Unseen Resident Evil 0 / CODE:Veronica Concept Art

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We (Project Umbrella) have been sitting on these for almost two years now. The original plan was to release them exclusively on the redesigned PU website, but we don't have a designer.

We came into contact with freelance concept artist Satoshi Nakai, who was hired by CAPCOM in 1997 at the recommendation of Nextech Co., Ltd to provide concept art for the games under the directions of scenario company FLAGSHIP's lead writers Noboru Sugimura and Hiroshi Soda.

Only a very small fraction of this artwork has been released by CAPCOM over the years. They are direct scans of the original pages. Also included is a single artwork for a scrapped game originally directed by Masaaki Yamada, featuring HUNK on a cruise ship facing against new plant/human Zombie enemies.


As a side-note, if anyone would like to help create the new Project Umbrella website or simply get involved in the site in general, drop me a message.


If Jill was the star of Code Veronica...

Anyway, these are really neat to see. The k you for sharing. :)


I need to finish RE0. I played it when I was younger but there was a part that I didn't knew what to do and so I stopped playing. Maybe I begin playing it again this year and then finally finish it.


CV had some beautiful monsters. Always really liked the designs of the bandersnatches and Nosferatu. It also has the best looking Tyrant.




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I'm not surprised there were so many scrapped enemies from Zero. A shame since many of the scrapped enemies, while following the 'giant animal' trend in Zero, are more interesting.


The zombie chicken...man, I wish that wouldn't have been scrapped. I need to know how that would have looked and been implemented in the game. I need to know.

King Boo

interesting, cv originally had jill as main character
chameleon-man would have been cool to fight
containment zombie reminds me of those poison monsters in dark souls 2
steve looks like the brother of a final fantasy character
conductor zombie looks really cool
lol zombie chicken


Concerned about dinosaur erection.
Daaaang this is sweet.

The first piece, is that from the scrapped BIO3 with the plant-zombie enemies?


Thanks for sharing.

Artworks of monsters look great.
Artworks of human characters, especially protagonists and STARS members, mostly look very amateurish. And those early designs for Jill, Steve, Billy and Annie. :|


Awesome work! I loved STEAVE.

Really great seeing some of their processes and how some changed over the course of shipping the games.
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