What are your favorite games to use a peripheral?


Ask me about the GAF Notebook
Also for thread purposes just using something like a standard arcade stick doesn't count.

So what are your favorite games to use a peripheral?
Light gun shooters. That PS3 rifle thing is awesome. I forgot the name of it. Also, the Wii is a great console for this genre and has some pretty cool gun peripherals. Not all of them work well, though. They need to make a comeback.
Samba De Amigo


Sega Bass Fishing

I guess my Vive technically should count although some would consider it more aligned to a platform.

People may clown on it for not being a "real" wheel, but for pure convenience and ergonomics, the MS Wireless Speed Wheel is an absolute dream.

Of course it won't match the feedback & fidelity of a dedicated setup, but going from the standard 360 pad to the Speed Wheel with titles like Forza 4 & Horizon was a night and day difference.

Damn, that derided peripheral was baller.