VGLeaks: PlayStation 4 "Orbis" Roadmap

The OP needs to be clarified on the memory front, as everyone is mixing up the memory. I made the same mistake when I skimmed it quick.

GDDR is not the same as DDR.

From the way it's sounding, the PS4 is going to have dedicated memory for the games and will (probably) have a separate pool for everything else (1 - 2 gb?).

While the xbox is going to just have one giant pool of (albeit slower) memory for everything.
Again, DDR3 is "slow" but eSDRAM is rumored too for Durango. And... what if it end with DDR4 in 2.5 stackig? We don't know yet...
Make it $399 and I'm there day one. No. Day Zero, regardless of launch lineup.

Make it $450 and awesome launch soft I will still be there.

$499, eh. Will just wait couple more month.
I'm lost in those specs...
Those specs are meaningless if we dont know how much they have modified those PC parts, what new special things did they introduce [durango has few secret sauces], and what is the general look of their architecture [we dont know if they will use stacking or not].

Performance can vary dramatically with slight changes of those things. One thing is certain, currently ON PAPER, both consoles will be ~10x than their predecessors [again we will have consoles of similar performance levels].
So if Sony and Microsoft both launch their new consoles this year, I just realized that this would be the first time that they both but heads against each other directly at a console launch in the same year.

(PS2 released in 2000, Xbox in 2001. PS3 released in 2006, and Xbox 360 in 2005.)
They should name it Playstation Orbis for retail, sounds great Imo
Quite probable, since they didn't number the Vita.

I want a balls to the wall gaming system with bleeding edge custom tech in box that outputs photo-realistic graphics, plays every form of media I throw at it, and sits neatly in my entertainment system.

What if I told you that we both want something unlikely and the actual product will be somewhere in between?
I thought the vita was pretty well priced for what it was, as well the developers commented on the friendly dev tools. Vita failed because of a lack of support from Sony and because there just isn't much of a market for it any more.

The PS4 won't have a lack of support, we know that already.
Vita failed because Sony was late.
I didn't think there was a chance in hell of PS4 launching this year...but damn, if both launch in Q4, the time from E3 to the end of the year is going to be one hell of a fucking ride.
I expect big guns this summer from all three major players. It's going to be glorious!

Finally next gen is here and we get to see some new IP and see what every console has to offer. I'm really interested in what Sony is going to do as I think they have the most to gain and Microsoft has everything to lose.
I doubt they'd reserve an entire gig of GDDR5 for the OS. Even with that much set aside, Agni's Philosophy, an exorbitant 60FPS tech demo fits comfortably in what's left. It's fine.
They're probably going to reserve something obscene like 1GB RAM for the OS.
I doubt it'll be that bad unless Sony tries to make the entire OS like the current PS Store. The Vita OS is really well done, fast, and doesn't get in the way of anything else even with 4+ tabs open. I have no reason to believe they can't build a similar OS for PS4.
Hope they're taking a hard look at their competition. They can't afford to under power it and have the competition's momentum take them even further with hard specs and support. Splurge on the RAM to make it an adequate multitasking entertainment machine.
The PS1 and 2 were technologically weaker, yet still were the victors of their generations. If the Orbis is reasonably close enough to the 720 in spec, it really doesn't matter. It comes down to developers who understand how to utilize those innard bells and whistles of hardware. Nintendo's 3DS is inferior to the Vita in many ways, but a developer as skilled as Capcom (takes the time to understand what makes 3DS tick), makes the handheld sing in ways you wouldn't believe.

I believe the power of Obis/720, will be indistinguishable when looking at the games side by side. You'll have certain games, which can pull off things on one system, that the other doesn't do as well (think fur rendering GCN vs. XBox 1).

I project that this upcoming generation will be decided by value placed on the systems by their publishers (incentives like PS+, Live infrastructure) and first party exclusives. In any case, my eye is on Sony, as they have a bigger opportunity to surprise me as a gamer, than MS. I feel MS is just going to have a brute strength machine, an extension of current 360 - with no real individuality/identity. Hence my disinterest, even as a sole 360 owner.
and OS doesn't have to take GDDR5. Sony can just put cheap ass DDR3 512m ram there just for OS. Bam. problem solved.
That would be one interesting looking bit of silicon lol. Its not that 'easy ' to mess with architectures that way. Could happen though.. all bets are off. I still see something unified as more likely. 3GB of GDDR5 dedicated for games is actually quite good anyway but perhaps not if they want to eventually take the 4k route.