Vehicle plows into counter protesters in Charlottesville

People need to see this stuff and not turn a blind eye to it. This is what emboldening Nazi's and white supremacists leads to.
Some people do, those who turn a blind eye to the 'issue' itself - racism being enabled and empowered at a disgusting rate throughout America. But, I can imagine for a majority already commenting on this in this thread here, that issue is already front and centre of their minds. No need to hurt yourself emotionally watching a traumatic terrorist attack if you already are aware of, and oppose the evils the attack is fuelled by. It's why I'm not watching it, not because I want to forget about it, but because I don't need any more reason to know that Neo-Nazism and the alt-right are a stain on society of the lowest kind, and left unchecked going to ruin the America and Europe for generations - generations that are already threatened by climate change/global warming, overpopulation, and a lack of resource to support themselves long-term.
Wouldn't surprise me if the driver didn't see the other cars and thought he was just going to drive through the crowd and escape the other side.
Yeah this, coupled with hate. Still should be classed as terrorism.

Oh God Trump is speaking in 10 minutes? I can already feel the disgust coming up.
Ugh, I'm expecting him to snigger while mentioning it, if he acknowledges it at all.
Why would you plow into that many people then just let yourself be pulled over.

Guarantee he will pull some "protestors threatened me" type shit.
It's pretty clear from the video that this was 100% intentional. Just because the guy didn't have a plan to get away with it doesn't mean it wasn't.
"Mister President do you think violence is a good thing or a bad thing?"

"Uh....bad thing? Now have you heard about my electoral victory?"

He's been so reluctant to say anything negative about these groups that all he has to do is say Nazis are bad and he will get three days of round the clock positive coverage for his courage to speak out.
The only sort of defensible reason for not jumping to terrorist immediately is the fact homicidal road rage involving cars and blocked streets happens every once in awhile. However that kind of restraint doesn't seem common in the media in other cases.
Is it fair to say this could have been a lot worse if not for the parked car that was hit? Seemed like that stopped the shitlord trying to mow down people.