Unreal Tournament 4 Pre-Alpha builds -> You can play and test it for free.


From Epic:
The forum post describing how to install the UT pre-alpha playable build is only visible to signed in forum members in the Top Secret Members Only forum. Unreal Tournament is still very early in development, so the build is incomplete, buggy, full of placeholder art and therefore is not in any way representative of the ultimate vision for the game. You really shouldn't play it now! We’ve made it available to Unreal Tournament forum members so they can try the game out and offer constructive feedback on these forums, or maybe even jump in and start contributing.
Unreal Tournament Pre Alpha Playable Build Instructions

BeyondUnreal IRC

Current Build: UnrealTournament-XAN-2261617-Win64

Launcher (Temporary Server Browser)

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Cool. Just hope average joe like me can run it without diving deeply into the forums lol.
God it's awesome, playing right now, feels so good


Cool. Just hope average joe like me can run it without diving deeply into the forums lol.
God it's awesome, playing right now, feels so good

Yeah that's the whole point of these releases. You download it, extract it and then run the exe, that's it.

Don't forget to read the walls, for the console commands/servers etc.

You can also try out some of the custom user maps being made.


While the assets are understandably pretty rough, you can still see how good this engine is going to be when it comes to lighting and the like.

As for the game itself, well, it's pretty much UT2003, which happens to be one of my favorite arena shooters of all time. Can't wait to see more.


Goood SHIT! This is actually pretty cool. I can't believe I just played UT4 Pre-Alpha multiplayer. Feels good.

I was very critical of the movement, but too be honest it doesn't feel half bad atm. There's surprisingly quite a few players online, you just run through one of those portals to connect.
The net code, not quite there yet though lol.


You only need UT-WINDOWS-06645b9.rar
The other one is Linux.
This is fucking awesome! Seriously what Epic is doing here is just beyond fantastic. It makes me so much more excited for the game. It's just so innovative and community inclusive. Masterful marketing. On another note I have an ATI Radeon HD 7520 that can run games like Rage and Unreal Tournament 3 at a solid 60 fps. Do you guys think my card can run this?

Downloading now anyway since I'm excited to try this out.
We allowed to post pics, gifs, webm?

Edit: I can't figure out how to make it run at 1080p. It defaults to 1600x900, and I can't save the settings at 1920x1080.


We allowed to post pics, gifs, webm?

Do whatever you please, people just need to keep in mind this is the prototype stage of the game. It's community driven after-all so might as well get more people to test it before Epic releases a more public and official releases that's more mass consumer friendly.

A new feature I see being tested is a single dodge key. If you hold Shift and Press A or D, you dodge. You can also press V and you'll dodge in the direction your facing.
It ran guys but it lagged like crazy. I got destroyed in the first multiplayer game I entered on EU servers because my laptop just couldn't handle this. It's a shame because UT 3 runs like a dream on here and that's pretty graphically intensive. It must be the new experimental engine they're using (is this Unreal Engine 4?) because my laptop just couldn't manage to maintain a stable frame rate. I think I was running in the low 20s if not even lower than that.

For reference here's my rig:

AMD A6-4400M APU (Dual Core 2.7 GHz)
AMD Radeon HD 7520G
6GB RAM (3GB dedicated to the Radeon HD card)

It's not the most amazing laptop in the world but it's still pretty new and as I stated in my previous post Rage, Wolfenstein and UT 3 all run on this at a locked 60fps. The laptop seems to have no problem at all running iD Tech 5 based games along with all Unreal Engine 3 games but whatever they're using for this new UT seems just too much for my setup to handle.

On a more positive note by the time this game releases in a couple of years I'll probably have something newer and better so I'll still be able to play this. Still super excited for the game but it looks like I may have to sit out these regular build uploads.

Anyone else's computer struggling with this?


Tried the Linux version. The menu doesn't seem to work for me, if I try to click it it just disappears. Had to alt+tab out and ctrl+c it.

I suppose I need the menus in order to access other maps?


Nice to see that, on an public level, they're circulating feedback on fundamental aspects, like movement and firing. If I recall, one of the biggest splits on UT3 was how it felt to control.

I hope feign death will still be in. Underrated technique :(


Figured out how to disable Rift mode. Typed hmd disable into the console.

Aside from the strangely blurry rendering* and the persistent tearing with no apparent way to enable vsync, it's great to see UT again. I miss arena shooters.

*like it's not rendering to my native resolution regardless of what I choose
It says I am missing the MSVCP120.dll file. Did I do something wrong? I downloaded the over 700 MB file for Windows and extracted the whole folder.


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As someone who has played a lot of quake, cs, and warsow, are the movement options in UT just as versatile? I've been messing around with the alpha but I can't get anything like strafe jumping or bhop.


Definitely promising. Very fun and brings back the good memories of Unreal Tournament for me.

Im excited to see where this goes from here



Serious question, how is something pre-alpha?

Alpha isn't the first phase in software development, it's a milestone where you have all your features implemented and you start black-box testing, i.e. testing the software without looking "under the hood" while it's running.

Pre-alpha means that the features not yet locked in and you're not doing serious testing yet, which is a good description of where the new Unreal Tournament is at right now. They're still making major decisions about mechanics and feel of the game, and they're very far from implementing all of the major features that are planned for the full version; we only get to play in-development versions because there's nothing stopping us.


Can't get it to run. I have an UltraWide monitor. Tried all different kinds of resolutions but I still think it's related to the monitor. It just keeps minimizing itself (not crashing).
Played three rounds. Yeah, I still got it.

It feels awesome, definitely getting some old school vibes from it. It's incredibly fun just to play in the whitebox levels. I'm excited to see where it goes from here.
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