Upcoming Ubisoft titles seemingly removed from Steam worldwide [edit: they're back]

Just seeing people talk about this on twitter, but Far Cry 4 and Assassin's Creed Unity's store pages are now missing from Steam (both were on my wishlist and now lead to errors). Not sure if the Crew was ever on there, but it's certainly not now. I can confirm this is at least the US and Germany.

I know there's a thread about it happening in the UK, but it's apparently not just a UK thing now. This seems like an exceptionally dumb and unnecessary move, but, well, Ubisoft and PC.

11/7/2014 Noon EST: Games are apparently back.
What did you expect when Ubisoft released their own DRM? EA is making a killing off of 1st party titles now from theirs, it was only a matter of time.

Soon Activision and 2K will join the party. And you will have 5 separate DRM software to login into. 6 if you already have Blizzards's. Unless Acti merges their games with the Blizzard client.
Personally, I'll care the about Ubisoft games again as soon as UPlay is gone so hopefully this leads to them realizing people aren't going to buy up their games on that platform.


What did you expect when Ubisoft released their own DRM? EA is making a killing off of 1st party titles now from theirs, it was only a matter of time.

Are they though? We don't really have much info on that.

I do have to wonder what this means for their smaller titles. People might go to Origin or Uplay for the big franchises, but will they for the Valiants Hearts or the Child of Lights?


Thinking that Ubisoft would be any different from EA, lolololololol, wonder what this means for Ubi titles in origin.


The UK removal made sense, it's something they do every year until release. This worldwide removal seems more like a mistake than anything. I don't think Ubisoft is about that life. I guess we'll see what happens.
I have to replace the france logo with the steam logo with a red X marked to it buy you get the point:



On the store page you do see AC Unity but clicking it goes to the front page yes even here in the netherlands it has been removed. Have fun ubisoft your getting no money from me Uplay is the worst piece of software since GFWL came in to our lives.
inb4 they adjust digital PC prices to digital console prices.

Digital PC prices are already completely nuts compared to retail PC, even on non Ubisoft games. There is no escape.

Fucking €60 for the evil within compared to €40 on retail... lol.
I can see EA getting away with making something like Origin work since they have big enough PC centric games to make people deal with Origin- Battlefield, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, The Sims and so on. And Origin is perfectly serviceable at this point, albeit lacking a ton of features that Steam has.

But Ubisoft? Please, their reputation for PC games is dogshit as is, and trying to force people into some UPlay client for their games is only going to kill the PC versions of their games.


gave away the keys to the kingdom.
The timing doesn't make any sense, especially considering that Uplay was very recently updated to make the Steam -> Uplay game transition less jarring. At this juncture I don't think the move was sanctioned.


They removed all the Ubisoft coming soon games from Steam México, old ones are still there.

I knew this was going to happen eventually, that ubisoft was going to migrate exclusively to Unity once that platform reached some popularity.
If the next AC game is uplay only they've lost a sale. I didn't like the cross-breeding in AC4, but I at least knew all of my information was on steam and I could easily keep my game/download list together on that... I'm not playing a uplay only title just like I won't play an origin only title.

"Competition is good though!" sure it can, but just because there are 4 super markets in my town competing with each other, doesn't mean I have to or want to drag my ass to the 3 less convenient ones.


Steam is great. Origin is good. If every company that wasn't Steam, Blizzard / Activision, Mojang, and Riot joined forces, Origin could become a really credible threat to Steam's dominance.

Divided, they all suck.


Well I'd like to say no steam or no sale I really don't want to play Assassin's Creed on console. I have all the games on my PC. But on the other hand, if they think they can squeeze me into their own storefront than they have another thing coming.
I feel like Ubisoft doesn't have much of a chance to be like EA and Origin. EA had to claw and fight for those customers and already had a major presence on PC. People mostly roll their eyes at Ubisoft's PC efforts and probably aren't willing to go to extra effort to play them.

Steam's main selling point is that it's easy and convenient. Adding more shit to your taskbar isn't going to help an also-ran.
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