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What are some games in recent years (ie the last 5) that you didn't buy whilst they were dirt cheap, but which are now ridiculously expensive?

Some of the previous gen "niche" games really are going for silly money nowadays - like Suikoden 2 (which I think I used to regularly see for about £5-10). This made me wonder... Do any of you sometimes buy certain "niche" games (for the "collection") because you know that in years to come, the game that you didn't pick up for "dirt cheap money" will soon be worth "silly money"?

What's your biggest regret (in the last 5 years) where you didn't buy a game whilst it was cheap, but now it goes for silly money?

For me? There aren't that many, but the games which come to mind are:

The Evil Within - brand new copies were ridiculously cheap at one point. I didn't buy a copy. Ended up having to buy a second hand copy from CEX because all the brand new copies had shot up in price.

Nights Of Azure - brand new copies were quite cheap at one point. They've since shot up in price. I ended up having to buy a European edition of the game (which is still sealed).

Also... Niche PS3 and XBox 360 games were being cleared out for peanuts (pre-pandemic). T'was a good time to pick up some of those games for £nought. Now, they've all since since shot up in price.


Not in the last 5 years but when I lived in Asia, I used to buy from Play-Asia and almost bought the physical Chinese version of “Under the Rain” on PS3, the one with english subtitles.

It’s listed at 500-700$ on ebay these days.

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Berserk - Band of the Hawk for PS4

Saw it multiple times for like 20€ in sale.

Bought it later sealed for 60€ and another used CIB one for 40€ before it got too expensive.

Sealed is now ~120€, used CIB ~68€

Also only bought one copy of Utawarerumono: Mask Of Deception PS4 for 20€ instead of like 10 copies, because it was clear it goes up in price since it was removed from the store. It's now at ~77€, rising.
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It's not exactly super expensive now, but I probably should have grabbed Star Fox Zero when Wal Mart had them for five bucks.

That was the right price. I'm NEVER paying thirty bucks for it on ebay.

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Gravity Rush 2 is becoming very expensive and I saw it on sale for 20 bucks just a few years ago. I regret not buying it then. I liked the first one but I just didn't want to play it at the time.
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