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Vivek Ramaswamy: Elon Musk won't save us

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"Elon Musk’s month or so in charge of Twitter has been rather eventful. From banning parody accounts to reinstating former President Donald Trump, there has rarely been a day in which the new CEO and his new platform have not made the news. While some worry that Musk will turn Twitter into a free speech hellscape, others have lauded the Tesla founder for attempting to reduce the platform’s systemic Left-leaning bias. But the question remains: should we be troubled or encouraged by the concentration of all this power in one man’s hands?" (12/5/22)

00:00 - 00:23 - Introduction
00:23 - 03:02 - How Musk’s takeover of Twitter has exposed some of the culture war’s issues
03:02 - 05:56 - What happened after the 2008 Financial crisis?
05:56 - 08:20 - What’s going on in the world of misinformation?
08:20 - 11:47 - Alex Berenson and the First Amendment
11:47 - 14:04 - Tim Cook and Elon Musk
14:04 - 16:37 - The illusion of choice is indeed an illusion
16:37 - 19:37 - What are Vivek’s thoughts on governmental breakups?
19:37 - 21:55 - What has Vivek learned from the FTX crash?
21:55 - 24:09 - Keep it naked!
24:09 - 28:28 - How far should a company go to have no employees looking at wider societal impact?
28:28 - 29:08 - Concluding thoughts

Not open for further replies.
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