Valve files trademark for... [Update: And Logo]

It would be madness for Gabe to even think about launching something as audacious as Steambox without Half Life 3 being at least a timed (console) exclusive for the new Valve 'platform'.

Good for him.

I'll get it when it's ported
to the PS4 in 2016.
Portal 2 on PS3 was a very good port. Technically even better than the 360 version. With next gen consoles being easier to develop for I think a good port is guaranteed.
Because it isn't ready to be announced yet?
Well, yes, that is an option, which means that Half Life 3 won't be coming in the near future..

I was asking if there was any way that it would be coming soon, and not be announced yet. (my point being that it is indeed unlikely that it would be anywhere near ready)
Has anyone figured out the ARG yet?
  • HL3 is done already.
  • It has been encrypted and broken into millions of secret files.
  • Each download/install of Steam OS will get a single hash.
  • Once SteamOS goes live, each user's OS will begin downloading unencrypting the files using unique hash codes and a SteamOS version of folding@home.
  • Once fully unencrypted, each client contributes to the build process via the world's largest super computing botnet.
  • The estimated deencryption/build timeframe is within 100 years at current Steam user base levels, but will drop exponentially as new users are inevitably sucked into SteamOS.
  • THAT is the ARG.

edit: Forgot to mention you can buy, sell, and trade additional files, using the steam badge system. Of course.
Lol. Did the other ones end in a cliffhanger?
Still have to play Blue Shift and Opposing Force (they're in my library), but the original game is the only one that I've played that doesn't really cliffhang. HL2 cliffhangs
just as the Citadel reactor explodes
, Episode One cliffhangs
just as the Citadel itself explodes and the train derails
, Episode Two cliffhangs
just as the Advisors attack the hangar and kill Eli.
Well, the trademark isn't filed for protection of the IP, Valve already has that, it's not being renewed (this is the first time it's being trademarked), and it's real. Hype justified this time.
Yeah, I'm not a lawyer by any stretch of the imagination, but this seems designed to get attention.
It all fits - Half-Life 3, built in Source Engine 2 with gameplay that takes advantage of the new controller, better on SteamOS. Just a question of when...
People are getting excited for a trademark? lol At least wait until they announce it.

The expectations about this game will be gigantic.
Valve has nobody to blame but themselves. If they had been more open about the game (not details but the development process) hype wouldn't have reached ridiculous levels. It's going to be a really cool thing to study the reaction to the final product.