Valve files trademark for... [Update: And Logo]

Is it safe to board the hype train? I guess they could just be renewing the trademark. I want to believe though xD Seems too big a coincidence that they would be renewing it now so close to their other announcements.
Does this mean work has'nt even begun? During the course of development when is a Trademarks usually acquired? Seems like something they would have had for years.
From a recent leak we know they have a smaller group working on it. Not sure about how trademarks work though, like when they are acquired.
Remembers when Square trademarked Chrono Break and nothing came of that.

Ahh...Good Times!

Nah, but in all seriousness if this does indeed lead into another Half-Life game, cool.
The fuck is that?

I'm really glad I have little interest in half life. I imagine the wait for some of you crazies is really tough.

That said, I'd like to see it finally happen. It's been too long.
Half Life 2 gave us a real fucking cliffhanger. :\ That's part of it too.


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Not surprising. There's been a Half-Life 3 ARG going on since Episode 2 released, hints and content data periodically sent to Steam users under the guise of Source engine and Steam software updates. In actuality, we've all got an almost "complete" version of Half-Life 3 buried in update files, the final pieces soon to be released and, in due time, unlocked.
Won't Gordon's child be old enough to be like 6 now? Oct 2007 release date for Ep2, sounds legit.

PS; I just made up Gordon's child.

PPS: Or maybe I'm part of the ARG about Gordon's secret love child

PPPS: Or maybe I'm not.
This is non-news, IMO. Just because a trademark is filed doesn't necessarily mean that a product is in development.

That said, I do believe that HL3 is actively in development :)
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