Videogame "Demake" Art


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Was browsing Pixiv and came across junkboy's (twitter) 'demake' art and thought some might be interested.

Bayonetta x Cave (this one is so good)

Mario Galaxy 2 x Super Famicom



Other M x SFC


Mirror's Edge

Feel free to link other work! There's that pretty good Dark Souls one from someone's Deviantart account.

I really liked this early mobile game look. At least I remember a lot of mobile ports of big games looking pretty much exactly like this before the iphone

too bad they all played like shit


Bane? Get them on board, I'll call it in.
Someone needs to make these into actual games. Especially Dark Souls and Kid Icarus Uprising.

I see Bayo and Vanquish. How about MGR, MadWorld and The Wonderful 101 demake pictures?