are downed
+ Appears to do better damage overall (?)
+ Appears to have faster air dashes (?)
+ Hailstorm covers more space on the screen making it harder for opponents to jump over it. (?)
+ All of Storm's hypers can be mashed for more damage/hits
- Cannot call assists while floating from super jump. She can still call assists while floating if done after a normal jump​

+ In the air charge S Stone Dunk move has a bigger hit box (as well as some of his other command normal moves)
+ Meteor Smash is doable from the air now
+ LVL3 Death Penalty now homes in on the target upon activation
+ Stone Smite now has at least one hit of armor when the move (non-charging version) goes off (?)
+ Inferno can be mashed for more hits/damage
+ Armor on Orbital Grudge activates faster/quicker than before
+/- Orbital Grudge floats opponents higher
- Orbital Grudge assist does not cause soft knockdown anymore (?)​

+ New Move: Sting Master can be linked after Shield Charge
+ Taskmaster can now cancel out of his Web Swing move with special and hyper moves
+/- Shield Charge has its distance increased on knockback and the float from the hit of the Charge has been reduced
- Taskmaster has difficulty doing long combos involving self relaunches after OTG arrows because the arrow lift doesn't lift up as much anymore as well as general hit stun changes
- Generally speaking, Taskmaster does less damage overall in combos due to normal damage scaling and finishers involving his Legion arrow hypers. Damage from his Legion arrow hyper when hit raw still does about the same damage but when added at the end of a lengthy combo does less damage
- Jumping Hard Attack's now floats the opponent higher on hit
- Damage on Aim Master shots have been lowered
+/- Floatyness/Height on Aim Master H and jump Air Master Shot H has been decreased
+ All of Taskmaster's Legion arrow hypers can be mashed for more damage/hits​

+ Range on air Mighty Hurricane command throw increased. Range on all Mighty Hurricane (ground versions) are increased as well. Karas into the command throws are easier apparently. Active throw frames of Mighty Hurricane have been increased for all strengths.
+ Thor's Mighty Spark projectiles have faster start ups. Not only that but the hit box underneath Mjolnir is bigger and hits smaller characters no and have better recoveryw. Active hit box on the spark on L Mighty Spark is longer making jump ins risky for opponents. Mighty Spark's untechable state on the opponent has been increased.
+ Grounded A Mighty Strike has less recovery/more hit stun, giving you enough time to follow up after it with a combo. Generally speaking Thor's Might Strike attacks have better start up/recovery and it takes him less time to charge them up to max.
+ Cr.L, J.L and St.L have larger hit boxes
+ Standing M knockback has been shortened
+ All of Thor's Might Smash moves have improved priority/hit box and the H version of Mighty Smash takes less time to charge up to maximum
+ Generally speaking Thor does more damage from both his specials and normal attacks due to changes to his minimum damage scaling (has been upped from before)
+ Mighty Punish command hyper has been improved. It is now invincible from the first frame, the active frames of the hyper have been increased and the range has been improved as well. Now also gives Thor more time to move around after it lands.
+ Mighty Tornado hyper can be mashed for more hits/damage
+ Thor's air dashes appear to be faster (?)​

- Berserker Slash is slower on start up, lost invincibility frames
- The Dive Kick has a much smaller hit box, some launchers/anti-air moves beat it out cleanly now
- J.L has has it's hit box reduced which means that instant overheads with j.L may be more difficult or not possible anymore
+/- Berserker Charge command input priority changed to the lowest among Hyper Combos
+/- Some sort of button-mashy Machine Gun Claw move. He can combo after it with a launcher
+ All of Wolverine's hypers are mashable for more damage/hits​

+ OTG slash seems to have a slightly larger window, making OTG + assists easier (?)
+ X-23 Weapon X Prime hyper has faster start up enough so that X-23 can do solo OTG into Weapon X Prime. Rage Trigger hyper also appears to have better start up (?)
+ X-23 can now cancel out of her air special attacks into her Talon Attacks
+/- Crescent Scythe's floating height on hit has been increased
+ Rage Trigger's horizontal knockback has been increased.
+ Rage Trigger hyper can be mashed for more damage/hits
- Crescent Scythe's untechable time on hit has been decreased.​


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Jun 7, 2009

+ Akuma is able to use Demon Flip and moves in the air now. Akuma can use his ground bounce demon flip in an aerial combo and then follow it up with a relaunch fairly easily
+ All of Akuma's hypers can be mashed for more hits/damage except for the beam hyper
- Tatsu Assist is no longer a soft knockdown, so it's a bit more difficult to extend combos with it
- Decreased priority of Tatsumaki Zankukyaku as well as increased horizontal knockback range
- Does not have a light Tatsu infinite in LVL3 XF anymore
- Slight health nerf to 750K​

+ Can switch weapons in the air now
+ Increased active frames of cr.M
+ Increased active frames of charged Thunder Edge
+ Sword portion of Glaive Chop causes knockdown
+ Additional hits can be added to Divine Instruments (LVL3) through rapid button presses
+ Air sword charges faster (?)
+ Cold star appear to be faster when on point and as an assist (?)
+ Counter/Reflecters come out faster (?)
- Decreased untechable time of Assist β (Cold Star)
- Decreased hit stun time on all normal attacks (L,M,H)
- Decreased hit box size of M, cr.M
- Can no longer do instant overhead with jumping L canceled into Down-Forward + H in Glaive stance​

+ Increased health to 850K for normal Arthur with a corresponding increase in health for his other forms as well
+ J.S drops him downward more quickly for easier OTG after air combo
*His j.S diving down isn't just good for relaunches, it helps him combo in general, since against some characters, he does have to rush
+ J.S can OTG
+ Added start up invincibility to Heavenly Slash
+ Increased untechable time for first hit of Hellbound Slash
+ Arthur's Boomerang/Scythe attacks as well as other Arthur projectiles have better start up now and are much better for their "get off me" purposes. They also have better recovery (?)
+ Range on Scythe seems to have been increased (?)
+ Gold Armor lasts around 5 seconds longer​

+ Chris can now cancel/empty cancel out of his gun attacks by doing another special move. f+M, cr. H and j.d+H are all special cancelable. An example is that Chris can OTG cr.H into Magnum easily.
+ Decreased startup of j.S and increased active frames.
+ Chris has a proper wave dash now, he can act immediately after a dash
+ H Grenade fire puddle seems to last longer/pops the enemy up more (?)
+ Has faster start up/recovery on his specials including his Flamethrower (?)
+ Increased active frames of Shot Gun but with decreased damage
+ Decreased gap of Prone Shot
+ Machinegun portion of Sweep Combo can OTG
+/- Minimum damage scaling on special attacks has been increased
+/- Increased float of cr.H
- Decreased untechable time of first hit of Combination Punch H​

+ Appears to do overall more damage in combos (?)
+ M and cr.M can be jump canceled
+ Chun-Li appears to be no longer completely vulnerable after doing her Tenshokyaku in the air. Can act out of this move.
+ Lowered arc of Air Tenshokyaku L
+ Increased untechable time from last hit of Tenshokyaku
+ Slightly increased priority of Hyakuretsukyaku
+ Yosokyaku can OTG
+ Chun-Li has a new attack which is a different version of her Spinning Bird Kick. It's instant and appears to have invincibility similar to her EX SBK in SF4 but it has to be charged. Has 3 different versions with L, M, H
+ Kikosho hyper can be mashed for more damage​

+ New move described as a laser coming from C. Viper's eye (called OpticLaser). Has to be charged with the attack buttons like Zero's Mega Buster. Can only be released on the ground. It's super cancellable.
+ Increased feint input timing slightly for L and M versions of Thunder Knuckle
- Slightly decreased forward moving range of Thunder Knuckle M
- Untechable time from Thunder Knuckle H decreases with combo length
-Various changes made to her that remove her infinite or makes it more difficult to do​

- st.L jab has a smaller hit box meaning it's not as effective as an anti-air (still good for that purpose but not as godly as before). Same for M attacks.
- st.H hit box nerfed. Less vertical range
- Smaller hit box on QCF+L Killer Bee Dive kick (?)
- Hit stun scaling has been changed a bit for Dante which has affected some of his combos. Some of his more advance combos have stricter timing to them and less time to perform OTG follow ups. There are numerous examples cited but it was getting out of hand so I am just making a general statement here. This is because there is generally increased knockback for almost all his moves
- Hammer takes longer to start up it's invincibility and overall it's invincibility frames are decreased
- Decreased cancel time during startup of Bold Move
- Decreased damage of Volcano-Beehive
- Slightly increased horizontal knockback from Beehive
- Decreased minimum damage scaling on normal and special attacks.
- Lowered float of Clay Pigeon (most likely his Up Gun shots which allowed him to perform a loop)
+ During Devil Trigger, Dante gains Triple Jump and Double Air Dash.
+ Input on moves for Dante involving Rekkha like motions (like Dante's Hammer which was QCF+L~QCF+L) are just simply changed to a double tap (so new Hammer input would be QCF+L ~ L). So far this has been noticed for Acid Rain, Hammer and Beehive. It is suspected that this is an across the board chance for Dante and this makes some of his specials have faster start up times like Hammer.
+ Million Dollar Jackpot can be mashed for more damage/hits​

+ Can use Delta Kick in the air now
+ Delta Kick in the air causes Ground bounce when used as part of an air magic series.
+ Sand Splash can hit OTG
+ Decreased total frames of Sand Splash (all versions)
+ Dancing Flash can be mashed for more hits/damage
+ Please Help Me hyper can be mashed for more hits/damage
+/- Rolling Buckler no longer automatically tracks opponent's position
- Toy Touch now causes less hitstun decay after extended combos
- Decreased total frames of Kitty's Helper​

- Lariat assist no longer causes Hard knockdown (it causes Soft knockdown). Still causes hard knockdown as a point move
- Double Lariat assist is now vulnerable during startup for around 2 frames. It still beats just about anything but it's not going to go through a beam hyper for example
+ Haggar falls faster after an air throw
+ cr.H now hits OTG and it knocks down. Cannot be cancelled.
+ Has some frames of start up invincibility on his Rapid Machine gun punch hyper
+ Additional hits can be added to Final Haggar Buster through rapid joystick rotations​

+ Chiretou seems to have faster start up. No specific timing after an air combo was needed for this hyper to connect. It can be mashed for more additional hits and damage (?)
+ Gongs come out slightly faster.
+ Rantetsu can chain combo into Edoga.
+ Increased untechable time from Edoga.
+ Reduced startup of cr.M and decreased active frames
+ Jump attacks cause slightly less float
+ Appears to do slightly more damage due to less hit deterioration from her previously multi-hitting normals (some of them still have multi-hitting properties) (?)
+ General hit stun changes allowing her to do easier combos in the corner involving cr.H, f+H, M Henkyo ki for 3 reps on opponents (?)
+ Grounded Henkyo Ki recovery is faster (?)
+/- She has new projectiles to toss during Anki Hou:
* Oil drum(the wooden log everyone thought it was). Supposedly has high projectile durability points but given the randomness of items, it's hard to test this out.
* Hunk of meat. nothing special at least from what I saw.
* Samurai Doll/Cat doll. Causes stagger.
* Chris's stun rod. Also staggers with an electric effect.
* Snowman. Freezes opponent, rather, it just has an ice effect similar to Ammy's Cold Star. It doesn't actually freeze you ala Chris's grenade launcher hyper.​

+/- All attacks float a little higher.
- Slightly decreased forward moving range of cr.M.
- Slightly reduced hit box sizes of all jumping attacks.
- It's very much possible that some of her infinite block strings/lockdown that negated Advance Guard in Mad Beast are removed or tweaked. This was hinted by Seth in one of the interviews (?)​

+ Does more damage on combos due to her base damage being increased (?)
+ Increased frame advantage after all her throws
+ Increased damage of Soul Fist
+ j.H, j.S priority has been slightly increased
+ New meter sucking fireball QCF+S that steals about 1/3rd of the opponents meter. The fireball itself has very slow start up though so it's difficult to use it in combos
+ Astral Vision is much faster on startup. She can use her new meter sucking move during Astral Vision and the clone DOES steal meter in this mode.
+ Finishing Shower has faster startup, faster missile travel speed, and you can control their trajectory much more than before. For example, in MvC3, if you hold up after using Finishing Shower, the trajectory will "slant" up a bit, and the whole thing is pretty minor. In UMvC3, a player can curve the missiles upward to the top half of the screen and then swerve them back down to the bottom against a crouching opponent. They may even be able to reach superjump heights now. Finishing Shower is also mashable for more damage/hits
+ The minimum height/frames for her airdashes has been decreased which allows for better rushdown and mixup opportunities at close range. Boosts her overall mobility a bit as well since she has more opportunities to dash in general.
+/- Increased untechable time on a normal Soul Fist hit, but time decreases with combo length
- Decreased overall frames during flight mode​

+ Ryu now has a "buff" super (d, d+ two attacks) that enhances everything he does in terms of properties and gives him a bit of a speed boost. This was seen in the UMVC3 trailer, when his Hurricane Hyper looked like a level 3 - its because of this buff. This buff also enhances his hadoken, which is best noticed in his Hadoken assist. It gets ridiculous Projectile Durability, and it seems harder to knock Ryu out of it. It also allows his Shinkuu Hadouken to bounce off of walls and his Shinkuu Shoryuken LVL3 hyper does more damage in this mode. Overall, it makes him a much more threatening character. The buffs persist on tag out. Hypers can be mashed for more damage.
+ Ryu's New Hadoken and Shoryuken can be charged for additional effects (QCF+S, DP+S), such as making Hadoken so fast it's invisible and causing wall bounce. Can be used in the air. At low charges it just dissipates at a distance, at medium charge it causes a hard knock down and at full charge it causes an invisible fireball launch with explosion and wall bounce.
+ Ryu has a variation to his new fireball if you mash it (QCF+S Mash). The QCF+S is just a generic fireball that doesn't even reach full screen but when you mash it you get a bunch of those fireballs on the screen.
+ His new Shoryuken has better anti-properties and fires off a projectile vertically up after the SRK (sort of like Cyclops' anti-air move). The motion is DP+S and mash buttons. It launches them above launcher height even.
+ Ryu can cancel his overhead into specials now. He can finally combo his overhead into a launcher.
+ Ryu's movement on the ground and dashes have been improved allowing him to do a proper wave dash now. Better speed and recovery allow for easier follows up after a wall bounce.
+ Minimum damage scaling on normal attacks has been increased​

+ New OTG Dive bomb move "Bionic Bomber" that Spencer can combo after connecting
+ Increased movement speed of Zip Line
+/- Spencer will float higher during Zip Kick.
+ Slightly decreased initial startup of Armor Piercer​

+ Recovery on air and ground Hopscotches reduced (?)
+ Recovery on air and ground Peakaboo reduced. Peakaboo assist comes out faster as well. (?)
+ Low Voltage projectiles have faster start ups
+ Air Hyper Maximum Voltage now hits OTG
+ Chain combo M -> cr.M -> cr.H or H is now possible
+ Maximum Voltage can be mashed for more hits/damage
- Can perform Trick "Hopscotch," Trick "Peekaboo," and Round-Trip only once per jump
- Decreased total frames of Air Raid​

+/- Tron Gustaff Fire assist has been nerfed, it is now vulnerable on start up. However on point, it is now bufferable/cancelled so it has been slightly buffed as a point move so you can go into a launcher after it. Furthermore, there is increased jump cancel time of Gustaff Fire
+ Trons Bonne Strike has quicker recovery
+/- Lowered float of ground Bonne Strike
+ Servbot projectiles come out much faster now. She can chain them together so fast that the models seem to overlap (rapid fired up to 3 times)
+ Tron can cancel out of Bandit Boulder (the 2nd part)
+ Increased minimum damage scaling of special attacks
+ Fixed Bonne Mixer and Shakedown Mixer so they can come out on an empty cancel
+ Increased minimum damage scaling of special attacks
+ King Servbot hyper can be mashed for more hits/damage
+ Shakedown Mixer can be mashed for more hits/damage by spinning the joystick around
- Tron's j.H knocks away making it difficult to hit confirm into a combo. You can still follow it up with a combo if you do Bonne Strike (Drill Rush) after it
- Untechable time from rock pickup part of Bandit Boulder decreases with combo length
- Untechable time from Air Bonne Strike decreases with combo length​

+ New Dodge move is full invincibility, but has vulnerability on recovery, hence canceling it into Mach Speed in the trailer. This move can also be canceled into his special moves like his Groovy Uppercut.
+ Reduced hit box while in the air
+ Base damage scaling of Viewtiful Joe has been increased and the increased damage scaling is seen in his specials too (?)
+ Increased priority on j.S
+ Slightly increased range of ground normal throws
+ Air Desperado can now hit OTG
+ Reduced total frames of Shocking Pink
+ Shocking Pink will not explode when sliding between buttons (?) and it cannot be juggled
+ Mach Speed hyper can be mashed for more damage/hits
+ DHCing out of Godhand keeps the slow status inflict (?)​

+ Wesker can now special teleport cancel his hard knockdown Palm Strike just like his Gun shot and Ghost Butterfly
+ Decreased attack startup time of Jaguar Dash and increased active frames
+ Increased damage of Jaguar Kick
+ Increased hit box of Tiger Uppercut L and M
+ Opponent cannot tech after wall bounce from Tiger Uppercut M and H
+ Decreased startup of j.M
+ When Wesker takes damage his sunglasses also take damage, making Wesker angrier and more lethal. There are two phase to this:
Sun Glasses Cracked = +105% speed +110% damage
Sun Glasses Broken completely = +110% speed +115% damage
Glasses reset to normal after a hyper (Phantom Dance) or tag out
+ Phantom Dance does more damage/hits when mashed
+/- Increased invincibility frame startup of Rhino Charge
- Additional damage scaling is added after a successful Rhino Charge, so damage is decreased on extra hits.
- At least 100K health reduction to 1 million health
- Appears to have slower teleports when glasses are on (?)
- Backwards air throw pushes the opponent all the way to the corner making it harder to follow up
- Gun Shot when used as an anti-air doesn't float the enemy on hit as much, is slower or just simply causes less hit stun which makes follow ups difficult. The XF Gun loop is also removed as are many combos involving Gun shots in general. Adjusted untechable time for all versions of Samurai Edge.​

+ Zero can cancel ALL his special moves into LVL3 Buster now. A major overall buff to his game plan
+ Can charge his Buster before the fight even starts
+ Sentsuizan (air QCF+H the dive move) has more range/better hit box now, can be used for ambiguous crossups and easier relaunches with assists (rarely need to dash in anymore). With 2 Sentsuizan.H, it covers approximately half screen now. Ground recovery time increased after Sentsuizan.
+ Because Zero can cancel his Sentsuizan into Buster LVL3, he can self-OTG using Sentsuizan>Buster
+ Health upped from 800K to 825K-830K
+/- Raikousen will go behind an opponent in the corner
- Decreased hit stun time on all normal attacks (L,M,H)
- Zero's lv.3 Buster causes soft knockdown now (was hard knockdown before)
- LVL3 Buster drops them down much quicker (instead of the long float before) which means you need to do Raikousen.L or Hienkyaku.L INSTANTLY to follow up
- Applied limit on number of air Hyper Zero Blaster that can be performed in one jump
- Shippuga loop, can only do one repetition before the character drops out. cr.M, cr.H, f+H, L, M, H, f+H is all that can be done. Launching after this combo mid-screen tends to be inconsistent, as soon as you press the first j.m the opponent goes behind Zero, making the combo impossible. Unless you're in the corner, you'll be dropping it all over the place. This is likely because there is slightly increased horizontal air knockback from Shippuga
- Sogenmu D-Loop is removed, as the moves come out quicker, doesn't OTG>Launch anymore
- Lightning Loop removed/made redundant
- Command dashes/teleports appear to be a bit slower (?)​


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Jun 7, 2009
spindashing said:
KFC and Wu-Tang Clan.

I won't be getting it urley for sure. =( I pre-ordered it at Newegg. But, a friend is bound to get it urley so there's that!
Is it too early for the blow ups post?

Because I have a blow ups post ready that I cut from the OT to go if people are ready for the blow ups.

i hope people caught the megaman trolls at least.


Aug 18, 2010
I for one am glad I got the first post in the UMvC3 OT

Anyways, I can't wait to play the game, gonna start off the game with Nemesis as my lead, dude rocks.


As in "Heathcliff"
Mar 31, 2008
Kadey said:
Excellent Job Enzo.

Follow my stream for UMVC3 goodness. I'll be streaming that and AE alternating days and such.

I'm actually testing it out right now.

Hopefully, I don't lose a lot at your lobby. :lol (I hate those 8 people lobbies waiting. Good motivation for me to train harder!)


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Mar 31, 2008
enzo_gt said:
Is it too early for the blow ups post?

Because I have a blow ups post ready that I cut from the OT to go if people are ready for the blow ups.

i hope people caught the megaman trolls at least.

I did. I lol'd.


Jan 21, 2009
Queens, New York
enzo_gt said:
Is it too early for the blow ups post?

Because I have a blow ups post ready that I cut from the OT to go if people are ready for the blow ups.

i hope people caught the megaman trolls at least.
Never too early.

I think what got me the most from the OP is the use of the "You have just activated my trap card" guy.

Deleted member 13876

Unconfirmed Member
Excellent. I also dig the sparkles. Nice and concise too.


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Jun 7, 2009

Nobody is safe from the hype. Can you control it this time around?

haunts couldn't. Some others couldn't either:

MThanded said:
If the email I just got from digitalriver is any indication then capcom store will ship on thursday!

Anticipated Released Date: February 10, 2011
Anticipated Released Date: February 10, 2011
Anticipated Released Date: February 10, 2011

IntelliHeath said:

Caj814 said:
That's it folks! MvC3 is dead on arrival!
Jinfash said:
MThanded said:
Phoenix will need perfect execution to win . My god

You better have your google maps direction ready if you gonna put in her the lineup. Directions are necessary.
Chamber said:
Spencer isn't hype.
spindashing said:
MegaMan: "Yo, y'all thought y'all wasn't gonna see me? I'm the DLC of this shit. Mahvel is here forever, motherfucka. It's like this Marvel 2... A'ight my Zeros and my Tron Bonnes. Let's run it back like this. I'ma rub your ass in the DHC. Let's take it back to Marvel 1..."
MODOK: "I troll atomically, Magneto philosophies/ and hypotheses can't be blockin how I be spamming these
mockeries/ casually perform mango robbery.."
Teknopathetic said:
Cannot wait to blow up Phoenix players in a single combo.
Teknopathetic said:
"I can't wait to go Dark Phoenix and make it next to impossible for you to get in, while I chip you to death."

Cannot wait to blow up Dark Phoenix in a single combo. It's gonna be glorious. Marvel 3's gonna have more dead birds than KFC.
CcrooK said:
Motion Picture Soundtrack said:

And yet he turns around and does this:


God Tier confirmed.
Ccrook said:
KS Seven X said:
No. He will not. Ever.
Imm0rt4l said:
sounds like Dante is gonna have to take lots of risks in this game.
enzo_gt said:
Jesus. Sucks to hear bro.

Niitsuma talking:
"We haven't made any announcements regarding DLC characters, but don't count anyone out. We have nothing else to say right now."

"As far as spectator mode goes, we are working on something like that, and we will have an announcement regarding it soon, but believe we have not forgotten about that and we are sorry we could not get it out for launch."
QisTopTier said:
Sinatar said:
Wow Arthur is looking kinda beastly, unexpected.
I don't know why anyone thought he wasn't going to be super good.... oh well at least I don't have to explain stuff to people about it anymore.
MThanded said:

From the spooky stream. Had to screenshot it. It's too funny
Door2Dawn said:
Chun Li looks complete bullshit.
G-Fex said:
Arthur = New Cable?
Busaiku said:
Man, Phoenix is like bottom of bottom.
Yoshichan said:
Acid08 said:
I will be spamming the fuck out of this thread tonight when I get my copy.
Just don't get disappointed when you find out how terrible Doom is in this one!
DY_nasty said:
Tupac was a pussy.
TimeKillr said:
So I just came back with my copy in hand.

Funny thing happened while we were there though - two of my buddies get to my place, we drive up to the game store here in MTL.

We meet up there (totally unexpected) with ThirtyHitCheapz (who is one of the big event coordinators here in the Montreal fighter scene).

He then tells this amazing story...

He was taking the subway to get to the store. As he is sitting in the subway, two bisexual girls who had just come from some valentine's day thing look at him, find him cute and start hitting on him. According to him, these women were like a 9 and a 9.5.

What does he do? The subway reaches the station... all he can think about is "oh crap I gotta get out here to get marvel 3!". He then STANDS UP AND LEAVES.

Now that is either one crazy epic fail OR some serious dedication...

It's probably a fail because he knew of at least one other person who was there who could've picked up his copy....

At least he has Marvel 3! :)
Lucky Number Seven Force said:
Sixfortyfive said:
Remember that review that complained nonstop about how cheap Arthur was? I'm trying to remember what publication that was. I'm thinking it was something in Europe, but I can't recall for certain.
This one?
Another broken newcomer is Arthur. His limitless well of projectiles (seen in the video above) ensures that most characters can't get near him. He can throw daggers, javelins, holy water, axes and just about anything else you've seen in the Ghosts 'n Goblins games. He's easily the best keep-away character in the preview build, but it's incredibly frustrating that there's no check or balance for his tactics. Let's add that to the list of tweaks needed in the final game, Capcom.
Lucky Number Seven Force said:

Got it.

Niitsuma said:
"It's the speed of light, and maybe a little bit of influence from infrastructure depending on where you are. So, if you're playing from Japan against someone in Sweden there will be some lag due to the distance. But it's all quite satisfactory."

And there you have it, the first 10k posts happening on or before MvC3's release. A toast to 9 more years months of blow ups!​


Aug 18, 2010
If you want Enzo I can add the blow-ups into my post so it's rolls along with the other 3


Jul 5, 2011
Yay the OT is here nice work on it as well. Subbed and my body is ready for next week!


Aug 16, 2006
djplaeskool said:
GameStop doing a midnight launch for UMVC3 like they did with the original?
Is the game street dated? Are there higher profile games coming out the same day? If so, then probably.


Jul 12, 2009
Those blow ups are fucking hilarious, glad I never said anything stupid enough to be put there. :p
lol I'll body you all with arthur :p


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Jun 7, 2009
JazzmanZ said:
If you want Enzo I can add the blow-ups into my post so it's rolls along with the other 3
It's cool, I wanted to seperate it from the rest to give the OT some breathing room before it becomes all jumbled. It was intentionally left out of the OP.

Thanks for the kind words, homies :D
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