*** Warning: PS3 Update 3.50 may disable 3rd party USB "controllers" ***

Looks like Sony has begun disabling certain 3rd party devices that connect via USB as a response to the jailbreak. This is as much information as we currently have so you may want to think twice before going forward with updating.

http://us.playstation.com/news/consumeralerts/ and http://boardsus.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-3-Updates/3-50-Disabled-75-of-3rd-Party-USB-Devices/td-p/46201493

Sony said:
Sony Computer Entertainment LLC

Warning: Counterfeit and Unlicensed PlayStation®3 Wireless Controller(Recommendation: use only genuine PlayStation®3 Wireless Controller)

Counterfeit PlayStation®3 Wireless Controllers, which are practically identical in appearance to genuine PlayStation®3 Wireless Controllers, have been discovered in the market. SCEA advises consumers to be cautious when buying PlayStation®3 Wireless Controllers from uncertain sources as the quality, reliability and safety of counterfeit products is uncertain, and in some cases, may be dangerous. It is possible that some counterfeit product may ignite or explode, resulting in injury or damage to the user, your PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, or other property. Moreover, SCEA does not support continued functionality of counterfeit or unlicensed controllers in system software updates and these devices may cease to function in the future because of system software updates.

SCE and its affiliated companies disclaim all liability for any loss or damage suffered by you or any third party through the use of counterfeit or unlicensed products.
We appreciate your understanding and continued support.

Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC Customer Service


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Like I said in the groove thread, lol at

Counterfeit PlayStation®3 Wireless Controllers, which are practically identical in appearance to genuine PlayStation®3 Wireless Controllers, have been discovered in the market.

:lol :lol :lol


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As I said in the other thread....

Only a few PS2-PS3 controller adapters have stopped working after the update.

Not all of them, and I haven't seen anyone claim another kind of USB device has been "disabled", unless someone has seen otherwise.
I don't think this means 3rd party controllers, my friend has a white Dual Shock 3 he got on ebay that has a usb dongle.. and it looks exactly like a normal dual shock 3, no design differences. The sticks look/feel a little different but its definitely a knock off. That is probably going to stop working soon..


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So it's just controllers? Or could it apply to stuff like USB sticks? It's not a big deal for me but I don't use my USB stick to transfer mp3's to my PS3.
The Faceless Master said:
so they're really disabling those PS2->PS3 controller adapters?

i guess MadCatz will be happy about all those old arcade sticks not working!
Hmmm... perhaps MadCatz was behind the PSjailbreak knowing that Sony would eventually disable non MadCatz 3rd party controllers! Devious...
like I was saying in the other thread, SRK's forums will become very nervous very soon. Many purchased 360 versions of arcade sticks with the plan to mod them with cheap PCB's that emulate PS2/PS3 controllers for dual-console compatibility. Chuthulu, for example. it's been the preferred method over adding a 360 PCB because t's easier and cheaper. it's really become the standard in the Arcade stick world.

Considering those PCB's are just about as far from "licensed" as it can get, that's gonna be a lot of hardcore gamers that are going to be very pissed.

And generally, I don't like the movements Sony is taking here. Turtling up and potentially hurting their customers along the way.


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metareferential said:
Yeah, I can't wait to get GT5, ready my Fanatec Wheel and find out it doesn't work anymore :lol

No, the PS3 will be sold if that happens.

The latest Fanatec firmware for the wheel made some games worse. I am so tired of getting dicked over by firmware updates.