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Valkyria Chronicles PC |OT| May the bloodline live forever


Oct 1, 2006

Graphics Mods:
  • Some people are reporting sporadic crashes, which are fixed by disabling the Steam overlay for the game Patched!
  • Currently, there appear to be some physics issues with tank movement on some maps at high framerates (above 60 FPS). The workaround is to limit the framerate to 60. (Or don't use the tank like a pro :p) Patched!
  • Playing at 60 FPS seems to increase the power of interception fire, thus eliminating one of the largest gameplay complaints about the original release! (The viability of scout rushing)

  • Release Date: 2014-11-11 (Unlocked now!)
  • Genre: SRPG
  • Platform: PC
    fuck yeah
  • Publisher/Developer: SEGA
  • Steam Page
  • Wikipedia
  • Game length: 25-40 hours on the first playthrough.

  • Made by a team comprising many former Skies of Arcadia developers.
  • Amazing soundtrack composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto.
  • CANVAS graphics engine: Non-photorealistic stroke-based rendering offers a unique graphical style.
  • Novel, unique gameplay, combining elements from the TBS, RPG, RTS and third person shooter genres.
  • A fantasy setting inspired by 1930s Europe, taking on some delicate issues rarely considered in games.
  • Dual audio option (choose between English and Japanese voice acting).
  • The PC port includes all DLC, which includes a relatively meaty new campaign.

  • In short
    • Issues:
      • Pre-rendered videos are in their original 720p glory
      • No mouse controls in menus (surprisingly, this doesn't really matter)
    • Features:
      • Arbitrary resolution and framerate (up to 120 FPS) support
      • Amazing performance -- seriously amazing
      • Full control remapping including support for 2 separate keybindings
      • Instant loading times
      • Achievements! It just took 6 years to get those!
      • Steam trading cards! Get rich on that anime card market!
  • For a lot more in-depth information about the port, read this article by yours truly.

(These are from the PS3 version)
  • "Valkyria Chronicles is an amazing experience. It’s rare, these days, that a game can make such a huge departure from its genre’s roots and yet keep the best things about it. It revolutionizes strategy RPGs in such a way that it can be appealing to fans of the subgenre, newcomers, and perhaps even sworn-off non-fans of it."(RPGLand, 10/10)
  • "Unlike many tactical games, Valkyria Chronicles requires tactics. Gloriously, however, it does not confine the player to figuring out a single pattern or strategy per mission."
  • "The characters are excellently developed, likeable, well-acted and well-scripted. While scattered elements of these will be labeled as cliche, the plot is executed well, the story is very enjoyable, the cast is quite likeable, and all of the above feel extra fresh because of the unique setting and scenario."
  • "Another thing Valkyria has going on for it is challenge. Even in the first playthrough when “Normal” is the highest difficulty available for a given battle, this is a legitimately difficult game."
  • "The best thing about Valkyria is the way the game gets better the more you play it. As you progress through your first play through, unlocking improved weapons, character classes, command options, and skirmishes, you'll really start to bond with your squad as the solid story sucks you in."
  • "Valkyria offers some of the most fun and rewarding game mechanics I have experienced in recent memory. It's an addictive game thanks to its depth and variety."
  • "Though the story takes a purposefully narrow focus on Welkin's platoon and the relationships between its members, it never gets too melodramatic or clichéd. There is a lot of heart and humor, and the optional stories and side quests add to the depth of each character."
  • "Valkyria Chronicles is a truly magnificent outing for Sega. It dares to be different, it scoffs at genre conventions and finds its own path, and in doing so succeeds brilliantly as both a deep strategy experience and a wonderfully story-driven RPG."
  • "Yet patient players will be rewarded: the story is quite charming and deftly told despite needing to support a hefty cast of characters each with their own journeys to take. Better, the art direction is exquisite, with its watercolour and pencil techniques conveying a pastoral romance to proceedings that contrasts poignantly with the machinery of war."
  • "What's truly gratifying about each battle is that it feels like you emerge victorious because you made some smart decisions and adapted your strategy to the situation. Battlefields start small and confined in the early chapters, but soon open up into expansive fields brimming with tactical opportunity via an assortment of criss-crossing paths, back alleys, sniper towers and various war-torn debris."
  • "But, honestly, this is so innovative and so polished a game that if you pass it up, the real moron is you." (1UP, A-)
  • "Like most of you, I wear my socks firmly ensconced within a pair of sneakers, which are themselves strapped tightly to my feet with strong, cordlike shoelaces. Imagine my disappointment in my footwear-securing preparations, then, when Valkyria Chronicles knocked those same socks clean off my feet. This is, without question, the best tactics game on the PS3 -- and it's one of the best games on PS3, period."
  • "Valkyria Chronicles is a excellent game, the way that the story and action fuse together is very impressive, as is the overall presentation. It looks fantastic, plays well and tells a wonderful story of one countries fight for survival against the odds. This is one game I would highly recommend for any PS3 owner looking for something different." (Wonderwallweb, 8.9)
  • "Valkyria Chronicles is a sleeper hit, and a must for any strategy nut."
  • "There are some things you never knew you wanted in a strategy game. The third-person view does wonders to get you invested in every decision, and it’s great to have a worthwhile story. The gorgeous presentation and versatile combat make Valkyria Chronicles one of the best surprises of the year. It may not have been on your radar before, but you definitely shouldn’t let it pass you by." (Game Informer, 8.5 and 8.75)
  • "It doesn’t have sprites or grid-based combat, but Valkyria Chronicles is pure strategic bliss. Sometimes it looks like a third-person shooter. At other moments, it appears to be about tank combat. You interact with and control your units in unconventional ways, but these mechanics are all just skins overlaying a classic and familiar strategy framework that puts players in the trenches like no other entry in the genre."
  • "Having seen the game in action some time ago, we expected something visually stunning, but we were impressed by the strength of the game's storyline and gameplay. It's easily one of the best looking games we've played this year, but thankfully there's plenty of strategic depth and engrossing gameplay to back it up." (GameSpy, 4.5/5)
  • "While many role-playing games feature paper-thin characters that are barely worth listening to, these scenes are as enjoyable as the gameplay thanks to the charming characters."
  • "Valkyria Chronicles is truly a genre defining, revolutionary new take on the RPG genre. Even viewed as a strategy RPG, it’s excitingly and stunningly fresh, and manages to stand out from the crowd not only by being different but by having an interesting story and beautiful graphics. It might be different, and it might not follow the strict RPG rules to the letter – but give it a try. You might well find the change is long overdue." (RPGSite, 94/100)

Alicia after hearing about the PC port:

Let's finish this with a blast from the past:


Jul 27, 2008
Looking forward to diving back in. Fond memories of playing through it on PS3. Only went through it once right when it came out so I have a feeling a lot of it will feel new to me again. Nice job on the OP.


Believes Dragon Quest is a franchise managed by Sony
Jul 26, 2014
YESSS!!! Can't wait to see some directfeed 1080p screenshots of dat Darksen hotness :F

Danny Dudekisser

I paid good money for this Dynex!
Oct 13, 2008
Man, this is amazing. And it still looks so, so good.

Wish it'd come out on GOG instead of just Steam, but whatever.

Dr Dogg

Nov 30, 2011
"I think I might delay the thread" he say, then posts it anyway :p

To be fair it's late here. Great work and my word those screen shots!!!

Just 20 hours (give or take) of tourture to go.

Edit: And a PC Gamer article too? Why Durante you are spoiling us.


Apr 13, 2012
Pre-ordered it but not sure if I'll be able to play it for a while.


Jul 10, 2006
This became one of my absolute favorite SRPGs when I played it. Really love it; can't wait to play it again.

It also contains proof that Hedy Burress (Yuna from FF10) is a great voice actress and just had poor direction in FF10!


May 24, 2013
Ha ha, I remember when I first heard about the port I wanted to make a GIF of Alicia doing the fistpump after killing an enemy, and now here's a glorious hi-res version of exactly that (minus the animation) in the OP. Thanks Durante!


Jun 29, 2011
Awesome OP and awesome article. I love that the game effects etc scale with resolution.

I am quite excited to try out VC for the first time. Going in rather blind beyond knowing what genre it belongs to!


Feb 5, 2013
Yaaaay only a few more hours. Can't wait to play this masterpiece again.

Great OT Durante.


May 19, 2014
First time playing this, pretty excited.
There are like 2 other games coming out on the same day too.. I'll probably try this one first.


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Oct 14, 2012
za warudo
lets do this, now, ¿english or japanese with subs? thats the question
I've played through it with both. The dub is a quality one; either will give you the proper VC experience.

Both are really good, but Japanese has very big anime stars voicing it.
Yeah, if seiyuu star power means anything to you, the original VA is probably the way to go.

Dr Dogg

Nov 30, 2011
I did delay it until the article went online. I posted the thread about 12 seconds after I got the article URL in Skype :p

At the point where I wrote that I might delay it, it was unclear when the article could go online.
I've been F5ing PC Gamer all day but see it's up now so will give it a read in prep for tomorrows fun!


Aug 16, 2006
Preloaded and ready to go. I'm excited. I bought this on PS3 but never actually took it out of the shrink wrap.

edit: I hope this does well enough for Sega to consider other PC ports. *cough* Jet Set Radio Future


Aug 11, 2014
Played the demo on PS3, and loved it, but never actually got a copy. Pre-ordered, pre-loaded, and hyped for tomorrow!


May 11, 2014
I just asked my friend to gift me this game as he owed me £15. Just started downloading it.

This game better be worth it! and hopefully Sega are encouraged to release more of their old games on Steam (Dreamcast :D )


Jun 20, 2014
I was always betting this would
come to Vita. Having it on Steam is all the better. I bet it hasn't aged a day.