I thought vtubers were for lame weebs and now I'm enjoying watching Ironmouse and I don't know who I am anymore.
I didn't mention this before I think but I've a new favorite ASMR artist. She's called Silvi and apparently is a friend of Fallenshadow.

Her roleplay ASMR is amazing:

I just realized that Shee Icho used to be Caci Vulpecula. That's an interesting find as for such small Vtuber it's usually impossible to find out where they went after graduation. Honestly feel sorry for all her old fans who remain unaware that she keeps streaming.
Aletta is on fire, she does like 2-3 streams every day. If you want to see more of her, I recommend her Undertale playthrough. I've never in my entire live seen someone enjoy playing a game this much. Really makes me jealous honestly.
Yikes, someone just hard doxxed herself, e-mail address with full name and you can find out birth date and a picture via google. Not good. I wrote a warning to that e-mail to not make it that obvious. Hope that's fine.

Update: She removed the VOD, phew!
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Wow, I never recommended Mori while recommending hololive music, but damn her vocals have improved a lot
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I really like Kuro-chan's style to just "Say what you do and do what you say". Actually the world would probably be a better place if everyone was like that.



Ame really step up in her 3 collabs. She was pretty vocal in the Among Us collab. She did a decent job of commentating in the Worms tournament. And she had one of the funnier drawings in Holostars/Tempus/ID collab.


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I fell down the rabbit hole in October. One of the most fun communities I have ever been a part of. First time I find myself watching streams, at least they work great as background noise while I'm working. I haven't spent a dime on superchats or member specific merchandising yet though, but I did end up buying a few Hololive song packs for Groove Coaster...
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