Upgrading from PS4 to PS5 is worse than upgrading a PC


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I initially thought the Smart delivery was a stupid name, but then sony came and showed how dumb delivery looks like, so i have to give props to MS on that.


We are at the beginning of a new generation of insane CPUs, something tells me that for most people to upgrade right now it will not be a matter of throwing in a new video card. You are looking at spending a lot of money on all new components and reinstalling a lot of software. You are describing a mid-gen refresh upgrade. I would compare popping open your case and throwing in a new card (carefully chosen) to upgrading to a PS4 Pro. Yes all your software and stuff will be easy to carry over.

I think Sony could do a lot better in this transition especially compared to Xbox. But this comparison doesn't seem fair. I can tell you that from a convenience standpoint, it's far less intimidating getting any PS4 stuff I have going on PS5 than upgrading my PC, which would require far more money and personal attention than "popping in a new card", while we are at a generational shift in PC parts.
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