What was your favourite YTMND?

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There was a whole series of World Wrestling Federation Champion [insert President's name here]

Yesterday I was watching Goonies and IIRC there was one with Chunk addressing Congress.
Because it was big around the time I was leading raids in WoW, this one is memorable and got passed to our newer raiders, it's kind of haunting too.

Yep, perfect. Someone in our group would ALWAYS move, and much to the raid leader's disapproval I played this every time. FFS people, just don't move!! lol

Also, best raid in WoW ever.

"Bill Cosby,
It's a trap"

I had a full bookmarks list of this back in the day. They are... products of their time. Don't expect political correctness. Here's some:

Blue Ball Machine
Butt racing
Darth Millionaire
Vader Coaster
Uncut Oh
Bush loves it bald
Banana brings all the boys to the yard
Final Fantasy delay
Bill O'Reilly gives his opinion

What can Brown do for you?

And the dramatic readings:
You make me touch your hands for stupid reasons
Doom Fanfic

As I go through the old bookmarks, it's weird to see what's still online and what isn't.
Did The Thing get linked yet? Not as great as some of the others linked, but I like it.

That Scientology one isn't funny but it was huge back in the day. Had to get deleted off the site at some point. I always wanted to know what the music that played during it was. I'll replay it in the background quite often just to hear the song, heh.
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