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What, are you listening to?


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I know I know... Yet; It's an Awesome view.

Over two hours too long, far too long



The codex is my home, so I'll copypaste from there:

favorites: sleazoid psycho, goon

most surprising: die laughing, always at night (reminds me of the doors, twin peaks romance, faded photograph of dead family)

***Stunner (banger, great opener)
***Blank Chems (Nite Expo's cousin, wonderful)
***Intercepted Message (DEVO!)
*Die Laughing (a fun, meandering, funk fest)
*Unusual & Cruel (this was better Live, it sounds a little muted/constrained, but synths sing more)
*The Fish Needs A Bike (fun listen)
***Goon (fantastic pop punk song, SPUNK, cant not dance)
***Chaos Heart (cutey)
***Submerged Building (dance number, prefer LIVE)
***Sleazoid Psycho
***Always At Night (elegant, beauty)


We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
Watched Aphex Twin live for the first time last night. Blew my tiny mind, he absolutely destroyed that field. Insanity.
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