What is the Oldest Save File You Still Have?


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Sometimes looking back I'm kind of amazed I still have functioning save files in some of my N64 games like Ocarina of Time more than 10 years later. Then I looked back and realized that I still had my brother's old Super Mario World save file from 1991. Kinda surprised the battery pack for that game still works when the ones for games like A Link to the Past have fallen by the wayside.
This is actually a pretty interesting question. My oldest saves are probably on a blue PS2 memory card I still have. I have a real old sim tower save too on a floppy. I've lost most of my old saves.
I used to have an old save file from Pokemon Red up to a few years back... it's like a time machine. It's almost enough to make you cry, looking back on the file, and remembering things from your life at the time.
I have a Xenogears save right before the end boss. I believe the title is called First and Last.

Sometimes I go back and play through and watch the awfully voiced ending. Still love it!


I have an original NES Legend of Zelda cart that still holds its saves. Some kind of mutant, I guess.

I wish I still had all my old Saturn saves. I had a 100% complete Dragon Force save that I was heartbroken to find I'd lost after the mem cart died on me a few years ago.
I think I still have some of my old tapes from my spectra video lying around somewhere. From some old adventure games whose names I can no longer remember. But no way would they still work, and I don't have a machine for them anyway.


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Zelda, the original Final Fantasy, maybe Dragon Warrior beats 'em. I'm sure Dragon Warrior at least still works, just fired that up a couple years ago.


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FF8, from when the game first came out. I haven't checked earlier.
My aunt got me a copy of Final Fantasy VI (SNES) from a flea market back in '96.
I only kept the one save file that had all characters maxed to lv. 99.
Weird thing, the previous owner only renamed Celes, Relm, and Strago.
Probably something from one of my SNES or GameBoy games but I can't be bothered to go through them and check. But I do have a PC save game from the original Rainbow Six that dates back to September 2000. And Driver and Metal Gear Solid from December 2000.
Oh god now I'm left wondering if my Legend Of Zelda cart still has my save in it or is the battery already dead... it's somewhere in my grandparents house still D:

That must be like 20 years old.
Depends on what cartridges are actually still working or not.

Failing that, probably an FFVII save or something. It'd be further back if the Saturn didn't depend on CR2032s (and the cart design on a whole was more reliable).

EDIT: Wait, no, I forgot Sonic CD and the fact Sega CD seems to be flash or something and not have it die as quickly. If that's still alive then it's undoubtedly that, since SMW's fried and LttP had a few resets over time. If NES carts are alive then maybe Startropics.
I think I have an Earthbound save from when I first got the game in 1999, but I'd have to check as I haven't played in a long time. That was back in the second millenium, man.