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Walking Dead Collection listed for PS4/Xbox One; release Dec 7


Jun 10, 2004
Telltale is going to bring a Walking Dead Collection to PS4 and Xbox One. It's currently listed on a distributor's network for a release on December 7 with a recommended retail price of EUR59.99.

EANs (the numbers below the bar code on the back of the box) are the following:
5051890310644 (Xbox One)
5051890310637 (PS4)

The name and price indicate that it includes season 1, 2, and 3. An official announcement will probably follow soon if retailers are starting to receive information.
Aug 15, 2017
Didn't they confirm a season 4 or am I mistaken? Seems a bit premature if so, and that price is ridiculously excessive considering how cheap these things have been for ages across both platforms. Think I got season 1 as a Games With Gold, Season 2 for a tenner (would later be a PS+ title) and I only paid another £10 for season 3 a couple of months ago.

The games themselves come highly recommended though,