Nene's talk streams really give great comfort and her ASMR is still my favorite. Always listen to them on sunday to overcome sunday evening depression.
Haachama did a Kiryu Coco tribute:
Did you see how Haachama cried and revealed a lot of feelings she carried around with her for a long time?

Talking about Yuuka Bear, I recommend these two videos:

Note: This is not really ASMR but rather the most wholesome self-summary of the year. Also keep in mind that Yuuka likes to troll so don't try to use this to fall asleep!


I haven't posted in here a while but I have been keeping up on my favorites in Hololive and Niji En. I was really impressed by the debuts of Niji En boys, it actually shows that there is a market for that side of Vtubing. In fact of Niji En's whole branch is really good. Pikamee is streaming more with Kson more and she is getting influenced more and more by Kson. She's currently playing Yazuka 0 and ARK. Holo's Gen 6 aka HoloX was a massive success. I don't think there's a weak link in that group. The Mario Kart relay was really fun. Gura getting out of the hardest group and getting fourth was really a treat. Watson's creativity in her b-day stream shows me why she's one of my oshi's. Speaking my oshis, Korone and Miko did a 24-hour stream which was hilarious.
I don't think there's a weak link in that group.
I only consider Chloe really outstanding. And Laplus is interesting.
Iroha has her seiso thing going for her, but she handles it worse than Sora, feeling too awkward.
Koyori and Lui I just find completely uninteresting. Do they even have any interesting clips that don't involve other members?


Well, Gen 6 all look unique visually. Lui had a hilarious Outlast stream that was a solo stream and is the most fluent English speaker in the group. While I agree about Koyori, I don't think that's a necessarily bad thing, some people shine better when collab with someone else (e.g. Kiara)


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Sakamata has taste.


Surprisingly Haachama didn't get demonitized for the H art stream but because she was prepared for it she decided to demonitize herself for a month.

Anyway with that little bit of haachama wackiness out of the way, here's her EN collab:

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^ Now the video is removed.

Gawr Gura played There Is No Game, though she could not use her avatar due to wifi issues:

A much better Japanese playthrough of the game is here:
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Did you follow the breakdown of Calli? Apparently she collabed with some guy (that boyfriend of Ironmouse?) and that got her of course a lot of backlash from the people who think idols should not affiliate with males. So eventually she posted on twitter that she won't be streaming anymore or just when she feels like (but she is still streaming?) and then she reactivated her normal "real life" account and released plenty of songs to vent her anger. The reason why doesn't do that as Calli is probably because Hololive also doesn't want her to collab with males due to the backlash, but that's just me guessing.


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I only know that Connor said on Stream months ago something like "If you join one of the bigger groups like Hololive then you don't need to be a good streamer to become popular" and then people got mad at Connor and also at Calli because she still did a collab with him, but I thought people got over it. I guess not? Morons are still mad because of the Taiwan thing.

Well that's the problem with Vtubing or Idolstuff. Most of the Fanbase are Anti-Social people and if you just slightly do something that triggers them they immediately become toxic. Doesn't really help that many of the Hololive girls seem to be mentally unstable..

oh while we are talking about connor, he did a live stream from Japan for Mousey
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