Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Screenshot Thread


Welcome to the Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Screenshot/Photo Thread. :)
I really have been itching for a couple of days to finally open this thread, hopefully you don't mind.
This game definitely deserves its very own screenshot thread, because Naughty Dog did it once again: They created a visual masterpiece. So let's all share our gameplay- and photomode shots of this masterpiece in here.
Last but not least, please read the thread rules before posting, thanks. :)

Thread Rules:
1) Two screenshots per post and two consecutive posts allowed.
2) Put the console (PS4 or PS4 Pro) in the title of your post, also specify if gameplay- or photomode shot.
3) Do not post major plot points in any shots for 2 months after the release of the game.
4) 4K PS4 Pro screens are allowed, 1080p screens are highly recommended though.
The environments are extra gorgeous in this game, and I'm trying to refrain from posting any too spoilery images, which are the most gorgeous...